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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
Six men have each been jailed for three years
followed by 5 years exile from their home
town as punishment for being gay in Tunisia.
One of the men was also given an extra 6 months
for having nude images of himself on his mobile phone.
Church of England bishops are being accused
of hypocrisy because, after 25 years of preaching
at Winchester Cathedral, Canon Jeremy Pemberton
has been banned because he married his husband.
The local Bishop enforced the ban, while bishops
in other diocese have chosen not to.
The government of Guernsey has voted in favour
of same sex marriage by a huge majority.
A date has yet to be chosen for a vote, to
decide when the legislation would be enacted.
Small towns across British Columbia are increasingly
displaying rainbow crossings as local councils
vote to publicly support equality.
At least 10 towns have installed the crossings
already, with 3 more due for installation in 2016.
And finally, the BBC have suspended a gay
journalist after he criticised the corporation
for considering boxer Tyson Fury for Sports
Personality of the Year.
Fury caused outrage after saying homosexuality
will bring about the end of the world and
that women only belong in the kitchen and
the bedroom.
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