Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Stun Royal Family And The World | TODAY

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  1. Not suprised. With all the hatred, racism & misogyny his wife endured from the britts & British press, Harry do not want a repeat of his late mother. The Britts regard the Royal family as fair game. European royals are living pretty normal lives so can Harry & Meghan. Princess Anne children also abdicated their royal titles & duties to lead normal private lives

  2. I would Really like to know WHY the British Press is so Disgusting? They KILLED DIANA, Wasn’t that enough for them ? Now they will NOT leave her Youngest SON, His Wife and their Child Alone. How DESPICABLE are they? The British People Should STOP Buying their FILTHY RAGS. If they had any LOVE for DIANA and Her SONS they Would

  3. Oh for godsake it's 2020 why do monarchies still even exist? Good for them and good luck to them, they'll need it. Give these people some peace.

  4. Meghan must be feeling alone in that palace. I hope they're not going to have others win.meghan is so affected with whatever it is shes going through

  5. White privilege entile racist UK press keep saying they are not that important,and they dont have explain nothing to those cold royal,i love Harry went gangsta on them ,ill show u and ur racists friends on t.v who is important,my job is done here,am going with my wife and son whenever she wants to go ,now stop me not even queen can do anthing about it,other than take away there titles ,u go gangsta Prince Harry u have alot of support around the world,and as a black British man and so happy u are taking our wife and child from racist UK press and family.

  6. What fodder for the press would there be without the royals and the Kardashians and the people who are famous just for being famous?

  7. That Megan knew she didn’t want to be a royal, she just tricked Harry into marrying her. She had it all planned out. I feel sorry for you Harry , she’s ruining your life.

  8. Prince William's office makes all the decisions, and clearly Harry doesn't want to be stuck under his rigid rules.

    Not to mention they are willing to fund their entire life, but they need to be able to generate an income (investments)

  9. The Brits just dumped their political leftist loons in recent elections. Now’s the time to also dump their welfare queen and her entire “Royal Family”.

  10. Y’all complain they’re using tax payers money but now that they want to be financially independent, y’all are pressed. 🙄🙄🙄

  11. disgraceful arrogant couple. perfect combination.they really should be out of the monarchy.and perfect for them to choose north pole where humans barely exist.

  12. Harry & Meghan are trying to establish a place for themselves. Harry has alway been content as little brother to do his own thing and grab for what he wanted out of the. Limelight. Meghan wont stand for not being #1. She doesnt like being in anyones shadow and she thinks if they stir the royal family relationships she will be tthe focus of attention forever. She was too cunning and manipulative to ever settle for not being the ruler of her own world. This situation has her name all over it. Harry could have done better, I cant believe he didnt see her for what she was when the meeting and baby were so close together. I wonder if she took injections while pregnant to make sure Archie was white. Thats the reason we didnt see Archie for a few days when he was born. Mixed race babies dont get the pigment in their skin for a couple of days. I wonder what Meghan had to tell Harry to make sure he kept the baby hidden until all question of his color was resolved. This turmoil will be never ending.

  13. Hey all you haters out there in cyber-land, who s*** in your Cheerios today?! Leave them alone let them be happy let them go on about their business and do what they want to do. It's none of your business who cares if they want to break away from the monarchy and go live a happy life somewhere else without feeling like they're oppressed all the time by the queen and her henchmen. He didn't say they were leaving the monarchy he said they were stepping back and doing something different with their lives. He still loves his grandma he still supports his grandma he still supports his brother and dad. He just wants a different experience that's all.

  14. Harry is so far from the throne he will never actually rule as King— I think he made the right decision for his family.

  15. Harry is likely not the son of Charles. He looks just like the butler that Diana had an affair with, red hair and all. Best wishes for them and hopefully they can now have a normal life.

  16. Racism racism racism… period. Both have fell victim of the racist press, and the racist society British has become. I wish them a lot of happiness for their future, away from the rotting.

  17. Bless them, nobody knows what Harry went through watching princess Diana almost dwindle away. I could tell by the look on his face at his mothers funeral he was in soul pain.

  18. Megan has been treated so harshly .Harry Loves his wife .Shes had No support.! Thats exactly what i was waiting to see and Nothing. !They want to have children and just be loved .! Its Not that hard . The media has done it.! His mother died becuse of them ! Id Do the Same they are doing. Good luck you two May God bless you and your beautiful growing family. I hope you find peace and can Enjoy it ! 💝

  19. TBH most of the British media has been cruel and racist to Meghan. I think Prince Harry has had enough, especially after what happened to his mother. As a Canadian I wish them the best.❤ Also they were in talks with RF but someone leaked to press so Prince Harry released statement before press went even more wild.

  20. Didn't the queen leave their pic off the crimbo speech table?
    That's your p45 right there.
    Why are the media saying it was a shock? They already reported last year they where looking for a house abroad.
    Shove your fake news up your hole.

  21. He should have married someone else. She is crazy and drama follows her and he is just following her. Not a popular opinion but thats what it seems like. She shouldn't have married royalty or become an actress if she didn't like cameras.

  22. Eventually after meghan alienates harry from his family…she will alienate him from his child and dump him. Let's see if his friends take him back after he dumped alot of them for her. More then likely they will because they are not phony like Meghan.

  23. I say good luck to them. It’s there life. It’s not fair to be imprisoned into the royal family when they just want to be together with out all the drama. Good on them I say. It’s there life so. I no a lot of the English people that follow the royal family will be angry, I no he just got his house done up that cost like 4mill. I mean they’ve probably had this planned out for a while. There probably still going to use there popularity to do good things like visit Africa and so on but under there circumstances. I think the royal are great. There a great read lol 😂. But no seriously I do respect the queen very much. She’s an old batler that’s 100% percent dedicated to the royal family. But if she did have anything to do with lady Die’s death then I’m sorry she’s lost my respect. I don’t think she did anyway. But with cameras under the bridge we will never no. I say hip hip hooray for Megan and Harry. Takes a lot of guts to start a new beginning 👍..

  24. People will hear the news, twist it, distort it, and never really know the whole truth. People will judge them because their own lives are lacking in blessings. God Bless you Harry and Megan. Follow your paths to happiness. You both deserve every blessings you receive from God and others. Be Blessed, Be Blessed. Much Happiness always.

  25. Hat's of to You Prince Harry and Megan… Wish you the best with everything that you do and a life time of love peace joy smiles and laughter…

  26. I do not want to see "The Duchess" going back to Hollywood and restarting her acting career. She wanted to be a Royal,and she got it. Her husband is as close to the throne as someone living in Alaska ,and she is going to have to deal with it and not run from it.

  27. Harry & Meghan: "Sorry guys we just grew tired of serving common people, we're just here to have fun and get fame for ourselves! So enough with these charity works. Just call us Duke and Duchess and watch us party with the celebs like Elton John and etc. AND eat our dust as we go around the world with our luxurious private jet ride funded by the people's annual taxes. We're royals okay? We don't need a job just give us your money as we live life to the fullest.

    Can you just quit overreacting and call it a day?"

  28. Good for them. They do want to make their own way u all bitched about everything so now stfu and.let them do it. Racist sows learn how to treat people or stfu

  29. Harry won't be so popular anymore, he'd better give that up , along with a lot of other perks – he's just a cad

  30. The media,is too much ,I will step back too,privacy is very important, God Bless The Duchess and the Prince.🙏🙏

  31. If Prince Charles "cuts off the money"…they are used to the "good life" or "royal life" and NOT having private jets, big homes, best hotel suites, jewels etc. they WILL come back to the fold…you watch. IF Charles cust them off

  32. The Papparazzi are hunting them just like they did his mother. Don't blame em, he is sixth in line to throne so let them live their own life. All they need is Security as they are both capable of earning a living. She had a net worth of 5m as an actr ess before she met him!!

  33. The kid is going to miss out on growing up knowing and bonding with his cousins , William s kids r sure going to miss their uncle . Markler wouldn’t understand … its a pity that Meghan can be so destructive and Harry cannot c this .

  34. I think this was inevitable the British media have been really harsh on Megan,so taken its toll on both of them,the world has watched Harry grow from a cute kid to a great young man,cheeky,funny !compassionate,and more.i feel sad tbh,what a decision he’s had to make,but clearly for him it’s all about protecting his family from the bully press.He has chosen his partner in life so who are we the public to constantly criticise and beret the woman he loves.i for one I will miss Archie growing up he’s such a darlin.I love Harry so he can do no wrong in my eyes,his mum will be looking down with pride on her boy knowing and understanding only to well the reasons he is stepping back.💖💖💖

  35. H&M are not senior royals anyways and Harry is 6th in the line of throne. If Prince Charles becomes king he plans to “slim down” monarchy. So Harry has balls to slightly walk away now. Good for H& M, they will have more time for their family, decide for their own selves and live the life they want. I’m happy for them.

  36. If you thought Meghan and Harry were gonna put up with you dusty old racists tabloids and press dissecting and criticizing everything they did, then your sadly mistaken. You just stupidly drove away and lost one of the coolest and most relevant royals couples in history.

  37. If they begin to "HAWK" their titles for cash…then all bets..and ALL support from the UK government..and tax payer..ought to stop! I sure wouldn't pay taxes to support people who then make a profit on being the royal people I SUPPORT! Security in two Nations..cost? Millions per year! All Scotland Yard..all tax payer funded! Going to make huge carbon footprint traveling!

  38. From the toxic medias and from the people around the world who judged their EVERY MOVE…I can't blame them to their decision to "step back". ☹

  39. Good plan. Come to America to live.
    Nobody will bother you here.

    The Kardashians have all the Littlebrains in America preoccupied wondering what color their fake nails are.

  40. This is what happen if you have a bad wife….A bad women divide the house…….
    This is always my parent told me

  41. When a ship sinks the rats know first. They and their minions will all leave the country cold. the worlds one and only true God will rescue the nation for it is the apple of his eye.

  42. Markle takes her marbles and runs home to mommy. Who didn’t see this one coming? She set out to separate Harry from friends, family, and country. The mediocre actress wasn’t getting enough camera time. She’s not used to being told to “stand back” for people of greater position in life. Harry’s final move will be returning to the UK, eventually, to apologize to his dear loving family for having ignored their warnings. I give it 2 years tops, considering Markle’s track record. Run, Markle! Run! It’s what you do best.

  43. Nobody has mentioned the pedophilia in the Monarchy.
    Maybe they don't, want to raise their children around that kind of sickness.
    I am sure it bits of everything.
    They know more than you and I.
    Wish them luck and Peace and Happiness. ❤❤

  44. I absolutely love Prince Harry more than Prince William. Because Prince Harry speak up for himself. Prince Harry is alot like his mom, he follow his heart and he want more than inherited money. Prince Harry Love people and he love his wife. If his mom was here today she would be happy for her son's Harry decision.

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