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international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
A 15 year old boy was executed in Syria on
Monday after being found guilty of sodomy
by an Islamic State court.
Traumatised residents in the city of Mayadin
were forced to stone the teenager to death.
US politicians have approved a spending bill
that included anti-LGBT language, but only
after an amendment was added which nullified
those clauses.
House Republicans changed their votes to support
the amendments on Wednesday, ensuring it went through.
Bayna El-Amin has been convicted for committing
a hate crime in a Manhattan restaurant last year.
He could face 15 years jail for the assault
which left one of his victims unconscious
as he screamed homophobic slurs, despite being
gay himself.
An anti-LGBT politician has been appointed
to the role of Communities Minister in Northern Ireland.
Paul Givan is in charge of equality legislation,
despite proposing a bill which would allow
discrimination based on religious belief.
And finally, Lilly Wachowski has dropped out
of the team producing season 2 of sci-fi series, Sense8.
She originally developed the show with her
sister Lana, who now takes over creative control
alongside co-creator J. Michael Straczynski.
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