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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
The Italian Prime Minister has put his job
on the line by demanding a confidence vote
to push a civil unions bill through parliament.
Matteo Renzi promised to pass the bill last
year, but his plans have been blocked by Catholic senators.
The head of the UK’s Pink Therapy group
has resigned from the British Association
for Psychotherapy after they refused to accept
that conversion therapy was being used on
transgender people.
Dominic Davies, says the organisation refused
to recognise additional victims as the practice
was already discredited.
The winner of Miss Transgender UK has been
stripped of her title after being accused
of living as a man.
Jai Dara Latto recently started hormone treatment,
but Rachel Bailey described her as a ‘drag
queen’ adding that Latto, was ‘not transgender
enough’ to hold the title.
Jamaican activist, Maurice Tomlinson has been
nominated for Person of the Year at the Inspire Awards.
Tomlinson, who’s currently challenging anti-gay
laws in Jamaica and the Caribbean lives in
Toronto with his husband, following ongoing
death threats.
And finally, the London production of Kinky
Boots won three trophies at the WhatsOnStage
theatre awards last night.
It won best new musical, best choreography
and best actor in a musical for Matt Henry, who plays Lola.
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