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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
Kenyan activist, Joe Odero received a kidney
transplant yesterday after he was attacked
defending a young intersex man, who sadly
The lifesaving surgery was made possible after
financial donations and a kidney provided
by a family friend.
In the 5 days since Britain voted to leave
the EU police have reported a 57% increase
in hate crimes.
Many people are reporting anti-gay and racist
incidents from the newly empowered far right.
India’s Supreme Court has refused to hear
a case against Section 377 of the criminal
code which outlaws gay sex.
Petitioners were told to approach the Chief
Justice with their case, although the court
also said only the government can act on the
The Lithuanian Parliament has voted in favour
of removing same sex couples from the country’s
legal definition of family.
For it to be adopted, parliament has to vote
on it twice more, gaining a majority of 94
votes each time.
And finally, German magicians, Siegfried & Roy
are producing a biopic of their own lives
for the big screen.
The couple were ranked as one of Las Vegas’
top headline acts until Roy was attacked on
stage by his own tiger in 2003.
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