100 Replies to “Planned parenthood ousts president following ‘secret meeting’”

  1. What a woman does with her own body is her own business. If she is murdering a baby instead of aborting a fetus, then God will punish her. We have no right to judge her.

  2. The government should stop all funding for Planned Parenthood. They just showed you don't care about the women they only care about the politics this woman was trying to help everybody but they don't want that they wanted to totally be political they want to use it as a political tool shut them down now

  3. All who work at or support Planned (abort all babies to sell all parts) Non Parenthood organization, should be ashamed before God & all the precious lives they have murdered.

  4. They made a conservative outta her. Thank you Planned Parenthood. We’re still gonna defund them. Yall are done.

  5. This is a FACT. Look where the majority of their clinics are located. The founder of Planned Parenthood believed in eugenics. The purification of human kind by killing the “weeds” in our society. This included non-whites, those of mixed race along with the disabled. Their founder helped pass forced sterilization laws to prevent further “contamination” of society. Another HISTORICAL FACT… The N-zis used the eugenics program of the US as a template for their own eugenics program. Emotion and “but what about…” arguments do not change the facts. Planned Parenthood is a stain on our country and its history. Enough with the argument about their “health services”. That is the store front for the criminal enterprise behind it. Our government helps fund them and they use that funding to support the democrats and rinos who provided the funding. That’s conspiracy to avoid campaign finance laws. There is NOTHING noble about PP.

  6. This is modern day child sacrifice upon the altar of leftist ideology.
    This is truly the devil's work.

  7. why the hell are leftists political activists allowed to pose as credentialed press and disrupt, disrespect, and argue with white house staff

  8. Was this a woman of color? They could care less about those issues, they are turning the word racist into a political statement. Shame that PP doesn’t want to focus on women’s health care. At least they are showing their true colors… they are about abortion, primarily for women of color… and that says alot about real racism. Since this their stance, and their donations are given to the Democratic Party candidates… i don’t believe they should be entitled to any government funding.

  9. She was fired for not applying babies to the squeaky wheel, or grinder in this case, of the baby grinder🤷‍♂️

  10. As the less radical left is eaten up by the most radical left, there will be nothing but the most crazy people remaining on the left. The country will retaliate against such radical people of the democratic party.

  11. Best treachery is done behind closed doors, in the dark.
    Honesty is the casualty, truth and integrity.

  12. hey fake news fox, i just caught you deleting comments when people mention to many facts about planned parenthood and how they operate, you did in fact remove comments. your protecting baby killers, your protecting child molesters like Epstein and your protecting fake race hate crimes jessie omlette

  13. Well, PP managed to prove they are the eugenics arm of the Democratic party. Oh wait, PP's founder works were recommended (if not required) reading in Germany before WW2. Amazing!

  14. So Klanned Parenthood's new direction is to focus on making the federal government bully the individual states into nullifying their anti abortion restrictions?

  15. All those states shown at minute 1:25 were Southern Democrat states in the Civil War era.

  16. Without abortions they wouldn't make any money or be able to supply their supporters with dinners… This is the most evil organization on planet Earth. Baby killers…

  17. Feds should cut all funding to PP. PP is more than abortion machine. It sold body parts for aborted babies which we should never forget.

  18. There's your proof ,it has never been about healthcare ,its always been about aborting babies and harvesting and selling body parts for research ,like lab mice,, this woke movement is really a joke movement,,

  19. PP is a macrabre organization, their souls needs to be dead and sold to Satan in the alter of human sacrifice and progressiveness

  20. This issue is a good story to follow. There has been no end of political and legal controversy. What makes it such a good story is that it has been a sideline issue that has some degree of toxicity from the level of contention.
    No politically oriented campaign will examine the issue once they have made their stand.
    Every politician knows their stand and downplays the issue. The story is sure to play out & all of us can only dream of a reasonable resolution to such a direly contested issue.

  21. wait till the big shake up shows up for these evil people "" the hand of GOD' for all the babies they have killed.

  22. She wasn't harvesting enough,
    And how is it planned parenthood when you abort the kid and your not gonna be a parent, like parent means you have a child.
    98% of women that walk in there get an abortion, its truly sickening

  23. It doesn't make sense for an actual physician to hold that position with Planned Parenthood, it would be a violation of the Hippocratic oath that all physicians are sworn to.

  24. Such a sick disgusting place, all they want to do is abortions. Dr. Wen is a good person and that's not what they want. I went there one time 48 yrs ago and left in a hurry since abortion was mentioned, I went to get medical help, not an abortion. Crazy for anyone to go there.

  25. stop all federal monies to unplanned parenthood they give most of the money to democratic party it is a proven fact

  26. Women have a constitutional right to an abortion and a Trump will never succeed in banning abortion in America.

  27. Seems PP lost sight of their mission…….very telling she's the first physician to head the organization in 50 years……and was let go in less than a year.

  28. If it's their body and their choice then it should also be their own financial responsibility. Tax payers should never fund the killing of our citizens.

  29. Wow! Perfect timing with the Unplanned movie coming out. That’s the same thing that happened with Abbey on the show!!

  30. Well planned parenthood is ONLY abortion.
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    There is no parenthood in planned parenthood. So yeah, surprised they even hired that lady.

  31. Planned parenthood has nothing to do with Healthcare and everything to do with murdering babies ! The majority of Abortionists are all about inconvenient babies messing up their social life. When will Democrats promote killing young children because they may be inconvenient ?

  32. It's sad that Democratic candidates,not only pledge to keep up abortion.They had to step it up a notch and allow abortions after birth.Very,Very Satanic.

  33. here is the problem people can look at this as her being persecuted for her views like we have seen happen in some other cases to people in politics and the entertainment world or for statements they made off the record but in actuality it is not the same because she was not just a employ and held a management position and was helping set policy for the the countries largest parental care and family planning organization and she was actively discriminating against trans people so her beliefs were negatively influencing the lives of others but of course if she had said this off the record or was not putting her beliefs in to practice then I would agree she should have a right to believe what she wants but at the end of the day all this means is a transphobe does not get to keep a really good job neither do I and a lot of people the world will survive.

  34. Worse than Aztecs. At least the Aztecs thought they needed to appease weather gods and don't sell carved out hearts.

  35. If Wen was fired for not being far enough to the left, then we can expect massive abortion and infanticide laws to be pushed by Planned Parenthood.

  36. What I don't understand is that PP has a separate advocacy group. Why does the healthcare side need to focus on that?

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