PROOF of Trump’s Dark Secret

>>A new report by ABC News links 36 different
crimes, either violence, intimidation, threats, a variety of different criminal offenses,
directly to the President, with fairly stringent requirements for them to include it in that
list. And this really goes to the debate that we’ve
been having, that the country’s been focusing on mainly since the El Paso terror attack. But that we’ve been talking about for some
time about the similarity between his rhetoric, the rhetoric used by people who commit terror
attacks, any connection there. And we can continue to have that debate. We’re gonna give you the results of the ABC
News study in just a second. But as always, I think some evidence is helpful. And so Jayar Jackson put together another
one of his mashups, this time of Donald Trump. And let’s see whether or not he’s a fan of
violence, and attacks, and threats, or is opposed to it? And they’re walking out, and we’re not allowed,
the guards are very gentle with him. He’s walking out like big high fives, smiling,
laughing. I’d like to punch him in the face. Bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re
rapists. And you know what they are, they’re thugs. Build that wall, build that wall! Build that wall, you’re right. I love the old days. Do you know what they used to do to guys like
that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out in a stretcher, folks. No, it’s true. And we endorsed Greg very early, but I had
heard that he body-slammed a reporter. Any guy that can do a body slam, he’s my kind
of- He’s my guy. It’s an invasion, you know that? I say invasion. They say, isn’t that terrible? I don’t care what the fake media says. That’s an invasion of our country. How do you stop these people? Shoot them! You can’t, there’s- That’s only in the panhandle
you can get away with that stuff. And no one puts together an enraging montage
like Jayar Jackson. So we’re gonna give you the ABC News stuff
in just a second. But I feel like we have to just quickly respond
to that, cuz I had forgotten about some. I mean, the guy is now in Congress, who physically
attacked a reporter. Trump talks about it jokingly, and points
at the media while he says, he body-slammed a reporter. That should have been it. Yeah. But it wasn’t it. It wasn’t it for the guy running for Congress,
it wasn’t it for Donald Trump, nothing matters anymore. Imagine if Obama had said, I love this guy. He body slammed a reporter for Fox News, and
then pointed to all the Fox News reporters. Hey guys, Democrats, Liberals, look, that’s
where the Fox News reporters are. I love it when you body slam them. Heads would have exploded, impeachment proceedings,
the whole thing. Exactly. But my favorite is Trump, when asked about
all this after the El Paso shooting said, and notice the video you just watched. He said I think my rhetoric brings people
together. Well then, why don’t we hear the President? Okay. It’s laughable, but here’s what he said. No, I don’t think my rhetoric does at all. I think my rhetoric is very, it brings people
together. Our country is doing incredibly well. Well, it has brought at least a few dozen
people together, and so we turn now to ABC News. They did a nationwide review. And they identified at least 36 criminal cases
where Trump was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence, or
allegations of assault. The 36 cases are remarkable in that a link
to the president is captured in court documents and police statements, under the penalty of
perjury or contempt. Before we get into the specific form that
they come in, you should understand that there are many, many crimes that were committed,
that if they had different standards, could have included in this, but that they chose
not to. If there was just strong evidence on social
media that the person who committed the crime was a hardcore Trump fan, went to his rallies,
all of that, that did not meet their standard. The individual person who committed the crime,
either they needed to say that it had to do with Donald Trump, or their own lawyers in
either police records or an actual court proceeding needed to say that it was connected with Donald
Trump. Which is an incredibly high bar. And still they were able to find 36. There were a very small number that were done
in defiance of Donald Trump. So hypothetically, those people are not fans
of Donald Trump. But the vast majority were done in support
of Donald Trump. Yeah, well, let me go further on both of those
counts. First of all, no, there was seven that were
done in quote-unquote defiance of Trump. No, so that doesn’t count under Trump at all. I mean, I get that it’s linked to Trump because
they mentioned Trump. But they were attacking Trump supporters,
so that- Or threatening, it’s not all attacks. Or threatening, that’s right. So those seven should be, I think in order
to have a more fair conversation here and so that you understand the context of it,
should be removed from the list. 29 said they did it because of Trump, because
of Trump’s language, because of how much they like Trump. By the way, if you’re a Trump supporter, you’re
not on the list. It’s not like all people who committed crimes
but voted for Trump, no, not remotely. Even if it’s super clear, as John pointed
out in social media, that you support Trump, that doesn’t mean you did it because of Trump,
the violent act. Exactly. So you’re not at all included. But even if you said it in social media, hey,
I did this because of Trump, you’re still not included in the list. Cuz it has to be in a court record or a police
report. Now, if you were that explicit about it, it
probably will make it into the court records anyway. But vandalism is not included, even though
you could do vandalism with a swastika, etc. There’s a lot of different categories that
were not included. And one other one that we need to note, because
the 29 is the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg is all the ones that happened,
and either it was not reported, or it was reported, but the guy just didn’t blurt out,
I did it because of Trump. But he actually did, but he just never said
it, right? Exactly. Or that he was enraged and didn’t even quite
connect it to Trump. But he thought Latinos are terrible, and Muslims
are terrible, etc. So one guy in particular, burned down his
neighbor’s house cuz they were Muslim. And he said, yeah, Trump told me we gotta
ban these people from the country. But could another case, or many other cases
involve attacks against people where they just don’t say, I did it because they’re Muslim
and Trump told me Muslims are bad. So this number of cases is really, really
limited, but it does give you a sense of the iceberg underneath. And still, there’s 29 cases that are overwhelming. And another really important piece of context. So I immediately thought, yeah, but how many
happened under Obama or Bush, right? Obama’s a good counter example, cuz he’s a
Democrat obviously. But which is also a counter example because
even though his administration was awful, he usually saved his rhetoric for when launching
actual invasions. And he had terrible things as well, don’t
get me wrong. He ran against gay Americans in his reelection,
and I can go on and on. But he didn’t often go out and encourage violence
in America. So it’s an interesting baseline. So it turns out the number of attacks directly
linked to Obama, and they did the same exact methodology for Obama as they did for Trump. Was it lower than 29? Zero, it was zero. Well, how about for Bush? Now, he’s a Republican, blah, blah, blah. No, zero, so for former presidents in our
lifetime is basically zero. Trump comes into office, all of a sudden,
this iceberg emerges and these 29 cases in particular. Yeah, and look, you can have an issue with
Obama, and certainly massive issue with George W Bush. But how many mashups were put together of
George W Bush during the Young Turks years then? Lots of them- Hundreds. Of him saying buffoonish statements,. But not him saying, punch that person, I want
you to knock out that reporter. He didn’t do stuff like that. And of course, Barack Obama didn’t. And so this should not perhaps be that surprising,
but I wanna give you more details. In nine of the cases that we’re talking about,
perpetrators hailed Trump in the midst or immediate aftermath of physically attacking
innocent victims. In another ten cases, perpetrators cheered
or defended Trump while taunting or threatening others. And in another ten, Trump and his rhetoric
were cited in court to explain a defendant’s violent or threatening behavior. The perpetrators and suspects are mostly white
men, some as young as teenagers, some as old as 75, while the victims are largely representative
of minority groups, African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, and gay men. And on The Damage Report this morning, we
went through a few of the individual cases that are just shocking, from harassment and
threatening behavior, to attempted murder as well, and terror attacks, of course. It goes back all the way to August of 2015. There was a 30-year-old who beat a sleeping
homeless man with a metal pole and told police, Donald Trump was right, all these illegals
need to be deported. The man’s victim was not in the US illegally. But can’t expect that either Donald Trump
or his supporters are gonna understand nuances like that. Yeah, so, and then they always say it’s not
about race. Yeah, but when your supporters start beating
people in the streets with poles, they don’t ask them for their papers. They just do it based on the color of their
skin. They’re like, that guy’s a Mexican. No, turns out he’s an American. But you didn’t care, cuz you did it based
on race, and that’s what Trump egged you on to do. Having read through the 36, man, it is just
hard to stomach. Literally, it’s stomach churning. And the ones against the Trump supporters
are also preposterous, ridiculous, and revolting. Four young African Americans in that case
grab a white guy who had nothing to do with anything. I mean he was actually mentally disabled,
and they make him say eff Trump, etc. What are you doing that for? That’s insanity, why the hell would you do
that? Threatening congresspeople who are Republicans
with violence? You wanna threaten their elections, yeah,
that makes sense. That’s political, right? You wanna threaten their personhood, that’s
crazy talk, don’t do that. But I don’t want you to get mistaken that
there’s a false equivalence here. It ain’t no equivalency, right? No. The overwhelming majority of the cases are
horrific acts of violence by the right-wing against minorities. Yeah, you have multiple terror plots that
were thankfully foiled before they happened. You had Cesar Sayoc, who was a failed terrorist,
who wanted to murder all of Donald Trump’s incredibly specific list of enemies. You had people in positions of authority like
a New Jersey chief of police, who beat a young African-American kid who was handcuffed. And then said, he was secretly taped saying
Trump is the last hope of white America. So it’s not the same thing, of course. Yes. That’s obvious to any reasonable person. Yeah, and now you see, sometimes cops will
beat up unarmed black guys. And then people say, you don’t know. I mean, look, he was handcuffed, but he was
probably talking back to the cops. And that could have killed a cop somehow,
right? And they’ll make 1,000 excuses. That’s why these tapings, whether they’re
from the body cams, or people in the street, or the secret taping, are so important. Cuz it turns out, no, in some of the cases,
the cop’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah, I beat the living crap out of him because he’s a minority. And I love Donald Trump, and Donald Trump
wants us to kick minority ass. So that’s the America we live in now. I don’t know what argument you can make to
defend Trump. I’m not in that business. Good luck to you. You’re not gonna win any of those arguments. They’re not gonna be facts-based. But the one thing that is absolutely clear
and you have no argument at all on is, he has divided us. I mean you can say, well, I didn’t like Obama,
so we were divided under Obama. No, but Obama foolishly tried to reach out
to Republicans over, and over, and over. I say foolishly in a political space. Rhetorically, sure, fine, right? And you wanna bring the country together. Would a progressive president represent all
of America? Hell yes, a progressive president would raise
all of your wages. It’s not like he’d be like, red states, you’re
not getting higher wages. It would get you all healthcare. It wouldn’t say, Arkansas, you’re not getting
healthcare. But Trump literally did that in his tax plan. He said blue states are gonna get screwed
cuz you didn’t vote for me. You’re gonna have higher taxes. So a lot of the Republicans that are in California,
and New York and all those other places said, what, I voted for you. Too bad, you’re in a blue state, I’m gonna
screw you. That’s the kind of guy he is, and that’s on
the most benign political policy issue. And on the non-benign issues of violence,
yeah, he encourages it daily. He does it to attack minorities. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and/or
a fool. And that’s really the most frustrating thing,
to echo something that I think we were talking about yesterday, it might have been the day
before. There are a number of characteristics I could
cite that are annoying or just negative about hardcore right wingers. But the biggest issue is that they’re just
gigantic liars. And this is a great example of it, where they
will say he hasn’t divided us, he’s not spreading hate. While all the while, they know that is exactly
why they like Donald Trump, and that’s what they want. That’s not just why they like a Republican,
but that’s why they like Donald Trump in comparison to other Republicans. Because he draws the line, in bold lines,
between straight, white Christian Americans and literally everyone else. And that’s the through line to all of his
rhetoric and all of his policies, that’s why they support him. But they know that they’re not supposed to
say that. And so they’ll come out and say, no, it’s
not hate. It’s just love, it’s America. Yeah, and last thing on this guy. Trump is not an aberration. He’s just the conclusion of the Republican
Party’s divisive plan to separate us, and make us hate each other, and try to win elections
based on hatred. So Nixon came up with a Southern strategy. That was direct strategy to appeal to racists
in the South, no ands, no ifs, no buts. I mean, even Pat Buchanan talked to me on
MSNBC and said, we had a nice run for 40 years on that strategy. So they didn’t hide it, it was absolutely
clear. They went to appeal to racists on purpose. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know
anything about politics, and again, is a liar. So the modern Republican Party is based on
hatred and racism, that’s a fact. So two different heads of the Republican National
Committee have apologized for the Southern strategy. Acknowledging yes, we purposely did a racist
strategy to try to win elections in the South, so and obviously nationwide because of that. So then Reagan goes and announces his candidacy
in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where civil rights activists were murdered. And he doesn’t do it to celebrate them. He does it to celebrate the people who murdered
them, cuz he talks about states’ rights in Philadelphia, Mississippi. There’s no other reason to go to Philadelphia,
Mississippi than to say, you were right murdering these kids that were down here, okay, when
you’re talking about states’ rights. Back when he was running for governor, Ronald
Reagan poses with two segregationists who literally tried to block black kids from going
into white schools in the South, or previously white schools. Very proudly, like, I’m running for governor,
and remember, I’m the racist candidate. That was Ronald Reagan, the same guy who called
black people monkeys, etc, right? Now, but in all of that, Reagan hid it by
saying, hey, I’m just taking a picture. I happened to pick the two most racist people
in the country. I happened to go to talk in Philadelphia,
Mississippi, out of all the tiny, little towns in the country. And I happened to be talking about states’
rights. But I didn’t say murder black people. I didn’t say punch black people in the face. I just kinda hinted at it. Southern strategy was behind the scenes, until
they admitted it, okay? And they did it in ads and different ways. And so Trump just came along and said, no,
no, you should hate them. We should ban all Muslims from the country,
he said it. He said Mexicans are criminals and rapists,
and we need to build a wall to protect us from them. So he just dropped all the pretenses. So Republicans, don’t cry me a river about,
well, I mean I’m a Never Trumper. I didn’t know that he was gonna say it out
loud. We were having fun hating black people, and
Latinos, and Muslims in this country for all this time. And by the way, there’s a lot of Jews too,
okay, and let alone gay people. We were having a grand old time at the Grand
Old Party, and this guy wound up saying it out loud. Now, it is worse to say it out loud. Because there’s a lot of dumb people in the
country who are like, I’m supposed to hate Muslims. Let me go burn my neighbor’s house down, right? But this is the plan that the Republican Party
has been running for 40 straight years.

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