34 Replies to “Secret new stealth drone exposed”

  1. CNN you exposed a secret to the whole world not a secret anymore once Chinese see your report or Russians they will do something about it not smart to let this new on air

  2. I hate war, I hate it, I want the free world to remain strong but I'm afraid of these weapons one day being developed by maniacal dictatorships

  3. Listen to cell phone calls?? This is stupid.. People are inventing these things for all the wrong reasons. Cool for delivering stuff but why do they have to have cameras..

  4. Everyone let them have the drone and whatever else they need to keep us safe and free. Freedom isn't free and I live in NY and if it stops another 9/11 then so be it we have to support the troops in anyway I say thank you every time I see a vet or troop and everyone else should too

  5. Why would you need a drone when a geostationary satellite could give you the same live feed and these days they have the resolution to see grains of sand on the ground.

    No, a new stealth drone would only be used for rocket attacks or other offensive means.

  6. What I find fascinating is the repeated references to "behind enemy lines" throughout this MIC fluff piece. The last time the U.S. declared war on another country was WWII. We've "militarily intervened" in many unconventional conflicts since then, none of which had "enemy lines". While we're on the subject who decides who our enemies are, and what's the criteria?

  7. so…I saw one of these flying over the middle of my city. It has the capability of "listening to cell phone calls" etc. Who exactly are we spying on??

  8. Im pretty sure iran hacked something tgat looked very simular and landed it not that long ago …or maybe im just mistaken

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