Russia to deploy nuclear bombers to Crimea after US IGNORES pleas to destroy missiles – DAILY NEWS

Russia to deploy nuclear bombers to Crimea
after US IGNORES pleas to destroy missiles
RUSSIA will deploy nuclear-capable bombers
to the Crimean peninsula in response to the
US ignoring the country’s pleas to destroy
its missile defence systems in Romania.
But Russia has spent billions of taxpayers’
money trying to integrate Crimea since annexing
it from Ukraine in 2014.
Officials even built a bridge to link the
peninsula to southern Russia.
But Western sanctions on Moscow for its annexation
have lead to the peninsula being isolated,
which has pushed up prices and slowed its
In May 2016, the US also switched on an $800million
site in Romania.
Russia’s Ministry of Defence told the US
last month it should destroy its MK-41 missile
defence launch systems in order to return
to compliance with a Cold War-era nuclear
But officials from the US-led NATO alliance,
who took over control of the systems in 2016,
responded it is supposed to defend against
attacks from Iran and groups including al
The plans come as President Vladimir Putin
flew into the Black Sea peninsula today to
celebrate the fifth anniversary of Russia
annexing Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.
He attended the launch of a power station
in the city of Sevastopol and watched the
launch of another in Simferopol by video conference.
The power stations are able to cover 90 percent
of Crimea’s power needs and today’s inauguration
marked the moment they began working at full
But the same power stations were at the centre
of an international scandal after German engineering
company Siemens said its power turbines had
been installed at them without its knowledge
and in violation of European Union sanctions,
although Russia denied this.
Mr Putin also avoided questions from local
religious and community leaders and instead
told a crowd at a pop concert that what he
called their historical decision to become
part of Russia in a 2014 referendum was “comparable
to the bravery of Red Army soldiers at the
start of World War Two”.
He said: ”Only the basic conditions of development
have been laid down, but we will do everything
to achieve the goals before us.”
Ukraine issued a diplomatic protest note over
what it said was Putin’s unauthorised visit,
saying Crimea was Ukrainian territory.
But Russia is adamant the referendum held
after Russian forces secured the peninsula
showed Crimeans do want to be part of Russia.

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  1. Us needs a bloody great hiding and Rusdia is the one to do it, absolute eye candy to see the big mouth yanks slammed

  2. This nuclear bomb is doing nothing, it's just a regular plane. US B-52 is 100 times better than the Russian's.

  3. I say have another vote on all of Ukraine winner takes all if you don't like leave and the world monitoring the final out come and it be reconized as being the answer for tbis country problems on the final out come and Russia or the United if asked to leave the area.. to do so…quickly. no if ands or butts..

  4. 85% of all tourism to the occupied Ukrainian Crimean peninsula has to originate from THUG-ruSSiya. Those Russians who can afford to travel there don't contribute very much to the economy in occupied Ukrainian Crimea. Goods cost as much in Sevastopol as they do in Moscow. You can only fly to THUG-ruSSiya from occupied Crimea. So if you want to visit Turkey or Israel or Greece, you have to fly north to go south. There no longer any real advantage by being stolen by THUG-ruSSiya for Crimean residents, the cost of living, inflation and economic sanctions negate it all. Those wanting to travel abroad will find it difficult if not impossible to a travel visa if their Russian passport shows Crimean residency.

  5. You still believe in the crazy conspiracy theory about Russia annexing Crimea? LOL
    Seriously, what is mentally wrong with you, that you're not able able to understand something as simple to understand as the difference between annexation and referendum??

  6. Russia ignores NATO's pleas to destroy their mid range missiles …And Russia continues to help Iran build ICBM ,s…

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