Piers Morgan on the Mueller report, Smollett controversy

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  1. Liberals are beyond contempt. Officially they are saying that don't care about truth or justice, they just pretend to have a right to rule and power.

    I can't understand why they are not on trial, given the fraudulent and appalling acts they committed against Trump and his voters.

  2. After the demise of the Soviet empire, I never saw a corrupt media like the American liberal cartel. Piers Morgan and the few like him are those who maintain human dignity.

  3. OMG, did I wake up in an alternative universe???????
    To hear this from piers morgan. He's apparently coming over from the dark side. Miracles do happen, that or he fell down and smacked his head and returned to reality. The Smollett comments were spot on. Then the cnn comments…….

  4. The DNC made an issue of Trump's refusal to state he would accept Hillary's win – Then Trump wins and the DNC, HRC, etc refuse to accept the vote. These people are scum.


  6. What happened to Piers? He switched sides? Maybe I'm the one who's ignorant, but I remember him being a lefty, especially on the 2nd. Maybe FOX pays better, but whatever it is, it's good to see some common sense coming out of him.

  7. Pierce morgan has two faces. Listen to him on msnbc, you won't believe the difference. Shut up pierce stay out of AMERICANS polatics!

  8. this crazy panicking against verdict of innocence of President………their darkest scheme, the New World Order is blurred away……they lost their trophy…..consequence? pandemonium

  9. I think it's great they have Piers Morgan on Fox more and he did himself a solid to agree to appear more often because honestly Fox fans are some of the most decent reasonable minded Patriots on this earth. I still hate his stance on Gun Control and any anti-2nd amendment person but that is the difference like many who view Fox. I welcome an intelligent witty person to say his or her opinion without censorship even if I don't agree. That is what the First Amendment is and should be all about.

  10. Who is this Piers Morgan person? Is there ANYTHING he won't say when his bosses give him the talking points? I don't think he ever was anti-gun or pro-Trump. I'm not sure there is an original thought in his head at all. I think he is just a shill.

  11. Yeah, sure, Piers Morgan is now singing our tune on certain things. So what? He's still a douchebag!! I don't know about anybody else but I don't need a douchebag to tell me what I already knew.

  12. People have changed since I was a kid…for some reason people are living ina different world than what reality provides, I am very disappointed and disgusted with the way people are now . What the hell happened for real

  13. that was well done, by Morgan and Hannity. Piers did this essentially for free – expenses paid for by Fox. Doing it for free comes with benefits; he's stacking up his social-ascendent points; that's what life is oft about; how we feel is based on how others see us. so, Morgan has to do his schtick, and get paid in popularity points…because people recognize him…he has endorsements…
    there is no value other than that.

  14. Look at Piers long history of behaviour as a journalist and editor in the UK and I don't think the word integrity is the first thing that comes to mind. That said, he does have some valid opinions I can respect. However even a broken clock is right twice per day. Piers is an opportunistic which you could argue is exactly what a populist journalist needs to be.

  15. All I can think of when I see Piers is "1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!" That may have been the best moment on television in the 21st century.

  16. To think i hated this geezer….he isnt becoming redpilled bro, i think hes far left and will be back on our backs……and i can hate him again. Pray that im wrong though……

  17. what has the president elected mr donald trump done that is so bad, that people hate him? can somebody please explain to me why.

  18. Pierce has always been a straight shooter. As an Englishman, he just didn't understand the gun thing here in the U.S. I would much rather have him as a friend than some of the so called people on the right we have here. Let's just give the guy another chance. After all, that is one "big thing" about we Americans… Just my opinion, but honestly I'm usually right.

  19. Hey smollete, I'll have your nipples stripped from you, then toss them into my human stew! THE YEARS WITHOUT LIGHT!

  20. Problem is that there are lots of people can not comprehend the facts any more but they still have a right to vote.
    If it goes this way we are done by 2050. Like a Rome was done.

  21. Smollet is that little tattle tale kid who got everything in preschool and smiled at you while you were in time out. Until you grabbed him by his hair and swung him around the room.

  22. Come on what else can one say,Piers Morgan is
    still a total wally born and bred and still will dead.
    I'm Englishman in Carmel. Piers Morgan was editor for the Mirror newspaper a staunchly socialist newspaper.
    The owner and Piers boss Robert Maxwell ljumped off his
    boat one night,he lost every penny of the
    employees pension on speculative and risky investments. setters had 55 years at the mirror and they received jack.

  23. Thats why i love piers morgan and the only true reporter in the uk 💖x The rest of them are useless x😲

  24. I think – it's not that he was trying to obstruct the investigation into "Russian collusion", because yeah…he knew WAS innocent of that. He was trying to obstruct it because it was an investigation that could have gone ANYWHERE along the way and stuck it's nose into some of his shady business deals, and he didn't want THAT.

  25. Morgan usually does what the British always do, bash the U.S. and Americans. I'm sure he'll get back to it.

  26. Can America now investigate all of the so called "anonymous witnesses" who have evidently given fake information on this matter? Thought not. God bless Trump

  27. Did I recently wake up in a parallel universe? Because I've been seeing Piers Morgan on Fox News lately….agreeing and not attacking.

  28. Piers doesn’t know why the media did it? Either they want trump to win again, or is just because of money and it’s probably just because of the money that we can’t see but is behind everything.

  29. Obama said you would have to be an idiot to believe the US Presidential election could be rigged. Said Trump should "quit whining about the outcome of the election, if you do you should not be in the job." Whose whining now Obama?

  30. The Democrats are caught again and again trying to find justification for their failed actions at getting Pres Trump impeached for their manufactured crime and lies. They haven't learned the lesson about citing the most idiotic Russian collusion story to substantiate their wasteful spending in the Mueller's investigation. Democrats hate Israel and they hate America. They love the illegal immigrants more than they love the homeless children living in streets in America. Don't fall for the witless untested Democrats appraising another witless failed Democrat as a performer. Something is very wrong with that appraisal. Get a tested leader with proven track record like President Donald Trump to rate is Performance Appraisal 101. Americans must learn never to vote nor ever trust a Democrat with their destructive policies again.

    God is in control. The Democrats can do all they want with their wicked deeds, deception and destructive means to remove Pres Trump but it will not prevail. Hillary and the Democrats' evil desire is not going to materialize because God is in control. Know that they don't have any say in the affairs of God's anointed (Isaiah 45:1) including China. God stays in judgment over our behaviors.

    God hates all the injustice that has been going on and He will bring all injustice into the open in the last days. Yes, all must be fully accountable and there is no escape for men's evil and all their wrongs committed in their lifetime.

    God gave the US an effective President and business leader (Isaiah 45) to save the US economy from crumbling after 8 years of mismanagement and abuse of power by Barack Obama, sleepy Joe Biden, crooked Hillary Clinton and the entire witless Obama Administration. It is judgment time for God to reveal the people behind all the spying and all the lies says Luke 12:2 New American Standard Bible (NASB) ~ Jesus says, "But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known."

    Father God is in control of this universe including all things in the earth (Colossians 1:17). God decides on human leadership. God is sovereignly working through the events of world history to confound the efforts of His enemies, whether natural or supernatural. The kingdoms of this world will one day cease to exist, and God's kingdom will be established forever (Daniel 2:44; 4:17: 7:27). Make sure you are on God's side before it is too late!

  31. Who would know the USA would know what the daily mail newspaper was, it went online and that’s why they know I suppose.

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