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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
Police in Texas are investigating a threat
made on Twitter against Houston Pride.
The now deleted account said there would be
“a massive shooting” at the event, which is
scheduled for Saturday June 25th.
Meanwhile, police in Atlanta are investigating
threats made by a local man to shoot up 2 gay bars.
Brett Edgerton was questioned by the FBI after
he tweeted “TEN or Blake’s could be the
next Orlando” but so far he’s not been charged.
San Diego police and the FBI are also investigating
an ad placed on Craig’s List, praising the
Orlando shooting and saying ‘San Diego,
you’re next’.
The ad, titled “We need more Orlandos” also
thanked God for AIDS and 9/11.
A transman who fled Turkey to supposed safety
in Belgium has been stabbed by a gang of men
from the Islamic State terror group.
The victim said he’d received threats on
social media from the same people that attacked
him in Turkey and Brussels.
And finally, Canadian MPs have voted to change
the lyrics of the English version of the country’s
national anthem to make it more gender neutral.
They’ll change the words “in all thy sons
command” to “in all of us command” in the anthem, ‘O Canada’.
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