23 Replies to “PAYDAY – The Game Soundtrack – 01. Breaking News”

  1. Steam was my preferred place to buy the soundtrack because I don't like iTunes, don't care for Amazon's digital purchase options, and Bandcamp just seems weird to me. That and the 4 exclusive masks you get, that's a sweet bonus.

  2. I'd like to, but I wanna keep these as a sort of "preview" for the official soundtrack, keeping the bonus stuff bonus for the bandcamp ost. Sorry, but maybe someone else will upload them.

  3. You are indeed correct. From the Bandcamp song description page: "The news anchor voice over is provided by Simon Kerr, the same voice actor who provides the voice to Dallas."

  4. I like to think that Dallas is actually a reporter and uses this to gather information from interviews so he can tell Bain and he can get rid of any evidence.

  5. The Payday soundtrack with the SFX honestly makes for a really cool concept album, it's like imagining an action movie without the visuals and just the added sounds to go on

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