Pinksixty News – International LGBT News Headlines

Hello, and here are the international LGBT
news headlines from Pinksixty.
Police in Papua New Guinea have been accused
of stalling an investigation into the death of a gay man.
Harry Peter was hit on the head by a relative
and bled to death during an argument over
his sexuality but police have said they don’t
interfere in family disputes.
The Australian House of Representatives has
passed a bill in favour of a plebiscite on marriage equality.
The bill now passes to the Senate but opposition
parties say they won’t vote for it.
Fear of sexuality-based attacks among British
university students has risen 95% in the past
year, according to a new survey.
Almost a quarter of LGBT students are afraid
they’ll be victimised at school or work
because of their sexual orientation.
South African health agencies have launched
a new campaign to promote HIV testing amongst
men who have sex with men.
Health4Men seeks to remove the stigma attached
to testing & treatment and test as many people
as they can before New Year.
And finally, King Cobra is released today,
starring James Franco & Christian Slater.
The real story behind the movie is also the
subject of our pinksixty entertainment show
on social media this weekend.
Well that’s all from me for this week.
I’ll be back on Monday with more of the
latest LGBT news headlines.
And you can find out more about these and
other news stories by searching for #pinksixty
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