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Despite today cooking in 1,500 pound
batches, we cook the same exact way that I used to cook in my home 15 years ago. Hi, I’m Paolo. I am founder and CEO of Sauces ‘N Love. Sauces n’ Love is a maker and marketer of premium pasta sauces, gluten free pasta. When I came to the US in 93 on a student budget, I couldn’t really afford anything more than pasta. I started eating pasta, and with pasta comes sauce, so Naturally, I experimented with sauces. People were telling me, why don’t you sell it? My inspiration has always been my country, Italy, century-old recipes and traditions. I don’t have a culinary background, but I was raised by a father who, I considered cooking an art. I printed a weekly menu where I had one sauce for each day of the week. I wouldn’t say that we had an overwhelming success, but people were ordering over and over. So that validated the idea. A year later I was laid off. What I needed is that kick in the butt that pushed me to write a business plan, obtain some investments, and it allowed me to open the first commercial kitchen. I did not pay self a salary for the first three years. Our break through moment came in 2008. About 690 Sam’s Club stores. I still remember April of 2008 being our first million dollar month. When I have the most fun in my job is when I create products. I try to go back to my country two to three times a year. I see what the trends are, what the new ingredients are and I then I come back and try to
funnel everything in the sauce. We just won best pasta sauce of the year with our pumpkin and kale alfredo. Today, we employ 32 people. I consider my employees my family. They come before I do many times. It gives me a great sense of pride to be able to sustain such an operation. Grazie and bon appetito!

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