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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
In a historic meeting between two of the world’s
most powerful religions, Pope Francis and
Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church
have denounced same sex marriage.
The churches met for the first time in 1000
years and used their platform to demean non-traditional families.
A gay Palestinian, who fled from the West
Bank to Israel has finally been granted asylum
after a 5 year battle.
A lack of coordination between authorities
resulted in delays issuing a residency permit,
leading to him being arrested 6 times.
Canada got its first self-identified transgender
judge when Kael McKenzie was sworn in on Friday.
Judge McKenzie, who’s 2 sons attended the
investiture, was designated a judge in December
and has received widespread support.
The leader of the anti-gay Australian Christian
Lobby has been ridiculed after a debate on
Sky News yesterday.
Lyle Shelton said he opposes same sex marriage
because he’s afraid people might assume,
as a married man, that he’s gay.
And finally, despite multiple nominations,
both ‘Carol’ and ‘The Danish Girl’
failed to pick up a single award at the BAFTAs
in London last night.
‘The Revenant’ swept the board, taking home
the majority of statuettes.
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  1. So glad the Xian patriarchs confirmed their stance: should I follow my heart or these guys in foreign countries? No real competition, they can continue to recede into the past with their respective creeds.

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