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  1. Food for thought..Europe(yes this includes Germany) and the E.U. have given Ukraine 16.4 billion dollars. A fact Trump doesn't seem to remember.

  2. Lets see – if this is legit – even if it’s legit – the Commander In Chief moving an Ambassador who was actually campaiging for HRC and has gone rouge. This woman is still employed by the US government.

    LEt’s contrast that with Joe Biden who is clearly on camera and directs to have a Ukrainian Head Prosecutor fired in order to cover for Birisma – a corrupt oil company where his son is pulling $83k a month in kick backs.


    Where is the CNN coverage and knowledgable guests to talk on that one? Stone solid evidence not SCJ Kavanaugh round II

    Don’t worry this will all be revealed elsewhere and an unbelieveable spin put on it at CNN.

  3. he does not say I will fire her. he says TAKE HER OUT. In all the Godfather movies this does not mean lose a job, this means lose a life!!!


  5. I bet Lev Parnas is about to release everything he has this week.
    Plus, saying “take her out” sounds somewhat threatening to me.

  6. I tried to see things from the liberal democrap perspective………but I just couldn't get muh head that far up my ass!!……….LOL

  7. Is there a difference to say ”TAKE HER OUT” instead of ”FIRE HER” ? Sounds like the talk of mob boss to me.

  8. IMPEACH TRUMP … WHAT A LIAR AND A DISGRACE!!!! GET RID OF HIS ENTIRE CABINET, TOO!! What a bunch of unpatriotic scum bags!!

  9. If I were President and heard that one of the Ambassadors was telling others, "Just wait, he will be impeached." I would fire her too. No problem!

  10. Your CNN and fake news didn't impress Us !!! Stop with the fake magic wand !!! Make believe is not real !!! Democrats are dangerous and criminals !!

  11. Clearly some people know Trump well enough to know there is a need to protect themselves. Trump cannot be trusted, he will throw anyone under the bus.

  12. Lev Parnas was actually part of Trumps foreign Intel crew he was relying on for Intelligence. Lev has link's to Putin.

  13. Very well and soft spoken by Joseph Bondy. I was waiting for the loud obnoxious shouting Republican to be hauled in.

  14. Oh DemoRats, you fucked it up. You will only see the White House from the outside for the next 100 years. And yes, there are more recordings … MORRICONE-"Harmonica/ Man With A Harmonica/ Death Rattle" (1968) 🎧

  15. Is that the guy he doesn't know?
    Guys this is the # to reach your Senators.
    202 224-3121 Please call your Republican

    Senators, please let them know that if trump

    is not removed his first chance on twitter on

    behind the podium he will be asking a foreign

    govt to help him win election. Please use the

    phrase 'Public Trust'. He has in fact lost the

    public trust. Even if you do not know the name

    of your Senator the automated system will help

    you. Please help save our country.

  16. There's more than enough evidence to impeach this piece of gutter-trash president.Only an asshole lawyer will believe that all that he's done are not impeachable offences.

  17. I kinda hope the Senate does vote to cover it up and not damning evidence is released and will hurt the whole GOP. But at the same time. It is urgent because Russia it's working at attacking our voting and Trump will take advantage. And he is setting back our country at a record pace. Removing regulations that protect many and only affect the rich and corps. Also wants to do another another tax cut and almost has Obamacare dismantled

  18. This is a mastermind plan from the Russians, one way or the other they damaged the United States trough the WH.
    At the end of the day nobody trust the GOP or the WH.

  19. who cares??if they had any thing worth reporting it would have been out..more mountains out of mole hills,,more biased reporting by cnn..no way

  20. Let’s see if I sum this up. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were laundering millions in tax payer money. Which is a crime by the way. The current President is investigating this crime. Because it’s a crime by the way. So the democrats cover it up by saying Trump is committing a crime by investigating the crime the democrats have committed. When did investigating a crime become illegal?

  21. This full audio release shows the TRUTH (relevant comments around 42:00):
    The full audio shows the actual CONTEXT of the FAKE NEWS sound bite and proves:
    1) If Parnas and Trump were 'friends and close associates', Trump would have already know all of the things Parnas was revealing, but he obviously did NOT.
    2) There was NO 'discussion between Parnas and Trump' about Ukraine. There were NUMEROUS people ALL commenting on a variety of topics, including Ukraine.
    3) Trump was NOT the first person to suggest 'take her out'. Someone else at the table said that in response to Parnas revelations. (she was removed a YEAR later)
    4) Trump stated clearly that he was unhappy with Germany not providing assistance to Ukraine. Democrats claim that was made up AFTER the call as an EXCUSE.
    5) There are numerous other comments made by Trump and a large number of his dinner guests that clearly show Trump's position on a number of topics.

  22. Cooper, in obedience to his Democrat masters, downplays Trump's position on Ukraine corruption, saying trump 'blew right past that'.
    FACT: it was stated. How Trump FELT about it is just typical CNN mind reading, which for CNN is the same thing as FACT.

  23. Lev Parnas is a nobody. He threw around millions of dollars to enter the political circles of our country, which he now is being charged with and is squealing like a pig to save his own skin. The recording is a big nothing burger, but CNN loves cooking up this type of burger.

  24. wow, a recording of the president doing his job. how controversial ! the last time i did some research on the constitution, the president has complete power to hire and fire whomever he wants with regards to ambassadorships. his language was a little mild however, as i recall his tag line used to be "you're fired" … this time he just said, paraphrase "get rid of her, kick her out". i'm just shocked beyond belief. WAKE THE FUCK UP SHEEPLE !!!

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