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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
Four gun control amendments, to restrict terror
suspects’ access to weapons, were rejected
by the US Senate on Monday.
Despite the Orlando shootings, Republicans
continue their campaign to block any restrictions
relating to guns.
All 28 member states on the European Council
have reached an agreement on LGBT protections
and gender rights.
The policy defines a unified goal, but if
the UK votes out of the EU on Thursday, the
protections won’t apply there.
As Australia heads towards an election, the
debate on marriage equality is hotting up.
Opinions are divided on whether there should
be a referendum or if it should be part of
an election platform – with The Equality Party
making it a key issue.
Activist, Velvet Steele has been helping the
Vancouver Police Department develop a training
video on transgender issues.
It includes correct use of pronouns and reflects
the first in a series of policy changes relating
to the transgender community.
And finally, ‘Finding Dory’ has broken
box office records – making it the biggest
animated film opening in U.S history.
The movie, about a forgetful fish, voiced
by Ellen DeGeneres, includes 1 transgender
and 2 possibly lesbian characters.
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