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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
Lambda Legal are appealing after a US judge
refused to allow a transman to adopt a male first name.
Judge Roper said he would allow a gender-neutral
name but thought allowing a male name for
a transman would confuse people.
The South African Home Affairs department
has published a list of offices that will
conduct same sex marriages – but it’s less
than 30%.
Activists say it highlights the lack of equality
for gay people, who are often refused a license
by clerks who discriminate because of their
religious belief.
Education minister Mike Bernier has announced
that every school district in British Columbia
must add explicit protections for LGBT students
to their anti-bullying policies this year.
The move comes after more than a decade of
work by activists.
Iconic black transgender performer Lady Chablis
passed away this week after suffering with pneumonia.
Chablis was famous as the main performer at
Club One in Savannah, Georgia and also appeared on TV and film.
And finally, singer Zayn Malik is to star
in a new TV drama about a boy band!
The one hour special, titled ‘Boys’ could
be extended to a full series if it’s well received.
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