Pinksixty News – International LGBT News Headlines

Hello, and here are the international LGBT
news headlines from Pinksixty.
Australia’s opposition party has blocked
a public plebiscite on marriage equality,
saying it should be decided by government.
A free parliamentary vote is now expected,
but may not happen before 2019.
Pembe Hayat held a press conference yesterday
to highlight police brutality against LGBT
people in Turkey.
Attendees heard harrowing tales of abuse,
primarily from transgender women who suffer
most at the hands of the authorities.
Germany is set to pay reparations to men jailed
under Paragraph 175 which outlawed gay sex until 1994.
Around 5000 of the 140,000 men imprisoned
are still alive, and each will get a share
of €30 million and their records expunged.
The founder and former CEO of,
has pleaded guilty to charges of prostitution
and money laundering in New York.
Jeffrey Hurant could now face a $10 million
fine and up to 5 years jail.
And finally, Boy George has signed a new deal
which will see him compete on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s
‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in the USA.
George is currently on tour, covering 80 cities
around the world and plays the last gig in December.
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