100 Replies to “Ronan Farrow discusses ‘swath of secret emails,’ Matt Lauer”

  1. Effeminate Ronan Sinatra is a gay activist…He is sending innocent old men to the gallows with his ill founded assertions in his books…is this psychological revenge because of Frank his fathers womanising ?

  2. Matt Lauer

    A little buggery bc he a diversified deviant pervert… It's PC bc it's inclusive…  Now if he only did it in a heterosexual way the LGBTQPOAB crowd would feel they're being discriminated against and file a lawsuit against him…  Being a good libtard this was unthinkable…   Now, if he were doing these things with illegal aliens bc American women and men are too lazy to be raped and sodomized it would be ok no harm no foul. He would be a hero

  3. Ronan Farrow has written & is now communicating Truth. Suppression of this truth is that which a lot of people are making their money. Too bad for them, Freedom of Expression & Freedom of Speech is so important and for huge reasons. No one person is immune from Abuse of Power. Just like a baby who is dependent on their carer whom ever that may be. Children in the beginnings of the movie industry were in precarious positions too. Possibly now too. Exposure is needed. Not silence. Sexual Abuse is totally violence. Abuse of Power & Control the fundamental. One of many forms of violence encountered by any & many.

  4. Matt Lauer should have remained faithful to his wife. Or at least asked his adulterous partners what theiy were feeling and discussed their relationship

  5. Matt Lauer may be a bad person. He may have done things most don't agree with or find despicable.
    I won't comment on that but the real reason this is in the news, is because of his interview with Hillary Clinton. When he checked her, his days were numbered from that point on. I'm surprised he's alive.

  6. The dopey host (or whoever briefed him) totally misunderstands Farrow's line about Noah Oppenheim not being the villain of the story. That line is dripping with sarcasm and comes after several paragraphs detailing precisely how Oppenheim was directly responsible, however much he pretended it wasn't his call to stop the story.

  7. The male co-anchor should have asked Ronan to summarize the book. I really disrespect the 'news' host is not the story and shouldn't try to steal the guest's thunder. So unprofessional.

  8. I’m sorry but I’m not buying any of this Matt Lauer scandal bs. Bottom line, he had a consensual affair with a coworker and when he abruptly ended the affair, she went ballistic! They even continued the affair after Sochi. Lauer may be a creepy pig and a cheating dog but he’s no rapist. TFOH!

  9. Show biz is an ugly business. Some people will do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do to get a leg up in that world. Seduction, coercion and exploitation are fundamental aspects of show business. Things are accepted in that realm that would never be accepted in a normal workplace. It's great that Ronan Farrow and others are throwing light on this dark subject.

  10. Oh please. This so called Journalist is nothing but a gossip columnist. 2 ADULTS got shit faced drunk. The one keeps the relationship going until she can totally destroy him. And then little Lord Fauntlerroy sashays in and says "Ooo. Oooo! Pick me to write your trashy tell all! I loooove all the attention! ". Okay Lauer s a real Jerk. But these two are the equivalent of murderers. God just listening to this jackazz speak makes me want to heave.

  11. Matt L is a scumbag, always has been , but the rape accusation is purebred bullshit . Also cannot stand Louie CK or Azizi A, and they along with many others have suffered because of bullshit . You take away from shackling the actual criminals by wasting time on bullshit . Own your shit ladies , it works both ways

  12. Ronan Farrow is a hero and so are all the women and men who come forward against the rapist and sexual predators. I hope Ronan looks into Fox News next, those misogynistic abusers need to be taken down. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

  13. I still feel a weird regret and for not taking up the lewd propositions of a Hollywood producer when I was 16, did I miss my chance at fame and fortune, if so, I am sure now that I avoided a nest of vipers.

  14. If these asshats participated in a cover-up they should be tried as accomplices after the fact. Firing should have already happened. Fuck NBC.

  15. I'VE BEEN a little out there on Ronan because I'm not a fan of his mother or fathers.

    But I can't dislike this guy if I try. What an excellent reporter. What a great job of reporting.

    The only thing I would like to see more of is the Transgendered New World Order Agenda exposed and how this is playing out with Harvey, Matt and other bad boys. Because it is very apparent in the MeToo Movement that most of these women that came forward are truly men – Male to Female Transgenders – the Baphomet wannabes and look alikes. I'd like to name a few blatant ones – like Meryl Streep, Harvey's great friend NOMORE Oprah Windrey and her gal pal Gail (yes both men in drag folks), Ashley Judd (loved her uhummmmm Himmmmm), Gweneth Paltrow, Angelna Jolie, and the list goes on and on and on.

    Keep up the great reporting Ronan – but come over the side of our Father & TRUTH. . . and let's let it all hang out . . . so to speak.

  16. It’s so great that he won the Pulitzer. Gives him the credibility and frankly protection he needs at a time like this.

  17. Please stop him ruining his beautiful face with fillers!!!! He’s the voice of reason and he’s going to be a mockery if he ends up looking like that tiger face lady…

  18. THANK YOU to the female anchor for bringing the topic back around since it was OBVIOUS the male anchor couldn't wait for the opening to bring up Trump…

  19. What does…Noah Oppenheim, Andy Lack, Matt Lauer, and Harvey Weinstein all have in common?

    Answer: Theyre all JEWISH! Its a predatory gang of wealthy, powerful & corrupt Jewish nepotists protecting each other at the top of media and Hollywood.

  20. I don’t mind the stories. I MIND ALL OF YOU HOLDING THIS SLEAZEBALL UP AS A JOURNALSIST! We all know he’s rehashing old secret Hollywierd gossip that her heard him “mother” gossiping about on the phone. If YOU show Ronan I WON’T WATCH YOU PROGRAM. thumbs down.

  21. So….I very much care about Ronan’s groundbreaking reporting. He’s very talented. But I still look at him and try to discern whether he’s Frank Sinatra’s kid. I can’t help it. 👀

  22. Ronan is exposing the gang stalking program. Thank you for speaking for so many who don’t have reporters who can publicly expose our suffering!

  23. This sexual pressure is not only in journalism, Ronan. It is and has been endemic in the workplace. Many men consider it part of the work agreement.

  24. A question I have about the Me Too movement; If everyone behind the scenes knew the casting couch was open, how many women went onto the couch to buy their way into a part, with their eyes open knowing exactly what they were doing? If rumors are to be believed Marilyn Monroe orally smoothed her path to the top.

  25. Why do I not trust this guy/ am I alone in thinking he's a little full of shit. maybe I'm a bad read on character. Probably am

  26. Self-righteous indignation run amok!! This guy has a deep seated hatred of his father!! Every dude he can “out” as a predator is one more whack at ole Woody’s piñata!!

  27. Is this guy turning into a pale blonde woman? I mean what? And why are they continuing this Matt Lauer nonsense? Who cares! Press charges and be done with it. The public doesn't care anymore..moving on. These witch hunts are ridiculous. Ok ok out them as a fuckin perv, give us the details and move on. No, they gotta come back at least once a year with "new dirt" that never goes anywhere….

  28. I pray for his protection. He has poked his finger into some swampy beehives There are those who have traversed the same swamp and are no longer with us. He knows this. He is a brave soldier.

  29. The spawn of Sinatra and Farrow, what a beautiful human. He obviously has first hand experience with this! When your beautiful mother watches her husband marry their adopted daughter, as a son, you're going to be affected by this in a huge way! Bravo Ronan!

  30. We all see these types of behavior happen at the workplace all the type. When you mention it or say something, it's like your making something out of nothing, it's really no big deal. It's harmless fun.

  31. The man has what a lot of leaders in this country don't have – DIGNITY. His mother, Mia Farrow raised all her children this way. She put together a wonderful family. Not perfect, but loving and supportive. I hope Writes short stories about his home and growing up.

  32. How he was able to break this story fascinates me. Can’t imagine how this happened to the most powerful man in the business. A friend of the Clinton’s. It’s mind boggling. I’ll have to read this story. Children in the industry are my biggest concern.

  33. "I had to do it, I was ordered to by my boss, it was his idea" This argument only works if you need the job to survive. But this is a high-level corporate executive, a mlllionaire. He didn't need this job hell he doesn't need any job. When something like this happens in your organisation and you are asked to do something corrupt and unethical, if it is within your power survival-wise to quit, you must do so. If you do not, any further pleas on your part about the chain of command etc are just blowing smoke. Ask the Nuremberg defendants. Article IV of the Nuremberg Principles spells it out.

  34. ThIs is Mia Farrow and Fred Astaire son all I can say is wow he is amazing so eloquent so educated and so freaking intelligent

  35. Everybody who knew about the misdeeds and their coverup had to be complicit or lose their lucrative jobs. Not an easy position to be placed in.

  36. I swear every time i see him, he looks more and more like a guy who is transitioning. If you look at some of his earlier photos, he looks more manly than he does lately. Not that anything is wrong with his decision if he does transition.

  37. I am glad Trump signed executive order to STOP child sex traff__king when our congress of past 30+ years refused to pass laws to do same…also why he wants borders closed to sex traff_king…

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