Rep. Maloney previews public hearings in impeachment inquiry

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  1. Maloney is Bolony! If Bolton is wrong, the House can recommend to indict him. Why not? No one attacked Mr. Taylor, just questioned the way the rotten RATS interpret what he said. By the way, being the son or grandson of heroes does not make you a hero. Your deception makes you a coward. You shame your family name!

  2. Absolutely cannot stand to watch Wallace! He is horrible; all about his bigoted & lying reporting! He’s a nasty man period! Have to turn this off! FOX get rid of this slimy creep!!!

  3. So the president catches the fact that the Bidens were doing some serious corruption in the Ukraine. Now the Democrats want to impeach him. It's crazy how half the nation doesn't see this.

  4. The drug deal comment had nothing to do with President Trump….it was regarding Mulvaney and Giuliani and Sondland, so please report facts to the public not what you want to put out there that is bias…

  5. 3 words people & is the propaganda your tricked with so type on your top bar ""SCRIPTED NEWS NETWORKS"" THEN ON SAME PAGE ""SINCLARE"" THEN YOU MIGHT GET IT & ARE OUR ENEMIES WITHIN & ABROAD!

  6. The "drug deal" quote is HEARSAY from the FAKE NEWS! Wrap-Up Smear all over again! Not to mention all these so-called witnesses don't have 1st hand knowledge & they're basing everything on their feelings, plus the fact that the President makes foreign policy not these people. If they don't like it, they should run for office or resign! This guy is lying when he says we'll all get to see the transcripts, what he fails to mention is that Schiff can make edits to those transcripts before we see them!

  7. Yes it is relevant Mr! Creepy Joe Biden said he doesn't know anything about his son involvement,evidence show different info and the video of Biden show threats.

  8. Instead, lawmakers need to advise the FBI to arrest Mr Trump and have him tried before a Federal court, and sent to jail…before Vladimir Putin gives him a safe retirement home in Moscow or St Petersberg!

  9. There's not ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT telling the truth here … about things WE ALREADY KNOW PUBLICLY. Rep Maloney is no different. They seem incapable of being honest, I've never seen such open deceitfulness on this scale. Unbelievable!

  10. Now Chris Wallace is the best Fox has to offer, and all of you Trump supporters should thank him every day for not taking advantage of you weak mind and low education. He actually want you to use your brains and critical thinking, the other so call journalist just want to tell you what to believe. Remember amigos up is north down is south don't let them fool you.

  11. This guy is on the Intelligence Committee? How can that be? He HAS no intelligence. The Democrats want it to all be derived from transcripts. They don't want to sit in front of the American people and say it openly because it almost always makes people uncomfortable to LIE in front of an audience. It's all a farce

  12. This chap is hoping to keep his job in 2020 now the vote has been taken place . he actually sees like a decent chap naa later on he becomes a smug [email protected]@3s from that cheese puff side . the only one to me .

  13. Trump's transcript is in public, but shifty Schiff made his own version ov it you idiot how stupid do you think we are to believe your transcripts?

  14. I really wish Chris Wallace would grow a set of balls and go after ANYONE on the left with the same hound dog level he does with people from Trump's camp.

  15. How come Flynn doesnt get the same respect from the Democrats and leftwing media. Unless your a democrat , different rules applies , doesnt matter what good service they'd given. Take this rehtoric from democrats as crap. If someone thats given good service to Nation, decides to be part of a coup just because of political beliefs, then they're guilty of treason.

  16. Chris Wallace is a part of Democratic resistance! Just go ahead and go to work for CNN. Please do all of us with a brain and QUIT ACTING LIKE YOU'RE BIPARTISAN. Everything is alleged when its a Democrat and a fact when its a Republican.

  17. I notice that precedent is suddenly important when applied to the concept of Republicans calling witnesses but not important when applied to the behavior of Democrats during this witch hunt. What a hypocrite! So what else is new?

  18. This people should get ready for looking in the farms for employment to milk 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄because once Durham is done with them, they can go on food stamps or milking 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄in the farms ef they can even get that hahahaha.

  19. I see Chris Wallace I dislike. I never make it all the way through as his BS usually forces me to close the video in protest.

  20. The Dems are so full of crap. So basically this guy's arguing that only witnesses that will confirm the conclusions the Dems have already made are allowed to testify. To hell with this guy and to hell with the Democrat party.

  21. It is unprecedented what Bolton is doing, but what about this freaking sham impeachment probe process… more popcorn coming

  22. This just proves how corrupt Dems are in this impeachment process. The idea they can deny witness's at all is enough to show what a scam this is and not to allow the whisteblower or Biden as witness's just strengthens that assertion.

    They are basically only allowing witness's that provide information so they can frame this a certain way. Anyone that buys into this circus should have their brain examined.

  23. Seems to mea lot of people in the democrat party, intelligence and justice dept have abused their positions and need to be accountable

  24. It's so obvious just how guilty Trump is. Unfortunately, the Republican controlled Senate are equally as corrupt and they'll let Trump off the hook. The only way to fix this country is to vote all Republicans out of office and replace them with honest Democrats.

  25. Trump 2020. I am voting all Republican, even if I have to hold my nose while I vote red. The DNC is so corrupt, they attack their strongest candidates. Over and gone, DNC! You suck!

  26. Maloney? He's as full of baloney as this sham "impeachment" that's more correctly called a political coup. Politicians… nothing but the most disgusting, self serving liars and Adam Schift is queen of them

  27. It's heartbreaking to see such a well spoken man display such treason toward his own country . He's just a demonrat conspirator .

  28. The Democrats can control the witnesses and scope of the hearings the say way repulicunts controled it for brett haveanotherbrewski.

  29. The dems are just digging and poking hoping somebody will drop something that they might actually be able to attack trump with.
    This impeachment process is a fishing trip, they want a repeat of what happened flynn during the mueller report.

  30. Ukraine was famous for using aid money for whatever else but not the purpose it was intended.
    Not once or twice but all the time!
    Previous government of Ukraine was a definition of the corruption!
    So you want to make sure where the money go.
    Because before it was going to their pockets.

  31. how does wallace not follow up and ask why investigating biden is not appropriate since he is core to the question of whether the president was exercising a legitimate function as CEO of the US versus whether he was abusing his power for personal gain. if it was a legitimate investigation into corruption, which biden would know since he was at the center of it, the fact the the president may have a personal alignment of interest with his official duty as president is not impeachable

  32. How is Taylor a credible witness? He admittedly got his information from the New York Times who got it leaked to them from a Democrat. That is just more circular reporting exactly like they did during the Russia investigation to get the FISA courts to issue warrants.

  33. Maloney has a preconceived bias and has already come to a verdict (That he admitted to on live television) before the information and witnesses have been presented.

  34. Donald J. Trump 11/10/2019 ": I hardly know the people I personally choose to represent me." I don't know them , truth is I never met any of them they may have been coffee boys at one point, but even than I just don't know? They probably just don't like me and are part of the deep state that infiltrated my administration and hate me I just don't know. I will order my DOJ Bill Bar to investigate this blatant infiltration and prove I have done nothing wrong it was a ""PERFECT"" call. Thank you, thank you I gotta go now. LMAO !!! lololollo, 🙂

  35. Chriss asked good questions, but Congressman Maloney failed bigtime to answer about Mr. Bolton. Democrats actions surrounding Bolton, smells rats.

  36. The reason they want Hunter Biden to talk is because he is the justification for which Trump wanted an investigation started. Everyone knows the Bidens were getting kick backs from Ukraine in order for favorable foreign policy. The Republicans should be able go call any one to the stand they want, why does it matter who they call to answer questions? If the person has no information on the case then it only hurts the Republicans right? What are the Dems afraid of?

  37. @therealdonaldtrump


    i am deliberately placing this here as i am aware of 11 world governments Currently Gathered examining data telemetry anomalies and are at the brink of discovering where the body that is originating the anomalous signals are emanating from.
    That being said!

    When The Impeachment hearings become public this week, Donald Trump will grasp at any straw that is able to exonerate himself.

    I want those who are involved to have DIRECT, specific, clear, and uncontestable evidence of exactly how this happened to the 45th president, and it will be crystal clear precisely who did it.

    I will give this bombshell information at the right time, but not until Donald Trump gives me what i want.


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