Sasha Banks returns to WWE: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

And it’s been one year today
since my dad died. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] What? My, could it be? It is, it’s Boss Time! Just when I thought she couldn’t lose
any more class, this is despicable! Wow! Sasha Banks is here! The hell she walked in on Natalya
having an emotional moment. [MUSIC] Her ego knows no bounds. Corey, we haven’t seen
The Boss since WrestleMania! Danny, she’s been busy pouting. Well, she’s back now, get used to it! [MUSIC] What a moment! [MUSIC] I didn’t miss her for a second. [MUSIC] Everyone else here seemed to. Go back to posting cryptic
photos on Instagram! [MUSIC]>>My God! What the hell? Surprise, surprise. Sasha Banks attacking Natalya. I’ve been telling everybody all along. [APPLAUSE]
And Banks now unloading on
the injured Natalya. New blue hair, same true colors. Welcome back, welcome back! [NOISE]
And the assault continues. [NOISE] Thank you, Sasha, [APPLAUSE] thank you, Sasha, [APPLAUSE]. On an emotional moment for Natalya.
Thank you, Sasha. Sasha Banks has come out here and is now
attacking the already-injured Natalya. Bye, Sasha! Strong man.
[NOISE] Move move! [APPLAUSE] And I don’t believe Sasha is through, Sasha Banks out here to make
some sort of statement. The lights are still on,
of course Sasha Banks isn’t done. Everything in the universe
has to be about The Boss. Natalya couldn’t even have
her moment about her father. [MUSIC] Well, here comes someone who
knows Sasha very, very well. The Man, the Raw Women’s Champion,
Becky Lynch. Becky Lynch and
Sasha now in a brawl on Monday Night Raw. And remember what Becky said earlier, I’m
coming after anybody that’s done me wrong. And Becky Lynch now going after Banks. [NOISE]
Becky said, big props, big respect to Natalya after
their fight last night. And now a right hand by Banks is for
the champion! Sasha Banks has returned with a vengeance,
with an evil, evil vengeance here tonight! Becky, get up! [NOISE]
Becky Lynch, quit! Natalya taken out, and
now Becky Lynch- Ooh! Chair to the spine! Now, who’s the now? [SOUND]?
[SOUND]? [SOUND] Again, and again,
and again, and again! Sasha, a ruthless attack! [NOISE]
[SOUND] God, somebody’s got to come out here and
stop this! [APPLAUSE]
I’m surprised the entire women’s locker room
isn’t out here trying to stop The Boss. The disrespect she shows everybody. I have no idea what has got
into Banks here tonight, but there’s gotta be some sort of explanation. It’s not new Cole,
she’s been this person forever! But not like this, Corey. Sasha made it Boss Time tonight. [APPLAUSE] I got you. [NOISE]

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  1. Watching this on trending. I just don’t get this. Could somebody explain how this appeals to them? Genuinely curious.

  2. Natalia, Sasha was saying "let it go, and keep doing your career, always face the enemies" Very good Sasha became heel

  3. When your own country cheers you getting beat up… Then you know you suck in the fans eyes… Natalyas promos were boring af.

  4. Does anyone else think that she is inspired by evie or mal off of Descendants 3 but I also think it was a great return! 😁

  5. for some reason people this to me I don't think is the old Sasha banks… I mean take this new one vs the old one her face structures are different her nose is different her eyebrows are different her forehead is different. WWE I think used someone else as Sasha banks

  6. While it's no big-time secret that Sasha Banks' ego is as huge as Vince McMahon's legendary "grapefruits" (if not bigger!), I can't help wondering how real Corey Graves' feelings truly are toward the "Legit Boss", especially in light of her heinous attacks on Natalya Neidhart and reigning RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch this past Monday night on "RAW." If my memory serves me correctly, Graves didn't always come down hard on Sasha; in fact, he constantly sang Sasha's praises down in N.X.T., where she had a memorable run as that brand's reigning women's champion. Maybe Corey knows the real "Legit Boss" more than she knows herself, both in and out of the ring. As great as it is to see the Boston, Massachusetts, native back to active duty as a W.W.E. Superstar, I'm concerned that Corey's war of words with Sasha could turn physical in what could one of the most controversial and compelling feuds the W.W.E. Universe has not seen in quite a while. We'll see where this red-hot development plays out over the next few months.

    😀 (y) 🙂

  7. When Sasha’s music hit, I immediately thought,”Oh she isnt really returning now” Boy was I wrong

  8. Heel Sasha Banks is so much loved that even Canadians love her beating up their own country girl Natalya 😂🔥🔥

  9. Do u think she has a new move since there is a new side of her like if u agree and comment what u think is gonna happen to her? Success or Failure

  10. Remember when Triple H returned un 2005 to team up with Ric Flair against Chris Masters and Carlito and then turned con Ric? Kind of remainder

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