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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
Pro-Brexit politician, Andrea Leadsom is going
up against Theresa May for the Conservative
party leadership and the role of British Prime
Ms Leadsom has opposed marriage equality and
is reportedly linked to anti gay groups in Uganda.
The group ‘Gays For Trump’ has refused
to support transgender rights by upholding
Mr Trump’s position on anti-trans bathroom
The group’s leader says the fight for gay
& lesbian rights is at odds with transgender issues.
A new report published in the medical journal
The Lancet highlights the increasing HIV burden
of men who have sex with men.
It says governments are failing to protect
minority, high risk groups while new infections
in the straight population have leveled off.
Sydney city council has announced an audit
of safety, particularly in LGBT neighbourhoods.
Taylor Square and Oxford St will receive extra
lighting after an increased number of assaults
in the areas in recent months.
And finally, George Takei says it’s unfortunate
that the character Hikari Sulu is gay in the
new movie, Star Trek Beyond.
He says its twisting Gene Roddenberry’s
creation but he’s happy that there’s finally
a gay lead in the long running franchise.
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