Pinksixty News – International LGBT News Headlines

Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty. North Carolina’s Attorney General, Roy Cooper,
says he won’t defend the state’s ‘religious freedom bill’ in court. The law was passed last week, causing protests
in the streets, with Mr Cooper describing it as “a national embarrassment”. Catholic priest, Father Paul Kelly is calling
on the Queensland government to remove the ‘gay panic’ murder defence. Queensland & South Australia are the only
2 states that still accept the argument that blind panic following a sexual advance can
lead to murder. New York City police are looking for a male
suspect in the rape of a transgender woman at the iconic Stonewall Inn on Saturday. The victim says she was assaulted in the toilets
just before midnight by a man described as a regular patron. Tomorrow is International Transgender Day
of Visibility, where we can all show our support. TransLifeline are selling t-shirts through to raise funding to support their lifesaving work in Canada and the USA, so
please contribute. And finally, a new web series from India called
“All About Section 377’ launched on YouTube this week. It tells the story of a hot straight guy who
moves in with his portly gay cousin & his servant, and his realisation that these guys
are not so bad after all. Well, that’s all from us at Pinksixty for
now. Join us again tomorrow for the latest LGBT
news headlines. And you can find out more about these and
other news stories on our Facebook and Twitter pages by searching for ‘Pinksixty News’.

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