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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
James Larry Cosby has been sentenced to a
life behind bars for the murder of his own
daughter and her girlfriend in 2014.
Cosby killed Britney and her girlfriend Crystal
Jackson because he disapproved of them being lesbian.
A memorial was held yesterday at the Promosa
Secondary School in South Africa for Lesley
Makousa who’s body was discovered on Saturday.
The 17 year old who was out at school was
strangled with a shoelace by an unknown killer.
The Daily Beast has withdrawn an article which
outed gay athletes competing in Rio amid claims
that it put their lives at risk.
Their journalist used Grindr to arrange hook
ups with the athletes, some from virulently
homophobic countries.
Following discussions with media group GLAAD,
the WWE have said they plan to build LGBT
characters into their shows.
Stephanie McMahon said there was already good
representation behind the scenes.
And finally, US TV network The CW has announced
it’s producing a new animated superhero
series featuring a gay male lead.
‘Freedom Fighters: The Ray’ is from DC Comics
and is due to premiere next year.
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