I can’t really hide nothing. I’m gonna just cry some nights because I’m missing these guys like so much
I also had this like heaviness in my heart because
Tomorrow a Lolita saber will be leaving us for ten whole day
It’s the longest we’ve ever been apart for we still have me try not to cry and say believe it’s gonna be happy
Everyone should try not to cry
But we have to be supportive of saber
Because tomorrow she’s going to America to compete in the X Games trail
skateboarding convert savers goal is to try and qualify for the biggest action sport X Games and our goal is to try and support say
About Ed not cry and cuz if we cry that’s gonna make it even more seven he leaves
Thanks guys. Imagine Z hard. I
feel so many different emotions like firstly I’m excited because you
Can you please look out the side for us, please
I do really have I see some American legends
but I’m also really sad because I’m gonna have to leave these guys and
Even though I’m like 13 that she’ll be home ature and stuff. I I get really homesick
And I think I’m gonna just cry some nights because I’m missing these guys like so much
also had this like heaviness in my heart because when Papa and I are in America mom will be G I give birth and I
won’t be Australia to help my push the baby out the cha cha and I just kind of feel like
Guilty for not supporting. Don’t worry ii will take good care
The best birth partner ever so
Excited I’m gonna take you guys upstairs with me so you can see we’re packs so far
Okay, I’ve got some skating pad where to skateboard so I won’t forget don’t worry
What are you gonna wear this Jesse just to put you’ve got to stop it screaming. Hey, so ready Skrill bikes
Well, I haven’t these pack me if I’m gonna pack the rest of it
The bags let’s go downstairs make her a little surprised love it
All we could all by Faber letter
So where you can pride it in her suitcase secretly and which is feeling a little bit homesick. You’ll find them everything
sick iDVD and let’s start
He mentions letter, he’s really heartfelt to Sabre
Because if we don’t she feels like she needs to win it for us
And if she does that she’s gonna let the whole team
Yeah, you go write something that says it doesn’t matter let the whole team down. You’ve tried so hard, okay
Ledges I feel really worried for sable because remember when he didn’t qualify is her last Club
And she was just so devastated
role that clear
Yeah so long it’s like oh hey that’s gonna do well savings gonna really do all the legends of a
Matching that closely know like they all would do it
They are doing awesome and they own you about you liked it and I felt like because I knew they let everyone
I’ll let you down by not winning
This why I’m trying to make my letter really good cuz I’m worried when she said I won’t be there to cuddle her I
Think my letter says say but is alright here it is letters
To my dear sister saber when you’re at USA and you read this
I hope it touches your heart and makes you feel warm say back listen to me
It really doesn’t matter if you win all these do not worry about mama. She’s in good hands
maturely and
I will FaceTime you if mama does go into labor
ladies, do you think that sounds all yeah, I think it’s gonna help you trying really hard to make my leather look really fancy and
Also, I want the picture to be pinched. Perfect
You are the best older sister
We’ll stop I will miss you so much for stop who will reign me my bedtime stories
What stop I’m gonna miss ya Sabres really good. Just helping me with my emotions and
That’s one wouldn’t be saved
What I’m gonna miss most about cypher is how she always worth me a bedtime story every night
I know who’s gonna rape him to me now
He’s having someone to laugh because her laugh is like sometimes really annoying but also very funny
She’s just very nice to be with
So much, but when she comes back she might have a little baby brother
We had finished our lemon
Soup I will finish packing bitches even though the tag
I just had a really good idea
it’s all thinking that we could do either quiz with the nurse nice to see you like who knows American the best and I could
Be the judge. I thought be cool. Cause like I’m going to America tomorrow, so just be like a
You just said what an early lead Oh Floyd Mayweather attitude and Little Mix
Ld3, she’s mine. Yes, you can. No, I can pool. Yes. That’s right. I
Own gun that is actually Italian. So on question one no one
Will get mines by the chocolate anything
Question number two. What is Thanksgiving? What’s the syllabus?
Peggy it does eat turkey, but what’s your best ally celebrating? That’s the reason behind celebrating it
People giving giving stuff to other people that’s where they give all their that has some bad
Question three nine three presents
Bhama Donald Trump is only Americans
Twice number four. What is America’s national?
Mac and cheese turkey
Love that actually before you say Stan software tittle. No
Taboc I don’t know least Ivanka the age of what start up
95 American lawyers
Yes, then yes, um, so to Twinkie, I know another one I’m
Crazy Swiss fish cookie dough boys personally chocolate
The winner who knows most of America with one voice
APUs downstairs getting undies and story. So let’s go hideout. That is quickly
Sabre before you go in there’s something really important. I need show you
What I wanted to show you was the legend comments that they are written for you. It’s I think it’s gonna help you
I’ve not put too much pressure on yourself
Exactly this yeah, they’re they’re really nice comments
Look what just it’s a you’re truly amazing and you didn’t let anyone down
I promise we’re here for you. Kaylee Fredrick said you won in my book saver
I’ve got second, but Kayla said by one who’s won the legends don’t care
The most important thing is that you tried. I feel like things are proud of me
Do you say but that’s why what you know, the letters are proud of you no matter what
I’m so lucky. Look what big arrow to me. He said saber you made me cry the legends. Don’t care what you get
I’m proud of you just for getting seconds
Good job reading these it just makes me look so emotional because I just realize how lucky I am to have
Lincoln’s he just like support. Yeah. I love what polo matt said. We don’t not gold or anything. Just your happiness, Keane
That’s true. We don’t want to go or anything which would save it to be happy. That’s all that matters. I
Tell you it doesn’t matter. No she does not care
I’m winning this for the legends, but imagine if I could like dedicate my wing to the legends because like everything one
He legends deserves it that might be a wife like payment back for every single one of the legends who wrote me such nice things
Know it doesn’t matter if you win or lose it does it that was the whole point of this?
I didn’t do this for nothing. I did this so you get in your new head
Or four points of last place is fine ok
Ladies I still the best idea ever so I’m gonna prank my dad
I’m gonna hide him put it in my backpack and I’m not gonna give him his tooth
I’m too on the plane on the way to America. So publish me the things I’m going to and he hasn’t good
Legends, it’s four or nine. I am in
I’m waking up say because her plane to pot earlier this morning and I
feel really emotional
All right, Tommy say goodbye to everyone honey
Baby your baby proper assuming your name
it’s very very strange that we go to America without bedbugs and come back and we’ll probably have
Sorry to interrupt participa for you do ya drive go do something funny that savers doing she’s playing a prank on Justin
She took his front tooth and he didn’t he’s bad and he thinks he doesn’t have it
He’s won to America without front teeth
Yeah, just not the worst thing in the world but can you buy a tooth when you’re over there
Thomas 2010 his tooth
Whatever my bags come on now, I’m serious Athenian burger
Check everywhere
Know where it is, so
Maybe other tooth or not
Gonna go to America. It needs to be he I was on the title
swears on title
Yeah have it
Are you madly
This was shy bus 2 l’s Jayceon hi
She burnt like Allen’s mom to like about the
Aging yes. Yes, he gave mother him advice. Mmm
She said mom nice, make sure you are doing fetal kick counts
That means like she can’t I think my master can yeah the baby kicks. Don’t worry. Alexa’s will take good care of mom
Hey wait, you want an American legend and you see same but can you please give her a big hug for me?

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