Our Secret NIGHT ROUTINE As A Couple! (Gay Couple Edition)

Hey potatoes whazzap im dion. You’re ready to get baked? get it? because we’re potatoes Before we get into this video guys, make sure you look at my cute doggy. Check him out on Instagram oh I love you too! So we usually start with SOME NICE meditation to bring in that positive energy And then we move on to like spilling the tea about our enemies because you know, once you get that positive energy in, you gotta get the negative energy out so potatoes, if you’re ready to get BAKED let’s subscribe right away shall we we just hit 800 thousand subscribers oh wow love u guys So while you watch us meditate, make sure you check out the underwear expert because my friends over there kindly sponsored this video That’s why you see us in those bougie underwear and when you go to order something for yourself cuz it’s the holidays joys You can get it for yourself or it can be a gift, click gift to the club and go give to someone else that You know! spread the joy this holiday season the most important thing about buying underwear is that you also buy socks They need to go! you’ll get it delivered in this snazzy box with the logo right there But the best part is it’s very discreet If you don’t want anyone to know you by the beautiful undies then this box has got your back and they sent me colors that I love! when you get to the sizing section you put in your waist size and they can tailor it perfectly for every brand if you get pink and you’re like pink Stink i hate pink you just let them know, use discount code dionyorkie for 30% off go do it guys. It’s the holidays if Santa Claus comes over and delivers you some underwear be like did you use discount code dionyorkie? 30% off and if Santa says no then santas a fool at least you’ll be looking cool in your new undies. you’ll thank me later. So yes guys enjoy watching us meditate as a couple while I tell you about these snazzy things you can get up to three a month and get them as often as once a month twice a month or three times a month So yes, we meditate in our undies because it really brings us together and the underwear expert, really, they back me up on that one Thank you so much ton the underwear expert for sponsoring this video, honestly cheers to that sweetie And why was their hair looking like a dead blond rat am I right Exactly Definitely don’t miss their smell those feet It’s cold, it’s real cold, and like, put the shaver under the water and then the hair’s get all,,, AGH He does that, my eyebrows are about to go lemme wash there it’s really important guys that you cleanse your face everyday I like to exfoliate with an exfoliating pad ugh i have this pimple dont scream in my ear, lack of hydration is the first sign of aging. AGH if you’re worried about that get a really good serum and moisturizer and, yes! Hi, how are you? Okay guys, so it’s night time again, but it’s a different day So that explains why you just saw me wash my face and now I got brows again, but let’s be honest You are overseeing me with half a brow. So let’s go on with the rest of the video Here is sebb just chilling in the background No bushh, I’m just repping another one of the undies. Ooooh what’s Good. Okay guys So our plan is for the rest of the night go grab some food cuz we’re hungry. Then we’re gonna mocha then We’re gonna tuck the babies in then go to sleep. Okay? Guys guys there’s someone behind us we have to run You crazy oh my god This park used to be a cemetery But then they built a park on top of it because they didn’t want a cemetery nearby houses ghosts Just walking around here And I know like I literally was here with Mocha the other day and we heard the creepiest noise over here come goose bumpers What’s it called? ghost bumpers Ghost Busters find them MOCHA find the ghosts That’s the ghost, just your face like. that was a joke fries we made it home Oh We made it, home? puh That’s sushi was so good. *burp* I just want to sleep. Oh, this is your laptop. and it’s time for you to go to bed You down for you? That’s it stop it max. Oh we’ve had such a long week. It’s been at night What’s your name password? my pass is eat my ant dot com I’m so warm Okay Um, so we had a debate guys on Instagram with you whether this hat was red or orange And I think it’s orange still and everyone said red. it’s read dion. and guys half my eyebrows are shaved off now This is after like napping for hours. I’ve had makeup on forever. So I think that they really withstood the test of time huh, did we finish the project yet Did we finish the book yet? You’re funny Okay, so we put mocha to bed already It’s 1:00 in the morning we’ve been Doing homework since 10pm and then Mocha is coming latte. He does not like when you have all the attention. hiiii Okay mocha knows it’s bedtime Papa’s coming , papa had a long day Papa’s coming, this is his special partner He is attracted to many grinches. Good night Why were u not scared? So instead of making the bed you’re just trying to scared me. Mm-hmm Yeah, our bed has been like Oh Like I was barely moving and you guys are connected to the bed and like that’s how bad it is This is me meditating as you make the bed Good night girl salamander a salamander a chrysanthemum Oh or chrysalis Newt Scamander my face is itchy something gave me allergies! It was when i scratched her back Alexa play despicito This is actually like what we do guys slip slowly into madness. just turn light off at least like This is literally what happens Mocha starts barking and we can’t fall asleep I’ll get you a burrito later girl. Good night

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