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Hello, and here are the international LGBT
news headlines from Pinksixty.
News of Donald Trump’s electoral victory
has been greeted with dismay.
His promise to rescind the civil rights of
LGBTi people and potentially annul half a
million same sex marriages, has many Americans
afraid for their future.
Human Rights Campaign leader, Chad Griffin,
joined George Takei in calling for solidarity
and strength following the news of Donald
Trump’s win.
Griffin said the fight for equality should
be met with ‘more vigor & strength’ than
ever, while Takei urged Americans to ‘reaffirm
the values’ they cherish.
The Republican Governor of North Carolina
may have lost his seat to the Democrats overnight.
Roy Cooper has vowed to overturn McCrory’s
anti-trans bathroom bill but they may need
a recount as it was too close to call early
The City of Orlando has announced plans to
buy the Pulse gay nightclub following June’s
shooting massacre.
A public consultation will take place after
the purchase on how best to memorialise the site.
And finally, Out! Collector Figures are crowdfunding
to produce a sexy new dress up toy for gay grown ups.
Tossa Tossa is anatomically detailed and has
a range of outfits – but the creators need
to get $80,000 to start production.
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