Power Season 6 Leaked – Who Shot Ghost Aint A Secret Power Season 6 Episode 15 Trailer Leaked

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  2. I really don’t understand why people say things like Courtney Kemp is a bad writer. Can y’all write a better one?

  3. The one with Tasha don't show her shooting ghost though. Tyriq is gonna kill him then Tasha gonna go down for it though cause she gonna blame it on Q but they gonna find out she lied on Q so she gonna get arrested.

  4. How would shooting Ghost would get Tariq out of Ray-Ray murder investigation ? Remember they found Tariq’s blood at the crime scene .

  5. Nope! I’m still saying Ramona did it! The name of the show is called Power and we already saw what she has behind her.

  6. I strongly believe this is the real ending. Not only I predicted this months ago. But it makes sense. We saw the fallout. We saw the come up with Kanan. We saw how they was building Tariq up. The son for a son delima between Kanan and Ghost. I mean I think we all saw this coming. I can tell when episode 15 airs. The impact it will have on people emotionally will be epic. I'm feeling a way just seeing the clip.

  7. I still think Tommy was lookin @ both of them up there. So they may keep it ambiguous 2 who actually shot him…then the actual “Truth” (no pun) will come out in Book ll…🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Lamont they re confusing the killers cause 50 cent link it has Tasha as the shooter so it s a couple of leaks to throw us off ijs

  9. This was apromotional video that was released by POWER associates. There was also one that 50 posted on his page.

    Lastly, this is taking too long. They need to have a two hour episode and finish the mystery immediately.

  10. Tommy will have the spin-off Tasha and Tariq get nothing in the will. Ghost was a great father and always had the best interest for his son.

  11. I saw the entire episode….. My predictions were dead ass wrong. Let’s just say I hope this isn’t the real final episode. If it is, what a bad final episode..

    But Ghost was cold blooded to Tasha.. Before and after…. I’ll leave it at that…

  12. Power Prequel Leak ! on my Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2gasSReEho&lc=z23eyhypiky0vt4gt04t1aokggekd3tambdqcrcuj1hibk0h00410

  13. Is this the real final episode? The reason I believe it could be is because I remember when they leaked Season 4 episodes 9 (Raina’s death) and 10 and those ended up being 100% legit. But I hope 50 and CK have something up their sleeves and gives us a better final episode than what’s out there now…

  14. Yo lamont check this prequel video leak of young ghost, tommy and angie in 1996
    here is the link

  15. it makes a lil sense now because when tariq and kanan was in the car and kanan said “you ain’t a real killer until you kill someone you love” that jus popped up in my head lol

  16. Or just for thought, maybe tasha had a dream of her killing ghost and she woke up and had a change of heart. That would explain why she's running trying to stop tariq.??

  17. If they go with this story Tasha takes the gun and shoots Saxe the only witness that can implicate Tariq. Yes Saxe will die

  18. 50 cent told u in an interview tariq and that girl from school with that white dude going to be the stars in power book 2 so yeah he is main actor

  19. The clip is actual inconsistent with the original scene. Initially Ghost came out on the balcony and was standing and looking around when he was shot. He was not talking to anyone nor was he face to face with him. I think this a leaked ending to throw people off.

  20. Episode 14,15 were both leaked and Tariq is the shooter in the full episode that was released. Does Starz Change this in 2 weeks??? Possibly…. we will see….

  21. What some folk here on YT will do to get hits. How can the final episode be breached like that? NO WAY ! Seems to me that this clip is edited, sort of like photoshop. However, if it is in fact actual footage from final 15. I've viewed it quite a number of times and the images do not seem to line up. The image that shows when the gun fired, almost looks like Dre. Also, at 1:04 it looks like a white guy with a mustache. Just my 2 !


  23. I saw both Ep 14 & 15 in entirity. That leak with Tariq is real.💯 That one with Kanan & Tariq I don't recognize in Ep. 15 must be Power book III

  24. Just watched the last episode. The alleged prequel is at the end with Tommy ghost Angie. Ghost left tasha nothing in his will. Tasha tried to set up Quentin for killing ghost but they ended up locking Tasha up the next day for it. Episode 15 was trash to be the finale of power series.

  25. i still say 50 is Tariq father. Secret that we might not ever know. i could be wrong. Tariq might be playing everybody. might of even set his moms up who knows

  26. It’s ANOTHER LEAK THAT SHOW CANIN TALKING to TY‼️‼️‼️‼️ also that clip has a long Version out now on YouTube ‼️

  27. I’m glad all the fake power fans will stop watching after this season! Tariq was the perfect choice in shooting ghost, it has been built up since season 3. Y’all wanted this shit to end like a Disney channel movie and it’s not! I’m watching all the spin offs!

  28. These are Last 2 episodes of power! I promise it’s real! They leaked it! Click link below!


  29. Tarik already killed Kanan, Ray Ray, saw that one women being killed, saw his sister die, now kills his father? This show has jumped the shark. I’m not watching a Tarik spinoff unless he is in jail. I can see a Tasha spinoff and even a Tate show. But there is NO POWER without GHOST. The magic was with him and Tommy, the mental game moves/plays, intimate moments all that and I can’t see the show without him. The last few episodes I didn’t even need to watch

  30. I have the full episode link. Cash app me $5.00 for it $lelekardashian. If you want me to prove it send your email I’ll screen record a certain part to prove it!!!

  31. Ghost is one of the best and toughest characters I have seen on TV. This excellent writing Kemp was talking about was Tariq soft ass killing Ghost. We knew this was eventually going to happen two seasons ago. No surprises here. Last two seasons has been hard to watch

  32. That's bullshit for two reasons, 1st reason is that power ain't neva did no slow motion kill shots in nann season & for two, if u noticed from da last episode while tommy stood over ghost he looked up & putting his gun then ghost said let it go because tommy would neva up his gun on tariq

  33. I question the writing of a character with little redeeming qualities as the anchor of a show. Ghost was an antihero Who spawned a complete snake with no honor. It's odd. They should make us want to root for himnif he does move on. At the point we cant.

  34. I think Tasha will try and shoot Ghost, but wont get there in time, hence her seeing Tariq shoot him and screaming NOO! So obviously they're gonna throw the gun away and try to pin it on someone else; they pin it on Dre cause Tommy told Riq he was on his way to go kill Ghost. Little do Tasha and Tariq know, Dre is already getting arrested and on his way back to jail to get killed. So THOTSHA does the only thing she can do, blames it on Q. Luckily for Q, he's got an alibi. Tasha gets arrested, for the murder of james st patrick, and ghost is still stuntin on her ass from the grave. Onto PowerBook II.. (just a theory) 😉

  35. Tariq shot ghost and saxe witnessed it so Tasha killed saxe cause he was gonna turn Tariq in-that’s the plot twist-Tasha goes to jail

  36. Talking about leak information is a disrespect to the show and all the work the staff and actors put in for us! Just wait for the show to air

  37. This show really disappointed in its ending. Kept riding with it because it was entertaining but this season was rushed and ghost not getting to love his best life throws back to season 1 when the club got shut down. Whoever had the idea for the black man to die and still be good to everyone else and have his brat be the one to kill him. His wife to try everything to keep him in the game. His white friend can kill at leisure and walk away but he the sacrifice for everyone? Just disappointing that the main character suffers because yes he made some bad decisions but the premise is he is ghost. He moves 10 steps ahead and they could have continued its him being in politics and showing a whole new side of corruption that he now has to weave his way through

  38. There’s a leak with Tariq and Kanan in a scene at truth. Idk if he’s dreaming like ghost of it Kanan is really alive

  39. I think that Tasha will take the fall for Tariq.
    Remember that prison photo?
    In her mind, she feels that taking the fall will give her some sort of redemption for failing to protect her kids from Ghost’s actions.

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