Schiff responds to House GOP members wanting Hunter Biden to testify

100 Replies to “Schiff responds to House GOP members wanting Hunter Biden to testify”

  1. So much that's objectionable about Schiff's statement there. First off, he's supposed to be conducting an inquiry, but has just stated what the outcome of it is to be, before hearing any testimony. That in itself, should disqualify him from having anything further to do with this. Second, Hunter Biden has to be included, because this goes to the heart of the President's whole rationale.

  2. Wow, conservatives are so easily bamboozled. So, you're "so outraged" by Hunter Biden — yet in the meantime Trump and his crooked family are running a bogus foundation to avoid taxes and illegally funnelling money into Trump's campaign. No debating this. It's FACT. It's not fake news. Trump recently was forced to pay a 2million settlement. So, that's okay? BTW What crime is Hunter Biden accused of? You conservatives are so upset. You want him "investigated" — for what exactly? Serving on the Board of Directors of a foreign company – which btw is legal. So, let's recap: Trump ripping off charities and avoiding and funnelling money to personal charities okay, Hunter Biden serving legally on the Board of Directors of a foreign company shocking and "should be investigated" — Get your sh*t together conservatives. You're being bamboozled.

  3. I would LOVE to have the criminal who committed crimes be the Prosecutor and Judge in my trial. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHICH EMOJI IS THE SARCASMN ONE?

  4. How can Bolton Testify ? Folks do not know what germs, sins and corruptions he hides behind that grotesque moustache 😜😷

  5. Schiff is flipping again ! You cant trust Schiff or the Dems ! For the last three years of lies and hate ! when we get started ! we will post all of the Dems lies flip flops and hate . for last three years .then you will judge .AND YOU WILL VOTE !

  6. Stalin Schiff needs to be impeached and carried out of the house and thrown in the garbage dumpster or voted out in 2020! But this lying, cheating piece of Schiff HAS GOT TO GO!!!

  7. So the left thinks there right Republicans think there right , now we know you both can't be right , the loser will be humiliated on live TV for all to know who's been corrupt since 2016

  8. Even if there was additional investigations that found Biden guilty of corruption while sitting on the board of Burisma, it would be irrelevant to the issue of impeachment. This issue is about Trump withholding money approved by congress for military aide, until Zelensky made an announcement about investigating Burisma and Biden. All Trump had to do was ask nicely and not coerce Zelensky. That is the Quid Pro Quo, and there is plenty of evidence now that corroborates this fact. Just move on to the only thing left which is to argue that this is not an impeachable offense. In addition, all of you Republican senators go on record refusing to remove the president under the guise that it should be the voter's choice, and let us votes know you approve and find this type of behavior from a President acceptable. Not only will the voters decide his fate, yours will be as well.

  9. Schiff and Swallwell think they should get what they ask for NOW! BS!
    It's going to be fun watching those two queers Fry! Soon. I hope.

  10. Google and Youtube have been removing mention of and videos referencing the so called whistle blower who is not a whistle blower. The social media CEOs need to be tried for their critical part in this coup. They must be hung for treason with Schiff, Pelosi, Brennan etc etc etc

  11. Why the hell would anyone show up to the dems sham? Even those with room temp IQs can see this about their own decades of filth and corruption it's no coincidence the most corrupt are the most vocal, this pure panic, they never thought Rotten would lose.

  12. Start a partition to get the rules of this impeachment changed. Their using tax payers money the tax payers should have a say in how this farce is conducted

  13. Deceitful Donald, demanding Donnie, demonic Don, demoralising Donnie, depraved Donald, depressing Donnie, desperate Don, detached Donald, diabolic Donnie, dirty Don, disagreeable Donald, disappointing Donnie, discomfiting Don, discouraging….. disdainful, disgusting, disdainful, disgustful, disgusting. disheartening, dishonest, disillusioned, dismayed, dismaying, displeasing, disreputable, disrespectful, disruptive, disatisfactory, distasteful, distracting, distressful, distressing, distrustful, disturbed, disturbing, diverted

  14. Lmfaoo, why doesn't AG BARR serve hunter Biden with a subpoena? How come most witnesses collaborated what the whistleblower complaint said? It makes no sense to subpoena hunter Biden.

  15. Leave it to Fox Entertainment to hire young stupid people that may have voted once in their life. Complete morons and are not keeping up with what is really going on.

  16. Both of you; Gillian & Leland, are bozos. Nice work for couple clowns distracting from the performances of the traveling company of acrobats! My sources tell me, Schiff will be exposed December 2019 — no thanks to you!

  17. Vittert sucking up the second-hand glee of Adam Schiff. Sniff the Schiff, Vittert. You can only bask in his glow and lap up the juices of his corruption. Enjoy!

  18. Republicans are the most ignorant people around. Party means everything and truth and fact means nothing at all. "Could you imagine if Republican controlled Congress would have asked Susan Rice or Obma's other staff"…None of them were ever included in any witness statement. When Clinton was impeached they interviewed everybody, even Clinton open up his office to anything Congress wanted. He didn't tell other people on staff not to testify. In fact Clinton spoke under oath, which is something the President didn't do under the Mueller probe. Trump has done nothing but tell everyone from his office not to say anything to Congress. Oh let's talk Bengazhi..however you spell it…. Clinton spoke under oath as well…

    You idiots you can't compare the Trump lies and all of the people that have come forth and made statements under oath about wanting to dig dirt on the Bidens. Oh by the way, that was already looked into years ago. More and more conspiracy theories that can't be backed up by facts. The Republicans never had a bunch of witnesses that stated Clinton did something wrong. However, there are plenty of witnesses that have said Trump is using the white house to do his bidding for reelection. He lies all of the time and hardly ever tells the true. He want show his taxes and has his children in positions to get their own businesses in those countries. All of that can be found as well. And it's proven not conspiracy theories. The Republicans want to bring up conspiracy theories as an excuse for Trump asking a foreign country to dig up dirt on his probable political opponent. Yeah, yeah yeah, believe me believe me. Those that do belong to a cult. You can't think for yourself…you don't follow facts. Most Republicans stated that the Mueller report exonerated Trump. You guys took the AG's statement as fact and never read the report for yourself. And the implicates the President badly. But, you people would never know. And yes I read the report before I passed judgment.

  19. Pelosi needs to craw back into her Vodka bottle and stay there. Everytime we see her, her hands are shaking like she's got a bad case of the DT's.

  20. Anyone else notice Republicans are giving informative answers and Democrats are giving the "talking points" and when pressed they really don't have anywhere to go. Impeachment. Orange man bad. That's about it. I could get into this whole detailed thing about "Eric." Like how he met with Bielkova, the Ukrainian parliamentarian that also met with Kramer, the McCain aide that spread the information from the unverified dossier throughout Washington. How this ties to Hillary Clinton. The Bidens. It's all intertwined. It's corruption we all knew existed pre-Trump. If you haven't been following the WHOLE story, you're missing a lot of pieces. So where some question Nellie Orr being called to testify, others perk up because they see a different picture. That's on you for following one side of the story. Don't blame us for seeking the WHOLE story. The truth. As much truth as we can find in Washington. Sending subliminal messages through 90% of the media outlets, that's called trying to reach a subconscious mind. I prefer to watch hearings, when Schiff isn't hiding out in a basement in D.C. Reading actual documents, no matter how tedious. Comparing my notes with those who are reporting so I know who I can listen to for their opinions just to have different views. Folks, it all matters. Facts are facts. Opinions are opinions. Start there and make sure you know difference.

  21. If the whistleblower knows the truth there’s nothing wrong with the truth come forward and say it if you’re right you’re right. ??!!!!
    What’s wrong shifty ???

  22. 1:28 it is amazing they this news at all:-) why are they commenting on how they feel about the report? why not stick to the report and let people decide how to feel about the report??

  23. Why does Trump want to charge the asylum seekers a fee now?? does that mean, no more border waiting? just get in line and pay your fees and wait?? lol!!! bwahahahahahaha

  24. Testimony from the whistleblower would have been required had not more than 8 admin officials corroborated under oath the whistleblowers information. The whistleblower should be afforded the protection the law provides. The gop just want to punish this individual.

  25. Schiff is securing President Trump's re-election with his corruption, collusion, and obstruction. Schiff has the same credibility as Michael Avenatti and will end up in the same position as Avenatti.

  26. fox news is missing a talking point, and so is trump. In order for trump to profit from exposing Biden he would have to PROFIT, he collects no wage and his company has stopped doing business with overseas companies. There is zero benefit to trump by exposing corruption. trump has never profited from being the president, in fact the exact opposite. the democrats claim trump is going after Biden to win re-election, but can they explain what trump has to gain from doing just that? nothing to gain and only more more to lose.

  27. Democrats are corrupted, all states controlled by democrats are corrupted, especially New York, free of crime by money hungry lawyers, collusion of judges, No Justice

  28. President Trump promised to eliminate the federal debt in eight years, instead, it has added over 2 trillion since it took over the Oval Office. Wake up, a recession is coming and you are too busy with the whole spectacle!! do not be so naive, you are better than this.

  29. Eric Swalwell is an embarrassment to all people that are alive today. What he is saying is that "Hey all you dumb Americans, if I say something you better agree." California should apologize for all the scum that has been elected to congress.

  30. Lol! You can't convict on a sham investigation! Schiff is protecting his buddies and himself! This will go nowhere! Ever!

  31. With any luck space aliens watching this mess will turn our planet into another asteroid belt for the good of the universe!

  32. Interesting week coming up. Hope Trump does release the 2nd call and will release requested communications between Rudy and others. Weird how they didn't put a few of the Non Testifiers on their list, esp Rudy, perhaps scraped the bus plans lol

  33. Pencilneck cannot objectively lead an investigation of the President. He is extremely prejudiced, driven by hate against the President, politically motivated and his actions are motivated by pure revenge. By leading this political attack, he demonstrates his ineptitude and abuse of power as head of the Intelligence committee by using the CIA as a tool against our President.

  34. Congratulations President Trump, 3 years ago today you shocked the world and became the 45th President of the United States. En route to your historic, spectacular victory you first dispatched 16 opponents in the Republican primary, then soundly defeated and humiliated crooked Hillary. There were many groups fighting against you, the Fake News media, Hollywood, the Globalists, the Deep State, and the Establishment, and yet you were still victorious. Hillary’s supporters were ecstatic to begin the day, but as nighttime came and their defeat was imminent the democrats cried like babies, and the more they wept the more I LMAO. It's been 3 great years of winning, and the next 5 should be even better.

  35. Ok Schiff you get your way here. But when it gets to the Senate you and whistleblower will be supenia. So then we will get to have you under oath.

  36. Committee chair of the house “intelligence “ committee? Isn’t some intelligence required some to run that committee? Registered as a democrat is not enough.

  37. As if the trumps and republicans have been upstanding about any of this ukraine situation. Maybe atop acting guilty would be a start to getting respect.

  38. Dem don’t want questions about anything except phone call meaning. Does not want anything that makes Dems look bad on collateral issues.

  39. In the senate, the republicans are running the show. You can bet these will be the first witnesses called there. Schiff for brains will be witness #1.

  40. Hunter Biden has nothing to do with Trump’s decision to withhold the congressionally approved military aid and to press Ukraine to investigate Biden’s, Burisma, or 2016. Also, whistle blower is not relevant unless there’s a dispute from the whistle blower about the contents of the partial transcript. We know there is a dispute with Lt-colonel indicating that the… sections of the real transcript contain specifically more incriminating evidence. If the whistleblower isn’t adding anything, he/she’s no longer relevant. Both would be beyond the scope of the impeachment inquiry into Trumps conduct.

  41. Sick bunch of Democrats tearing the country apart, and spending tax payers dollars like drunken sailors, on what? They don't like Trump, is that it, or, they know he's their to clean house and expose corruption on the highest levels.

  42. Who is producing the shows on FOX news organisation ,it seems that it's been held by the throat ,and forced to take up the socialist democrats agenda of lies and corruption .The sour faced new woman on this particular segment ,couldn't make it more obvious she's a Schiff cheerleader ,how could anyone with a ounce of decency ,say that a impeachment inquiry is fair and balanced when the chairman ,Schiff starts by making up President Trumps phone call as his opening statement ,and every democrat has the President found guilty and sentenced ,from the start .

  43. Good for you Adam.
    To hell with the GOP deflection and refusal to honor the constitution. To hell with the Fox shill network. And to hell with a corrupt president and his administration.

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