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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
At last week’s AIDS Conference, Australian
representatives revealed plans to virtually
eradicate new HIV infections in gay people
by 2020 using PrEP.
Australia already achieves 87% of the UNAIDS’
90-90-90 target.
Danish authorities have been criticised for
rejecting asylum claims by three Ugandan women,
saying their applications were inconsistent.
The women who applied because of their sexuality
could face arrest when returned next week.
Paul Makonda, commissioner for the city of
Dar es Salaam has announced a crackdown on
gay people in Tanzania.
Police have increased arrests and a law banning
the import & sale of sex lubricants is being strictly enforced.
At a time when many gay bookstores are closing,
Toronto’s Glad Day, arguably the world’s
oldest, is expanding.
The store is relocating in August and will
add a coffeeshop, performance space and cocktail
bar to its existing service.
And finally, fans at Comic Con have been treated
to a teaser of next year’s Justice League movie.
The DC Comics superhero collective is super-diverse,
with Wonder Woman, Cyborg and The Flash, played
by out queer actor Ezra Miller.
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