President Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: Chaos | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. It's an age old tradition. Hubris, miscalculation, and ignorance were prime motivators for World War 1, as well as for the debacle at Pearl Harbor. There's no crackpot dictator stupid enough to keep poking an unstable bully like Trump. Or is there?

  2. I'm so proud of the way our President has overturned the damage Obama did! World leaders respect and don't laugh at him behind his back, like Mr. Hussein Obama. MSNBC obviously doesn't care about all the people who lost their homes and businesses under Obama's incompetent reign of stupidity. They hate our current incredible President who has brought about record minority unemployment, record stock market numbers and is about to have talks again at the request of the Chinese. What losers you are MSNBC.

  3. you name what north korea does, now name what iran does.  you never say, but you blame it all on iran. who are you guys?  do you know the truth, were you there?

  4. Im. a Trump Suppoeter but going it alone on Foreign Affairs is not wise, man. Normally, when dealing with foreign affair, the U. S. always move with the support of the international community.

    What Trump is doing is unprecedent in my lifetime. There seems to be no plan, no stragety……just "spur of the moment" decisions. And that's dangerous! Trump is making decisions on foreign affair matters based on emotions, and that is a FATAL FLAW for any U. S. President.

    One bad move can sink our international reputation for years, man. I wish Trump would make foreign affair decisions with the support of the international community. It just better that way. Instead of dealing with China one-on-one, Trump should get behind the international community and raise concerns about China' business practices.

    That way, we come out more respectable where other countries would side with us. But the way Trump running foreign affair, make our allies step back and protect their own economy from what Trump might do to them if he succeed against China.

    It doesnt look good for our reputation. But besides that, the U. S. economy is strong. The dollar is strong. And unemployment is low. So, thats something I feel proud of for Trump.

    He fights for the U. S. but he need to get a real foreign affair team around him that shows more diplomacy and experienced in the foreign affair arena

    It can't just be Trump setting the entire tone how we run our foreign affair. He need to step aside and get a real team in place that knows how to work with the international community.

  5. Very quotable line: "Trump is a little pony that dictators like to ride for the fun of it"
    Another good line: "Trump speaks loudly but has a small stick"

  6. The 3 Behaviors of people with "Malignant Narcissitic behavior are 1) Pathological need to be "right", (word-salad speech enables these people to jump to whatever side of an issue at anytime). 2) inability to show real human empathy and 3) belief that they are above the law (including universal laws) and looks down on contempt at everyone else. He will NEVER be really "punished" for his "crimes" simply becasue he will- no IS sliding into dementia…

  7. Trump praises Putin and Kim Jong Un simply because he wants to be like them. Trump wants to be dictator for life here in America. He has even suggested the thought of being president for life publicly. Another statement by Trump, "This is my country and I can do whatever I want with it" simply makes my skin crawl.

  8. Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!Lock him up!

  9. The only way trump can get himself out of this mess is to attack Iran. Obviously he can't do nothing about Russia or North Korea, but Iran is a good target.

  10. It must be done fair and democratically. After a fair trial in which all the evidence will be available. Trump will shut all of you down if he gets in again , he will seize total power. Its probably already to late. He will be buttering up the secret service , police and army in preparation for the showdown , TRUMP HAS BEEN QUIETLY RAISING AND FEEDING GUARD DOGS FOR THE COMING TAKEOVER . BELEIVE ME IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN .

  11. It's become really clear at this point that you guys at MSNBC have no news to report on. Nothing. I wonder how you guys will manage to remain in business after Trump leaves office.

  12. Trump's incompetent foreign policy/trade bungling has significantly strengthened the China-Russia nexus. In addition his pandering to the oligarchy has increased the profitable output from the military industrial complex of "boondoggles" which weaken America's ability to defend itself from new China-Russia strategic threats.
    Although the US has a $400 billion annual trade deficit with China, exports to China sustain around 1 million US jobs.

  13. Come on Frank, when you were asked to profile tRump, we were expecting you to profile tRump as a criminal, not as an egomaniac…that’s a given. Besides, criminal profiling would be much more fun and realistic, in hi particular case.

  14. We have an election coming up next year we can elect somebody better
    Or we can smear the progressives as Russia assists and help Trump get reelected

  15. Why don't they talk about the petrodollar the reason we are in the Middle East.
    We force our inflation on the rest of the world with the Petro dollar.

  16. "The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man when he lives; the death of genuine feeling, the death of inspired response, the awareness that makes it possible to feel the pain or the glory of other men in yourself". (Norman Cousins). I don't think 45 ever had these qualities, so he was a tragedy from day 1.


  18. Why stop short at his foreign clownery? His whole so called presidency is chaos and lunacy.

    And by the way, I want a My Little Orange Pony to ride just for the fun of it, too!

  19. REMOVE the Electoral College Process – Every VOTE should count in a Presidential Election. This is not a State Issue, it is about Voters Rights and Representation. Boycott NRA who betrayed our country. #45* betrayed our country for money. Fake President, Fake Fear, Real Faith

  20. What is so funny CNN please maintain your good work and journalism you need to get rid of this laughingstock woman she isn't a real journalist

  21. Great, for the first time we destroy all the friends with the same values! US has forgotten everything except money in Trump US!

  22. It's interesting how easily he "others" ppl – there's always been prejudice even within European countries. The Western countries tend to look down on the Eastern countries, and vice versa. Spanky talks about AMERICANS as if they were foreigners just visiting, rather than ppl who've been here for generations.
    Pvt Bonespurs knows President's don't usually lose elections during wars. I think that's prob why Bolton is there, so when it looks like the Dems are gonna win everything in a landslide – even despite all the GOP voter suppression – Spanky will unleash Bolton to start a war w Iran. It's something he's got in his backpocket. He may be stupid about a lot of stuff, but Bonespurs is a calculating con man who knows how to grift his way thru every setback he's had so far, aided by the fact that he has no scruples, no moral center, no ethical code whatsoever other than Me First. And now, he's backed by his heavily armed, cultish, Hate filled followers, rabidly devoted to him, no matter how counter to their supposed "family values" he is, many of whom always seem on the edge of planning – and/or carrying out – acts of horrific violence. As part of his cult he has an army of white supremacists, ready & able to become mass shooters at any minute.
    Look what he did to El Paso with all his racist ranting, and BS. These white supremacist nutjobs got mad bc El Paso pols had the audacity to the tell the truth & correct the fantasy Spanky AND they believe. 
    Pvt Bonespur is more than irresponsible, he's dangerous – too many ppl treat him like a bumbling buffoon, a man baby, tweeting out temper tantrums, but he's done major damage. Trans ppl have lost their civil rights bc of him, immigrant children are still being separated from parents, and being kept in deplorable conditions. He's gutted environmental and industrial regs, destroyed entire markets we may never get back for farmers (tho it's hard to feel sorry for them considering that they put him in ofc & are still loyal to him as he's destroying their livelihood), his tax plan is a disaster, he's remade the govt to serve at the pleasure of corps. He's furthered the GOP attack on Abortion Rights & Reproductive Healthcare, he's nominated nearly 200 unfit, partisan judges, added a 2nd Justice who's committed acts of sexual abuse.
    The next Dem POTUS needs to do what Spanky AND Dubya did to their Dem predessors – undo EVERYTHING Spanky (& Dubya for that matter) have done to damage our country. Get rid of the Dubya/Spanky tax cuts, make FEMA part of the cabinet again, invest in Education and bring back the mandated 20 student class size & get rid of what's left of the byzantine Leave No (white) Child Behind Act…

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  24. Trump: "Congratulations on that Nazi invasion you guys had." I think that will go down as one of Trump's biggest foreign relations blunders.

  25. From India. MSNBC pushing Americans with it's fake news and Trump has no respect to allies who don't pay fair share. No big deal.

  26. Things that the Democratic Senate & Congress majority need to fix in order to maintain a democracy:

    Compulsory financial/psychological/moral and basic academic vetting of all presidential candidates.

    Mandatory tax and loan release prior to running (or else candidate cannot run).

    Congress must have final say of major gov't spending or else jail time for gov't employees who violate clause and impeachment for presidents who misappropriate gov't funds for non emergencies.

    Immediate impeachment by Congress without Senate confirmation if a president violates the domestic or foreign emoluments clause, plus fines and possible jail time. Or severe government corruption – and they cannot be pardoned!

    Reinstate environmental and animal protection acts. Agencies like USDA & FDA cannot have their offices moved without consent of BOTH the Congress and Senate (and move their HQ back to DC).

    Introduce a foreign interference act that shall immediately indict and jail presidents or senators found guilty of aiding foreign governments to attack or interfere with US people/policies/elections/infrastructure/supplies/businesses/environment/markets.

    Presidents that violate campaign finance laws and/or receiving adversarial foreign assistance to win elections shall be removed from office immediately and all their bills/policies reversed – and the presidentship shall be given to the candidate in a snap election.

    Make gerrymandering illegal and impossible by introducing an independent branch of government with no interference from Congress or Senate, that looks after all state and federal elections – call them IEC Independent Election Commission (responsibilities include drawing state lines, investigating election fraud or interference by foreign or corporate interests, streamlining all processes to make them similar across the country, make paper ballots mandatory in addition to digital to reduce cyber attacks, election counting, election locations and registrations).

    Have independent panel of revered judges to decide on Supreme Court applicants.

    Abolish the electoral college and make the popular vote count.

    By law, force ALL presidential and state running campaigns to report to the IEC any suspicious or known social media or foreign election interference or funding – punishable with jail time and hefty fine if found guilty.

    Senators that receive foreign investment MUST lawfully be forced to disclose to Congress about the funding and let Congress decide if they are permitted to accept the state investment.

    Immigration policies that violates human rights, by law must be stopped immediately or control of the department shall fall into the opposition party.

    Those are the only things I can think of that will PREVENT another dictator who wants to be POTUS.

  27. How desperate Trump is to be liked? He goes to what he thinks are 'strong' authoritarian dictators. He wants to be 'strong' like these despots who he perceives as 'strong' unchallenged leaders. Poor kid! Unfortunately this poor kid unloved by his father is the president. Oh how a group hug between Putin, Kim and Xi would validate his dire need for validation

  28. The rich and Evangelical are in lock step to decide the foreign policy agenda for the good of business and end times Christian kingdom building no matter what our intelligence agencies, military or political leaders that are not PAC rats,watch on YouTube the Aipac conference 2018,both parties rats cheering on netanyahu the proclaimed Iran's destruction,the pacs with power and money like Aipac can make or break a political career,watch on YouTube Marching to Zion,and "the lobby"Aipacs tactics for corruption of national governments all over the world ,Also Google Noahide law,the world is being guided by Jewish influence, monitary, political

  29. “He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.” — George Bernard Shaw, “Major Barbara” (1905/7)

  30. Not everyone who strokes Trump's ego and carries water for him does well by him. For instance, Lindsey Graham's state just lost an 11 million dollar military construction project because Trump is diverting Pentagon funds to build his wall.

  31. Oh wake up! Starting with the talking heads. Stop endlessly spinning fascinating theories about Trump – it's staring you in the face.
    He's not interested in governing, he's not interested in macroeconomics or world affairs, he knows nothing, is unwilling to bother listening to those that do and treats everything in life as a popularity contest which he'll do anything to try to win. He's a selfish spoilt stupid child.

  32. Baba Baba left a teacher for 2019 about Bladimir and Trump -> They will try to assassinate Vladimir Putin. Trump will suffer a mysterious illness that will cause nausea, brain trauma and hearing loss.

  33. trump is so stupid, China is giving him the finger and trump says he sees two hands up in the air and are saying please lets make a deal


  35. President Donald trump your colleague H. Gardens Putin said the epicenter of the earthquake in Nepal in 2014 in advance.Why people died.Did the President of Iraq pay? The US only asked him to save Japan(2011) and Nepal (2014). The President of Iraq earned for 1990-2008 billion dollars.The US and allies will profit.200 billion dollars later.Profit in 2011 and 2014 in advance. H. Saddam refused.The US executed the leader of IRAQ.The oligarchs bathing space.Will receive excess profit.People then work.Space did not receive $ 200 billion.New satellites and missiles in 2011-2014.


  37. Interesting… Msnbc doesn't talk about pulling out of iran nuclear deal by trump illegally… Msnbc worries why trump didn't attack iran…. We all know the owner of msnbc owner has Supplied 90% of weapons in middle east wars…. Sick and tired of warmongering channels also sick and tired of both sides dems and reps…. The percentage of poverty keep going up in this country then both side keep try to waste more money in middle east…. And people acts like sheeps

  38. President Trump has stopped the US from playing World Police Dog and moved to protect the US and its People. Problem is half the population are too blind to see how important this move makes for the People of the US. Nicolle Wallace cares little for the lives of US People by spreading HATE.

  39. Ha!Ha! You Democrats crack me up! This President has been the most critical President of Russia then even bush. Putin knows not to mess with this President. Putin even offered their new missiles to America as an olive branch. You won't here that on the fake news.

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