Prince Andrew Breaks His Silence On Jeffery Epstein | TODAY

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  2. It's about time some one steped up to the plate and actually charges one of these royals and thier related scandals and not let it get swept away. He needs to be taken in just the same as any other suspect . He is hanging on to his mummy's apron strings again. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Get him in for questioning and don't loose the evidence against him that's clearly there!. Epstein may or may not be dead but the evidence is still there and peop!e need to be made accountable no matter thier status.

  3. Rich Filth, wake up! Time is now! Time to cleanse the __________. But non of you will do anything. YouTube trolls!

  4. Prince Andrew is a child molester just like his buddy Jeff Epstein. Wonder how many little girls bodies are buried on Perversion island?

  5. Where did New York get this medical examiner, anyway? When the most important federal prisoner is found dead in a federal prisoner , who has jurisdiction to do an autopsy and were any federal forensic experts there to participate and observe . Something is not believable or right here.

  6. Terrible people making disgusting choices and getting away with it. I dont expect anything out of this except a Democratic movement to implicate Trump in all of this. Clinton's are still free so why would this incident bring down the elite pedo syndicate.

  7. As Mandy rice Davies said in the profumo case ..well he would say that wouldnt he.these are powerul people will you get the truth never..

  8. His ROYAL HIGHNESS….. hahahaha…. hahahaha.
    Still drops his pants when he goes to sit on the porcelain throne.

  9. lets not turn our focus of attention away from his freinds…the clintons…the hollywood actors..etc ..they need to be in jail too..

  10. What a crock of *hit. P Andrew was at Epsteins apt after Epstein had already been convicted on a charge. And now he says he is appalled! Yeah right. He is in deep water and he knows it…….but sod all will happen to him, protected all the way. Time to disband the parasitic R Family for good.

  11. The royal family would never stoop so low as to exploit people. Really?
    The Royal family gets 50% of all the taxes the IRS collects from all US citizens.

  12. If I was Prince Andrew I wouldnt be going on any walks alone in the woods any time soon. All manner of fatal accidents happen in woods and or even suicide can accidentally happen.

  13. Saville, Glitter, Evens, Harris…….. and now Windsor-Mountbatten. This guy is clearly a pedo of epic proportions. He did the crime, but as his mum has undeserved, special status, this nonce will remain free from culpability of his crimes. Typical. How very British!

  14. Would he admit to being in that house in the footage ? And was it paid for by the British tax payers money ? If so we have s right to know why he was there in the first place.

  15. VIRGINIA dont stop until he goes to prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill do whatever i can to help you if you need it. make sure andy goes to prison!!!!!!!!!!Dont let people with power stop you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. "His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being" Yeah right that's all they do is exploit human beings. That's kinda what a Monarchy does…

  17. If Andrew is guilty of human trafficking then his assets can be seized under an Executive Order passed by Trump that targets financial assets of those that participate in this trade.

  18. Scary, the old saying "everything will come to light eventually.  This too will fade into the wind with no one being indicted.

  19. …..Clinton waving his finger, I did not have sexual relations………" Prince Andrew waving his finger, "I'm appalled at what……."

  20. By his own admission, not only the Abhorrent Andrew is not a Puritan, but he finds Puritanism to be something that stands in the way of his dirty joy. It all make sense now. Public taxes subsidize Royal pedophilia. If Jimmy Saville was Knighted by the Queen, so should have been Jeffrey Epstein. Down with the Crown!
    Off with their heads.

  21. It's so easy for individuals like him to lie and get away with murder while laughing at the public ..sigh , royal or not justice should be served

  22. "What is done in the darkness, will be brought to light! " Your day of reckoning will surely come Prince Andrew 🤪

  23. None of these people will end up in jail where they belong, civil war time I say, get rid of royal family and the corrupt Jews buying peoples silence and faking peoples deaths.

  24. The principal role of the Royal Family is to provide a hereditary head of state for the nation. This role involves four people, namely the Queen, Charles, William and George. Including their spouses this increases to seven for now. All of the rest have contrived or invented roles for which they are afforded huge wealth and privileges from the cradle to the grave, principally at the expense of taxpayers and also that of wealthy celebs / business people who fall over themselves for their association. Bored, purposeless and extremely wealthy, they are able to indulge in practically anything that takes their fancy – mostly legal but occasionally stepping over the line into rakish, indulgent and illegal behaviour which the people who fund them ( mostly taxpayers) find unacceptable. This pattern has carried on for many years, and the British public are, and have been, generally happy with it. The day this changes, we will live in a Republic.

  25. all those sleeping while ON DUTY need to be fired. end of story then check on how much they were paid! You know darned well policy states you dont sleep on duty, dont report the cameras not working immediately etc etc etc

  26. Something is rotten in England. Denmark is ok. They won't sell Greenland to the chosen one, the king of the jews.

  27. No one, no one knew of Epsteins dirty deeds not even the 3 letters . They werent aware of Epsteins island . Liasons with the Saudis. Association with Andrew . What do you think they view all thisi as some dime store heist .? It was compartmentalized but many were aware if not directly involved in trafficking with Epstein . Give it a rest . There is more corruption than honor by a long shot .

  28. If you've seen the photos of him and the girls you know he was a perv….totally inappropriate. Take him down along with Bill Clinton. Dershowitz….Richardson…..and ANYONE complicit in this scam…..

  29. What a useless waste of space Andrew is ! Why should this nasty ageing playboy be funded by the tax payer ? he does nothing for the country and has the charisma of a dead frog . Time to cut him off the civil list

  30. There is now a report that Andrew received a foot massage at Epstein's apartment from "2 well dressed Russian girls". I'd like to know what their qualifications in podiatry were and what they was wearing after the foot massage. Also how far up his legs the massage went. Who has TWO foot masseuses working on his feet??

  31. Prince Andrew has long been known to travel in those circles. As did his Uncle Dickie Mountbatten. IRA made short work of that sonofabitch.

  32. Such a LIAR he knew exactly what he was doing.The palace always says that APPALLED yes and so are we that he always gets away with it.The queen is a disgrace always covering up for him.He should have to face the consequences like anybody else would have to.

  33. The bloke can't fart without the press knowing about it so all this is, is hear say and innuendo lol and just BS either that or the media is and has been completely incompetent which that I can believe! 99% fabrication, 1% inspiration as usual from the failing papers who are about as trustworthy as a politician!

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