100 Replies to “Onision’s STRANGE & Messy Legal Dismissal, Kobe Bryant’s Heartbreaking Helicopter Crash, & More…”

  1. This is a big one but there was a lot to catch up on and I didn't even get to everything I wanted…
    Timecodes: Onision (00:09), Coronavirus (3:54), TIA (5:47), Kobe (7:21), Trump/Bolton (14:16)

  2. Learning of Kobe Bryant's death led my to the tragic parallel with Micheal Schumacher. Both were giants in their sports. After brilliant hard working careers and at a point to enjoy their families and also the fruits of success, struck down. Hard to grasp really.

  3. Wasint Kobe accused of rape like Onision? Just goes to show people have selective judgement. Then again women can lie about rape

  4. Every time I heard Kobe's name in the news, I cared even less and became more annoyed that real news stories were not being covered.

  5. Evan Rachel Wood is such a hypocrite …. she praised David Bowie (pedophile) after his death and worked with Woody Allen (Accused of sexually assaulting his step daughter) but she had to tweet her hate towards Kobe??? This doesn't add up

  6. The fact is Kobe was worth 700 Million Dollars and demanded that the Helicopter take off, even against the Pilots advice. Kobe's pride caused the death of 8 innocent people including himself. I pray for his soul and the victims of this horrible tragedy!

  7. Woooooow Bolton just sold a million copies and it’s not even out…. brings back that comment the fire and fury author saying the biggest change in this cabinet was that every member seemed to have personal lawyers and defense teams

  8. You mean Ari Shaffir who drugged Bert Kreischer and physically attacked Bobby Lee says Kobe got what's coming to him? Ooookay then!

  9. Another reason why Philip Defranco will never be a real journalist… "allegations that Trump 'allegedly' acted corruptly… "

    There I fixed that for you

  10. Philip can't make up his mind on whether to pronounce it O-knee-sion or Oni-sion. Just call him Onion instead, can't go wrong with that.

  11. Take a step back and realize Obama sent fbi to investigate republicans and got away with it and simply asking if a democrat is corrupt (hunter Biden given 10 million$). Is a crime. You leftists are sick!

  12. Knife proof vest !!!! Lmfaoooo that's the best thing I've ever herd off ahahhaga. Hey genius it's called your neck and a child could slash it u gullible prick aha

  13. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the fact that one of those police calls was due to the fact that onisions 2 year old child fell out a second story window. Also, he recorded where they fell from and where they were to have “evidence that he wasn’t at fault” for the accident. To top it off, he was texting explicit and disgusting tweets while his kid was in the hospital with a cracked skull.
    Please give more details next time because that’s what will make the difference for people and make them realize he needs to be deplatformed completely.

  14. I often like your videos but sometimes I find them tiring (you talk soooo fast). Gr. from a sub from the Netherlands

  15. Is whatshisname a disgusting person? Yes. But Chris should've NEVER gone to his house. He's not the police, he can't serve a warrant. If I were in Gregswhoseit position, I would've got a gun and told Chris to "get the hell off my property". I do hope the groomer gets his and more as I'm a very firm believe in repaying twice what you gave, but Chris was way out of line by going to an unknown house without police on his side. There's a difference between journalism and invasion of privacy. Report, yes, but if the criminal doesn't want to talk, that's their right. Hopefully Chris learns from this, because next time there might not be a next time.

  16. I think it's pretty eye opening that there was more sympathy pouring out for Kobe from North Americans than there was for 30+ Canadians killed by Iran a month ago…

  17. I never really liked Kobe, because to me he was just another scumbag sports star. Getting paid way too much for something pointless, but the fact his wife, the mother of his daughter had to find out about the crash cause of TMZ. TMZ are just fucking scum for doing something like that.

  18. It's awe-inspiring that the republicans are so grossly biased. There's not even a question about it for me and for so many others – this trial has nothing to do with Biden or his son because an investigation into foreign corruption should not be conducted by the White House, especially when there's a political rival involved. Back in the day, another Department would've carried out this investigation so the White House cold claim amnesty and impartiality, but Trump is such a fucking loud-mouthed idiot that he couldn't help but tell everyone around him that he was spearheading this effort. This impeachment is about the fact that he's blatantly betrayed our allies and corrupted our election by involving foreign powers directly. The Republicans would be screaming bloody murder if Obama had tried to leverage trade relations with Russia to have them open an investigation on Trump. Yet in this instance, the Repubs have been claiming since the first news broke that it's all phony while at the same time shooting down any attempts at gathering evidence. We all know it's biased, the only people being fooled are those who stick with TV news.

  19. I think (Big)news channels nowadays hardly have any norm/values. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY. Who is the first. Don't take time to properly verify their sources / information. They aren't concerned about the truth. Furthermore they are often determined politically. By now they are no better than gossip magazines.

  20. About Koby Bryant I felt as all of you felt, that it was a celebrity hoax death or some shit. But when I saw the news articles and such, I just felt sad that his daughter and him lost their lives. I pray that their family seeks comfort how ever they need to, and may they find peace.

  21. Hey Phill, thank you for acknowledging the rape story too. I have no idea who the guy was (not American and not interested in sports), but my hears aches thinking about that victim that has to live to see how everyone is making a hero of her rapists and forgetting that "incident", But at the same time I feel the same way for that wife that most a husband and a daughter in the same day.

  22. I think what the teams did in their games in honor of Kobe was what really got me the most. It was wonderful to see such respect being shown at the beginning of each game by each team taking a shot clock or back court time penalty in honor of the two numbers Kobe played under. Even in other sports there was respect and honor being shown for him. I understand that he may have done something horrible in his past and gotten away with it, I don’t know all the details but I understand it’s a legitimate concern that people want known. That said, I get what Ari was saying but I think he took it too far, as Ari often does.

  23. I just want to give the families of the victims the biggest hugs. And I can't even begin to imagine what Vanessa Bryant is going through. She lost her husband, and one of her kids. RIP to all of the victims of that horrific crash 💔

    As for Onion Boy? Yeah. I've said it before, and I'll say it again…lock him up and throw away the key. And his kids need to be taken away from him

  24. To Ari Shaeffer (and to a lesser extent, Evan Rachel Wood) now isn't the time. But then again, I hope Kobe'a death was worth the deaths of the other 8 people in that crash. I hope it was worth the pain and suffering the families of the victims was worth the karmic justice that you feel was owed to Kobe.

  25. I have heard so much hate regarding the sunday massacre. I even heard a reporter refer to Kobe and the Lakers as a nigger. I also saw the cartoon by Chamberlaid heights (i think) which depicts Kobe’s death in a helicopter. See the thing is, I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT KOBE AND 8 others were MURDERED. YEP, I SAID IT AND NOW WRITTEN IT (for legal purposes) either you report me or come see me. These beautiful people were MURDERED. How can TMZ hear of it first, within minutes but not call his wife and family. You people responsible will not rot in hell, but your children will be CURSED for life. Their minds will DEFINITELY BE FILLED WITH SNAKES AND SCORPIONS-venom

  26. People only making a big deal about Kobe's death. What about those other 2 families that were completely wiped out in that same crash? Wow.

  27. I want to point out that innocent people get accused of rrpe and for many reasons. None of those reasons rrpe. I’ve witnessed lies told under oath. It’s surreal.

  28. I dont care about anyone who can afford a helicopter ride, dies in one. Most people never get to fly in one. Who cares.

  29. First of all, "obstruction of Congress" isn't a thing because executive privilege and separation of powers are actual things in this country. Second, the House Dems didn't even issue valid subpoenas because they didn't vote to subpoena anybody.

  30. Everyone with Empathy: RIP Kobe
    Ray Comfort: Yo, this dude died, become Christian.
    No, I am not kidding, he actually used Kobe's death to proselytize. https://twitter.com/RayComfort/status/1221640720164900865

  31. I do not understand why anyone wouldn’t want more witnesses, UNLESS they’re trying to hide something. Who wouldn’t want to know the truth. Is less really more?

  32. It's not a matter of whether or not Trump did something wrong (he did) it's whether or not impeachment is a worthy punishment. When hasn't the US government leveraged aide to get what they want? And it's not like he told Ukraine to make up things about Biden, he wanted an actual investigation into a corrupt politician (Biden). This isn't something that threatens National Security, or is even that morally reprehensible. I'd rather we impeach Presidents that sanction war crimes, like Bush.

  33. Just after the chief says it would be disrespectful to find out your family member had died on TMZ you can hear someone in the background say "Bastards". Yes sir I agree.

  34. Idk, sorry, it sickens me how so many people used Instagram to talk about Kobe… seemed like people were just doing it for likes as if likes actually mean anything… also, "oh no, not kobe, oh his daughter too? thank God no one else died." – bitch, other people died.

  35. 'I'd like to know your thought process' What process? Phillip people die everyday, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands. He was just one man, she was just a child. Life goes on.

  36. I've been having trouble with my Raycons and their most recent response is essentially "I guess you should just return them for a refund". I'm trying for a more productive solution, we'll see.

  37. Respect on Pronouncing Alex Villanueva. That’s my last name and I have never seen a native English speaking person say it so good. Way to go Franco!

  38. I don't think i know of Kobe or the rape allegations but i think that dude who said he was happy he died was vile. Regardless of what he may or may not have done, there was also others on the helicopter, including children! I also think that it is awful that TMZ named the victims before the authorities notifying the families. I saw that maybe it was flying too low? It was eerie that he gave an interview talking about it though.

    Just a random thought but i wonder what Donald's hair and hairline would look like brushed back after a shower? It's an unusually wide comb over…

  39. I'm just confused on why no one said anything about Kobe being a rapist before he died, like why now, while his family and fans are grieving???

  40. Is it just me or are the Trump news getting more and more boring every day? I mean I try, and I love politics in general (not law stuff though), but I'm getting to a point where I can barely watch anything related to US politics if Trump and his legal stuff is in it.
    But imma keep trying for you, Phil. 💙 xd

  41. 9 people killed in a crash and only Kobe and his daughter are talked about. That's why people hate the liberal news media propaganda machine that Phil is a new member of. The new or kind of new for the past few years Philip DeFranco show gets more CNN every year. Every year Phil takes a month off to get trained and paid more to spew liberal propaganda. They say money doesn't change people, but Philip is proof of that. Lovely lady of the day and jokes turned into full blown liberal propaganda. But at least Philip is getting his 7 figure salary.

  42. sucks to be one of the 4 other unkown people that died with Kobe. like i feel their death doesnt matter to anyone

  43. No this is the first time I'm hearing this news about these people dieing. I didn't think you were being real at first. I listen to NPR podcasts mostly for my news and I have been hearing about the impeachment trial and the world's worst let's make peace in the middle East deal ever.
    Also yeah people don't survive helicopter crashes. Helicopter jobs kinda an awkwardly high death rate.

  44. No matter what you feel about Kobe Bryant (I also didn’t like him), the audacity to sneer and mock his death is so inappropriate, more so in the fact that there were children who also died in the crash.

  45. I had a full blown panic attack today over the virus. I can't do this I'm heading to Alaska that seems like a safe place

  46. Was Kobe registered as a sex offender? There's settlements out of court and all that, but if it was serious enough I think that would have happened. He's not totally "innocent" I just think there's lacking information regarding about it. Like the girl didn't profess hatred toward him about it.

  47. I feel like you should care enough to bring up Kobe Bryant quote unquote raping somebody while he's alive if you actually cared. Not when he's dead some people are remembering him fondly.

  48. To those cheering that Kobe Bryant died, please reconsider your priorities. Did he need to face consequences for his actions? Absoutley. Its repulsive that the charges were dropped. However, that does not take away from the fact that his death is a tragic loss of human life. Its disgusting to be happy any human died.

  49. Always though Ari was a cunt, I confirmed it after the dosing incident and now its solidified after his Kobe comments

  50. 13:49 – Not only is this guy making light of the death of a man and his daughter, but also those of all the other passengers. But I guess if someone you hate "get's there's", that's all that matters…

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