President Donald Trump Sued For Targeting Legal Immigrants | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 Replies to “President Donald Trump Sued For Targeting Legal Immigrants | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. your lies are Pathetic ,
    I am a legal non Citizen , and live in one of the southern States , ICE is only Raiding Companies who broke the Laws and Hiring illegals .
    they not Just arresting illegals , they are specifically Targeting their employers .
    and no we love what ICE is doing and they are doing a great Job cleaning the backyard from crooks and illegals .

  2. Take a bunch of out of work Racist hillbillies, put them in charge of people the President has told them to fear, and hate. Sound like a concentration camp. No sounds like cash to Trump and his Cabinet.

  3. MSNBC is the worst. Remember how they Lied every day for over two years pushing “Russian Collusion”? They can not be trusted.

  4. If all the law suits against Trump go through he will be living at the YMCA eating dog food and on food stamps.Probably gathering cans and bottles to put together for a Happy Meal at McDonalds.LMAO.

  5. you want to sue Trump you better sue America because he is our voice, and we say you can't have your case…. we don't care what you think

  6. Its best for any nation to take only those who can support themselves and THAT DOES NOT MEAN ONLY THE WEALTHY. Please, liberals, quit putting out that false narrative. We need immigrants who are hard working and who are not a drain on our social safety net.

  7. This is just a distraction story.
    MSNBCCCP…where is your story about Killarys direct real time server to China?????????

  8. MSNBCCCP deep state arm of the democrat party.
    Omission of truth is their thing.
    MSNBCCCP puppet masters have been taken down…that would be the CIA.
    WE ARE Q !!!!!

  9. Thats HEROIC to keep facial expressions together with a camera staring inches from your face for 3 minutes at a time — That a a Warhol Screen test. Dont know now they do it — 100% my face would melt into a JACK NICHOLSON (on The Shining!)

  10. Google "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" 2016 was the LOWEST it's been in 20 years, 13 Million Citizens voted for Trump, he won the Electoral College, the only one that actually matters, it's happened 4 times and every time it was a Republican, GW Bush 2000 was the previous one, and he lost the popular vote by just under 3 Million. 2018 Mid-terms set new records and it STILL only just over 50%. 113 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted, and the Republicans lost by 10 Million.

  11. How many of the Private Prisons are in Hard Core Red States? Think that MIGHT have something to do with the Senate not reigning him in?

  12. Now that Melania parent's are in ….. wow this administration and Trump are destroying this country!!!!

  13. The history of the United States "use who you need, and then discard them when you don't need them anymore" … it seems that nobody remembers The Bracero Program

  14. Only Leftists believe foreigners are entitled to become US Citizens. It's obviously our lax immigration laws, poor border enforcement, and the hope of federal assistance that are the main drivers in enticing so many migrants which requires more detention centers. The Demorats and their mouthpieces at MSNBS misrepresenting, obfuscating, and lying again.

  15. The justice for immigrants is moving too slow. The deaths in detention centers will be monumental while these cases move in the courts. Be more kind Trump!

  16. Mississippi’s 8000 detained asylum seekers and undocumented people equals a minimum of 40 000 distressed, traumatised family members.
    What is it about Trump’s administration?
    He keeps putting people in cages.
    With what it costs us to cage people, we could provide humane and effective solutions for all the detainees and their families.

  17. Concentration camps/prisons. WHY send them to Mississippi if they don't want them??? Prisons give people soap and water.

  18. Why we paying for illegal imigration, scoop them up drop them off behind the new wall with nothing 0. We are literally paying for these random ppl, not even from our country, it's coming out of your pokits. If anyone complains charge them. Tell them to start a illegal fund me. They can give them all there money then we drop them off on the other side of the wall with all your money, not ours.

  19. Are we still arguing about soap and water? Local Police should arrest thrm for unlawful incarceration. Concentration Camps.

  20. Really disgusting that MSNBC gave airtime to that disgusting diatribe from that ridiculous woman toward the end i.e. "White people are a diminishing population & they're worried about who's going to look after them in their old age" – seriously? What is THAT all about? She assumes that non-White people are heartless scum who would refuse to help people because their skin is WHITE? That people of colour hate White people as much as RACIST White people hate brown-skin? Racism = CRAZY and it's high time the world's psychiatrists acknowledged this.

  21. Since 2001 illigals have murdered more than 63,000 American's. Democrats are ok with that.
    The anti American democrat party

  22. This is intolerable & sick. This is how he creates job in southern states? Private detention centers, who owns them? Who profits? While 38 kids have complained of sexual abuse?

  23. Why would you put immigrants in a private facility when the government is liable and can be sued you're opening up to lawsuits that everybody will have to pay for. There is no guarantee that these immigrants will not be abused in these facilities no guarantee at all .

  24. How many of fathers and mothers and children are going to see from the fathers are not coming home now they are not coming home and specially that the children that they're going to wait for it outside in school and then a wedding for Beartooth to pick them up and this is going to be so frightened and scary right now dad for this ice of the captain of more people there that just isn't that the one I have a better life and it better to be responsibility because most of your dad people and children's are not being of a good pay attention very carefully sometimes that are you not to understand or even to be responsibility because this is the future that I will always to help of from others that are there what kind of future that they really wanted to come here in the US and a half the better life and the better of a to be responsibility by the left and the right and the fun on the back and everyone noticed that to get along for each other that the future is always have to be on the positive and the future always had to be a responsibility only responsibility that are the people that how you say if someone's working nose speak Spanish than they could help them but sometimes. People that they don't speak Spanish well they need to find a translator or phone call and that is a tough choice with you because everyone to notice if someone knows how to speak Spanish that cool could communicate. For them and a translator of a other person and it would do well to understand a very carefully that I always had to save this everyone everyone needs to be of a day keep moving forward to the future or to be a responsibility and that is the future way it is only responsibility no complaining no excuses and Noah Buble me about somebody else that are not doing a good job but everyone noticed that how you said that drink the day drink the coffee and then going to wake up over to be responsibility but only that already have a family already have a children and always need to stay together as it to be of responsibility it is especially the other of a better life for them from others for themself or he or she and specially for the children as well that is the future right there but everyone needs to know is that her to be responsibility always responsibility

    PS I'm a handicap I speak both language and sometimes that are of many of you people that how you say if you do know how to speak both language from English to Spanish that is your choice but if you speak of one language well is your choice anyway make the right decision

  25. I hope in the future on by next year on 20/20 that if he or she could be responsibility for those families and children want to have a better future especially then how many of

    to come to America just started Lube New Life and specially that how is going to be of a positive of a to be a responsibility of for the future of everything that how you said if someone is not stay on the positive way and but if future on 20/20 then it's going to be half it's going to be repeat us up again but let me tell you this to be responsibility always there to understand oven for the person that of what they're saying and always to make sure that how you say it both sides need to do their homework

  26. This is soooo disgusting!!!! First, Gump is breaking up our own Scientist "Think Tank" and now when he says he ONLY wants immigrants with verifiable proof that they will not need to depend on social services…he has held a Doctor in detention for more than 10 months…we need to DUMP TRUMP AND DITCH MOSCOW MITCH IMMEDIATELY…F#@&ING a$$HOLES!!!!!!!!

  27. Some one please remind this buffoon how very poor, un skilled, and spoke not a word of English Trump's grandfather Frederick Drumpf was when he immigrated to America from Germany. And yet he had a dream. Trump should kiss the ground he walks on. Imagine if he had been told "you're to poor and have nothing to offer us. therefore, we d on't want your kind." What a horrible, disgusting man Trump is.


  29. Ok, the next thing Congress must do is ban private contractors from immigrant detention. This is disgraceful.

  30. Private prisons need to be abolished! They are the worst, they're inhumane, run by untrained personnel and have no oversight. How many people tied to the profits are also tied to the justce system? These are nothing but the new American slave camps.

  31. Wake up Americans before you find your kitchen cupboards bare! It's the Mexican Immigrants that have kept them stocked.

  32. Check out YouTube: Pink seesaws at the border wall showed that play is also 'resistance'

  33. Shame on us. Shame on the GOP. Shame on the Senate. For shame! This is outrageous!!! #NoWallNoHate #GlobalCitizen #HumanFamily #NoHumanIsIllegal #ThinkBigger #LeanForward

  34. @Ari Melber  – According to the International Law, Trump´s systematic attack to a specific group of people, with the purpose of breaking it or eliminating it, is punishable as Genocide. There is no confusion about it.  Furthermore, the International Courts are not subjected to the DOJ's regulation that impedes to charge a sitting President.

  35. The economy doesn’t matter to the infestation in the White House. The MAGA movement means more. Fox News only produce unflattering polls relevant to the infestation in the White House’s tenure to energise the MAGA base. This strategy allowed it to infest the White House and will keep the infestation there. The polling from Fox is made up. That’s why the infestation does not attack Fox’s Polls. When the infestation’s base believes they are losing they become energised more. Please Impeach Now!!!

  36. more prisoners than any other country, and now new asylum-seeking prisoners added to that….more gun deaths than anyone, children taken away from their parents and locked in cages…..this Bozo the Clown and the rest of the Republiscums better not just lose in 2020, they better be DESTROYED……if not, i will mourn the death of the country i served honorably while i live in tropical paradise in other countries that are better than mine in every single way…..

  37. What Latinos should do is unite and boycott all big chain stores do not buy from any of them and see how the economy will do without the latino support. The truth of the matter is that nobody cares about others situation until its on their doorsteps. Latinos unite and show that latinos are part of the economy in the united states. Step up and defend your rights don't just sit back and watch from a distance today the illegals tomorrow the ones who are legally here. They just want to chip away at the latino society. Next it will be the permanent residents and so forth.

  38. As a non-Hispanic and supporter in the Antelope Valley, California I call for the members of the “Latinos for Social Justice” to reach out to the African American and Asian American communities to support the Democratic representative in their area. But, most of all build a political alliance with those communities to bring the ‘social justice’ issues out. Now I don’t expect the local paper – Antelope Valley Press – to give them any positive coverage but keep politically pushing your common issues.

  39. Looks like trumps building concentration camps , to me , were are the gas champers,, how many will die, in trumps camps,, is there a war coming, is Canada next,

  40. Why do I think of Terry Pratchett right now? Ah, I know…rat tails.
    Once you start paying people money for every rat tail they bring in, people will start breeding rats…

  41. The most disgusting thing about the trump era is that trump will get away with all the chaos he has created around the world….this proves that there is a law for us and another for them

  42. If Trump insists of getting rid of chained migration,then Melania and her parents will have to be deported almost immediately !

  43. I hope the mean spirited sh*t this administration has done, comes back on them 10 fold. We as a country should be ashamed of ourselves.

  44. These are also LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!! Wtf Trump supporters?? Trump waited until Melanias parents where FAST TRACKED before they did this.. You guys are disgusting human beings…

  45. In Switzerland we have a lot of "well educated" and rich immigrants from European countries and the US. They come because our healthcare system is good, our schools/colleges are good and free, our water is not poisoned, our infrastructure is well maintained and workers are protected…. If Trump wants merit based immigration he has to fix those things first.

  46. wanna good laugh?
    go to 3:00 mins in 👀 watch all the blinking that they do… 👌😄👍 it's actually kinda funny..

  47. Talk talk talk when are you amerikans going to take actions. You are all responseable for what's happening in your country. US is starting to become a new and worse nazi country than germany ever was.

  48. If you are legal, then there isn't a problem.
    Trump is not targeting legal immigrants.
    This is a fake news story.
    When did Trump ever say to capture people here legally ?
    Illegals are here illegally. We are a nation of laws and border.
    Obama deported many more than Trump and nobody said a word.
    What a joke this fake news is.

  49. All illegal aliens need to leave or live in fear.
    Since utilities are regulated, perhaps we need e-verify if someone wants water and electricity.
    We also need to have landlords use e verify.
    They are unwanted and unwelcomed here.
    These are not asylum claims.

  50. Some things are more important than money. All Government run services (Prisons, Hospitals, Policing, Education, Welfare, the Military etc), are ultimately accountable to the people. When privatised, those services are ultimately accountable to shareholders' and their profit.

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