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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.
A transgender woman shot in Washington DC
on July 4th has died in hospital.
Dee Dee Dodds was shot as she went about her
business as a sex worker, with police still
unsure whether it was a hate crime and no
suspects in custody.
A covert police presence at San Diego Pride
was spotted by a filmmaker’s drone as it recorded
the parade on Saturday.
Justin Edelman had to signal rooftop snipers
about his drone after fearing they may shoot it down.
The Israeli president has called on religious
leaders to stop inciting violence against
LGBT people.
After a meeting with the parents of murdered
teenager Shira Banki, he said society needed
to learn to engage in tolerant discourse.
Britain’s new Foreign Secretary has reversed
a decision which banned flying the rainbow
flag from British Embassies during Pride.
Boris Johnson’s predecessor had also banned
the flag from the Foreign Office in London.
And finally, the BBC has commissioned a two-part
gay love story by acclaimed author Patrick Gale.
“Man In An Orange Shirt” starts with a derailed
affair in the 1940s and then moves to the
present day to see how that impacts across
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