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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
Pope Francis has said Christians must not
just apologise for their mistreatment of gay
people, but ask God for forgiveness too.
He also described being gay as ‘a condition’
– showing that he still feels it’s an abnormality.
50 Pakistani Muslim clerics have declared
transgender people should be allowed to marry
and be buried in accordance with their gender
The directive is intended to prevent families
from stealing their transgender relatives’ inheritance.
This weekend was one of the biggest in the
Pride calendar with parades taking place around the world.
From London to Chicago, Oslo to San Francisco,
millions took to the streets to remember the
Orlando victims and to celebrate diversity.
Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance
at New York Pride on Saturday.
The Democratic Presidential nominee wasn’t
slated to appear, but she joined the governor
and the city’s mayor to enjoy the day and
show her support.
And finally, London was the scene of some
tearjerking marriage proposals during its
Pride parade on Saturday.
In 2 separate incidents, 2 police officers
asked their boyfriends to marry in front of
cheering crowds and of course, both partners
said yes.
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