Queen Agrees To Allow Meghan And Harry To ‘Spend Time’ In Canada, UK | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Queen Agrees To Allow Meghan And Harry To ‘Spend Time’ In Canada, UK | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC”

  1. It’s the British press fault always causing trouble criticising them about every single decision Harry and Meghan made! The media should concentrate on prince Andrew he should go to America and tell the truth to the FBI, About his involvement with a minor!

  2. We also want to see the statement of request Magen and Harry returning all of jewel and wealth back to Royal until they take up their royal duty again in future . Cancel all of financial support from royal . That’s what they Megan stated finance independence.

  3. Vancouver Island is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Who wouldn't want the cleanest air and the cleanest food with the cleanest water for their child. Best Wishes and Welcome to Canada!

  4. I am happy for them I am happy that they going to move to Canada I'm paying God Canada since they going to pay for the security and what they bring to the table is more people visiting Canada because they know the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are there

  5. It would also help Canadian tourism some kind of beautiful has so much different places and it has so much Greenery and Mountain hiking and climbing and see sides count as beautiful especially Quebec

  6. Harry is far from the throne now (given William's 3 children)…and look at his Uncle Edward…who has had his "own" life for years.

  7. Excuse me, these people BURNED THE WHITE HOUSE DOWN, none, of them WILL EVER BE WELCOME HERE! who cares about their security, why Arn't more people trying to let them drown? Their stupid, just throw a scratch-n-sniff sticker in a pool?

  8. Great News hoorah First Lady Melania Trump is set to be recognized by Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBAU) as its 2020 “Woman of Distinction,”

  9. He shouldn't have Marry to an American, I always knew it going to be a problem people in American would always find it difficult to along with traditions of the British Royal Family.

  10. BREAKING NEWS! Useless rich people fight over meaningless nothingness while still be incredibly rich for no reason. Rational people confused why this useless rich family has not been led to the gallows.


  12. Living in the U.S. would be just as bad as in London because the tabloids and paparrazzi are just as horrible.
    And please, Meghan don't go into "fashion". It's too much like Ivanka.

  13. I give them a year at the max.
    Trump spends American money along w his family at least 100 million probably much more in 3 years .


  15. This is all her idea, she is a social climber who got what she wanted with the Royal Family, now that's not enough anymore so she wants to live in Vancouver where she's a two hour plane ride from Los Angeles. This whole thing is 100% her idea. Her vanity and self-importance is such that she can't handle the boredom of living in the UK and needs to be closer to where she can be on tv and sell all kinds of stuff with her name and face on it. Poor Harry. He really got screwed with this woman.

  16. OMG, really, the family is going to "allow" him to go to Canada..hahaha, I don't think they can do anything about it he already moved his wife, child, and dogs to Canada… So I guess he already made the decision. If Kate didn't need every second of everyone's energy caring for her ego, maybe this situation would not be happening.

  17. I am sick and tired of hearing about Harry and his "Princess Problems". The Royals could give little care about the little people and the little people should not care about their Royal overlords. We got rid of the Royals in 1776 and in 2020, lets keep it that way.

  18. These people are grown they don't need her permission maybe its hard for them realize he doesn't care for their pretentious life style.

  19. Leave it to American to disrupt the royal family thats what happened to King Edward when he fell for Wallis Simpson

  20. Harry is protecting his wife and child because he knows what the paparazzi and others did to his mother. He is protecting his wife and kid from vile people…good on you Harry…Love Wins!❤️❤️

  21. Imagine being a grown Married Man and having to get permission from Grandma as to where you can go and when you can do it! 😂🤣😂

  22. For goodness sake….let Meghan and Harry live their own life and stop being so controlling….good luck to you both ♥️

  23. As a Canadian monarchist—Elizabeth II is officially our Queen too—I support Her Majesty's decision on this matter. All of the chaos could have been avoided if HRH the Duke of Sussex had sought the Queen's permission before releasing his statement. Indeed the Queen had told him NOT to make the statement so his act was one of defiance and it upset the Queen a great deal. As a senior member of the Royal Family, he needs her permission to make any changes so it would have been better to stay silent until things had been arranged. God Save the Queen of Canada!

  24. But honestly Meghan knew what she was getting into , now she has a spare,she’s revolting against the system , that her father tried to warned her.

  25. Now people are, sorry white people, are talking about the tax payers funding a royal family? I’m sorry but there is not a more hypocritical race on the planet

  26. This is what happens when you marry a woman that comes with a baggage and controversial past, the guy has been hypnotized. Marry a royal family member strip him off his royal rights and then talk about freedom and marital rights. If she was so responsible why did she get a previous divorce in the first place. Royalty comes with a cost, learn how to live with it or else go find a guy from Home Depot or Walmart. Just another opportunist for fame and money. The prince has screwed it up big time and soon they will divorce.

  27. Your title is not correct- the Queen has no right to allow or not allow- they will do what they want they dont need to have her permission. ha ha

  28. Canada is not part of the Commonwealth…not anymore. Look it up. Canada no longer is part of the Commonwealth. We will, in Canada, not be pleased if we have to foot any protection money!

  29. This still feels like a desperate act of a failing couple. Their logic is flawed and their "joint" statements are nonsense. The British press have rules they have to adhere to, which limits the amount of intrusion into Royal private lives, the Canadian and U.S. Press don't. Hypocrisy and Greed aren't very nice qualities in a supposedly "progressive" couple, are they?

  30. DON’T YOU DARE think about Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein or all that evidence the FBI is sitting on. DON’T! This crap is far more worthy of your attention.

  31. I am bemused by how the press seems to think that they owe them something since they left them alone after there mothers death. The press thinks they need a medal for doing the right thing and to be honest there are a lot of disastrous events happening in the world right now so this is a non scandal. They don't belong to anyone and they are there own people so people should just mind there own business 😒

  32. I love tradition, but really who cares. With all the horrors happening, why do we need to know about this. Without the Royal Family, the world would be the same. They can live anywhere they want, do whatever they want, not many people care. If Harry was smart, he would see Meghan for what she is, a manipulative woman, who through this tantrum is diverting the attention to herself, she needs her ego stroked constantly to feel valuable. If she cared anything for Harry, she would behave in a manner becoming to a royal family member. She didn't marry Harry for love, but for attention, she is a very sad, sad woman who will eventually break this man's heart.

  33. The British media is mean, insensitive, and nasty. They have no consideration for anyone who does not have so called 'royal blood'. Just look at how they hush up on Andrew's scandals, and how they blow up about Meghan's pregnancy and her cultural differences. They have no room to accept anyone who is different in race, and culture. A bunch of narrow minded jerks! Look at what they did to Diana, and what they did with Meghan, they surely do not expect me to have any kind words to say about the awful reporting that the British press had done. These people have no conscience and all they want is that for their papers/news to sell. Watch out for karma catching up, guys!

  34. It's time they all resigned, (or get forced out), having a Royal family in the 21st century is ridiculous and makes a mockery of democracy.

  35. I really like the way Harry and Megan seem to be together in the life they both wish to live but at the same time be so respectful of the opinions of the Royal family.

  36. Alloooooooooow?! – in my Soulja Boy voice Meghan is not a slave. She's a whole grown. And what working family? They mooch off the tax payers. They need to ALL get a job.

  37. Prince Harry standing up for his wife and young son to keep them safe. He served 10 years in the British military including tours to Afghanistan. A man who cares about his country and his family. A true Prince with great leadership qualities.

  38. Oscar Wilde said it best. When describing the barbaric "sport" of the fox hunt, where a small terrified animal is hunted down and killed, he described it as "the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible". The Aristocracy in pursuit of a helpless victim.

    In 2020 that perfectly describes the tabloid press in Britain. Their pursuit of ANYONE in the Royal family is disgusting. Everything from inventing "reports", to publishing private moments in photos taken with a lens that would be the envy of every astronomer. And the public just laps it up.

    Any normal person would find being the subject of that attention intolerable. It killed Harry's mother. Love them or hate them as "Royals", they are still human beings, not "foxes", bred for the "hunt". Time to leave the firm, and seek a normal life in Canada. Hopefully, Canada will do better.

    Just saw a piece of video on national TV in Canada. A "photographer has staked out a property he believes the couple will make an appearance in. Tell me why he is not just a stalker, and a parasite. Certainly not worthy of a TV interview.

  39. If, I was the Queen I would of given both of them my blessings 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 and said good luck and goodbye 👋🏻👋🏻✌🏻✌🏻. For being so ungrateful and disloyal. You can take someone out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of someone. Wanna-Be Royal !!!!

  40. The Queen allowing ? Really ? Wake up folks, or Trump is right when is saying " fake…" Harry and Meghan decided , H&M will do so. Full stop. No one can or cannot "allow" . Go ahead kids, and God Speed !

  41. I wonder… with all the sh…t going on on this World, famine, global warming, wars and the likes , why we care about these two youngsters? Let them do what they wish and frankly I wish them luck but I could not care less. Am I alone in this opinion?

  42. Meghan will do what she's done her entire life and quit Harry sooner or later.

    Then Harry will have to beg to get all his royal status back

  43. The queen "allows" Harry and Megan to leave? They dont need permission! Megan working could affect the "Royal brand"? Only to bring the brand out of the draconian stupor its been in for ever.

  44. I can see how the white British press has gone after this lady while her husband is handled with so much love.("I wonder why?").

  45. LOL !! They won't rely on British taxpayers !! Nope !! They are going to rely on the Canadians taxpayers !! The Queen is surely happy !! They planned everything; He'll be our next Governor General and get a lavish life, all expenses payed !

  46. The whole monarchy mafia is finally crumbling. They should just end it and return all their stolen wealth back to the people of that continent. All should just get normal jobs just like everyone else. Why do people want to keep this kings queens fantasy going? It makes no economic sense at all?

  47. That's what Worries me most, BEING FRIENDS WITH A TREACHEROUS DOG LIKE OBAMA. That great black deceiver may have Harry's demise in process after they squeeze every penny out of him through cunningly devise false scam similar to the fake impeachment they against President Trump.
    I hope the Queen Elizabeth gives her grandson rigid tight security. With that woman and her demented friends, Harry will need all the security he can get.

  48. Why have you used the word 'Allow' ?? if they want to give up on Royal duties then they can.. The Queen may be omnipotent in many ways but not controlling of her Grandchilds independence..

  49. Meghan has seen what happened to Princess Diana and is trying to bail out whilst there is still time.She knows to much and to know is to die.

  50. The queen has no choice but to accept. Harry is protecting his wife and kid, I see absolutely no problem with that. Secondly Canada is one of the safe place for his family. 🇨🇦👍🏾

  51. Never seen such a whipped-up piece of useless froth for a story in order to distract from the looming disaster that is that fat clown, Boris Johnson's, 'government.

  52. Queen steps back but watch what calculated person Meghan is going to do next…she's too greedy and constantly searching for spotlight. She uses Archie as a tool to control Harry, hope he will wake up one day.

  53. All the money, the lifestyles of the so-called "Royals" has long ago been stolen from all those serfs who slaved for them for centuries. Return it all to the people, the taxpayers!!!!!!!

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