Roppongi 3K defeat the Mega Coaches in Korakuen!

They’re tough.
They really are. They were strong.
They are strong champions. 本当に悔しい
言葉にできないくらいだ 田口さん
すまない でもSHO&YOHは本当に立派になった
俺たちベテランを倒したんだ 俺たちが負けて 彼らが勝った
彼らが主役だ 田口さん これから六本木に行って
飲み明かそう All you can drink. でも安いドリンクにしてくれ
今夜は俺が負けたから 俺が奢る All you can drink, or cheap drinks? Drinks and food. でも安いやつで頼む じゃあ今夜は君の奢りで でも今夜だけだ
明日からはまた君の奢りだ Ouch. 今夜はアルコールは
やめた方がいいよ 一人で飲んでくる
レシートは持って帰る 昨日?確かに飲んだけど
別に大したことない 昨日飲んだのか? 飲んだんだな? そのせいで負けたんだ! 飲み放題 君の奢りで
決まりだ! 嘘ついたな! Liar! Liar! Dumby! Dumb coach! Cut it out! Did you drink last night? Just one drink… It was one little drink. That’s nothing, for me. How should I end these comments? Miss Motoi! When I don’t have a clue, I always rely
on Motoi. Did you drink last night, Motoi? Yes, I did. See? That’s why. What? I have to punish you. See me in the punishment room. The IWGP Junior tag titles
stay with us, right here. What’s coming up after this tour?
What lies ahead? NEW JAPAN CUP.
The winner gets to challenge for any title, right? Is it limited to heavyweights?
Then how are juniors supposed to get a chance? I have to keep making appeals like this.
I’m after a heavyweight title, too. We are both going after heavyweight titles.
We’ll see who gets to challenge first. That’s another battle we have.
Even though we are a tag team, We are still competing with each other. That’s how New Japan’s juniors should be. Our second defense. I always have trouble with them. So, I had to pay them back. And I did. If anybody is interested in the
IWGP Junior Tag titles, Anybody can challenge. Anywhere, anytime.
It could be tomorrow. We are fighting champions. But we are challengers too. To elevate the junior tag and
junior singles divisions… We’re up for it. We don’t think we are inferior to heavyweights. From here, we’ll continue moving forward.
Unstoppable. We got stronger after tonight. Infinite thanks to Taguchi and Rocky. Thank you.

14 Replies to “Roppongi 3K defeat the Mega Coaches in Korakuen!”

  1. The Mega Coaches brought it hard in this match, and down the line I could still see them winning the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles in a "Feel good moment" type of way. I gave this match 4.00 out of 5 Stars.

  2. I’m going to tell you all something ok. The Best Junior Heavyweight Tag Team in New Japan is none other than…. EL Phantasmo and Taiji Ishimori of the Bullet Club. Not Rocky or Taguchi idk why the hell he’s even relevant nowadays.

  3. 3kは早く解散してくれ。
    SHOはシングル 。

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