13 Replies to “Secret Service agent fatally shoots dog in Brooklyn”

  1. Shows the kind of adiots they employ as agents in America. Probley drunk. Welcome to Trump's America. Make sure not to go there!

  2. I want to see the tape! I hate to see animals harmed ! I have seen cops ,go into crack houses or apartment buildings and shoot Pit Bulls . The pitbulls that were used for fighting and for guard dogs ! Guard Dogs for dope dealers! Those people should not own animals, if they are using them to fight . In this case, l feel really bad for the dogs owners.
    I know what it is like to lose a dog ,from cruelty ! Seven years ago we had our 14 year old golden retriever, lab put down . On the night of April 1st someone poisoned our Huskey / Shepard mix. She was a friendly loving dog .She barked when people came near our probably. We think it was the neighborhood bully who poisoned her . Losing 2 dogs in 3 weeks ,was too much ! I was devastated!

  3. Having been mauled, I would not hesitate to shoot a dog that is coming at me in aggressive manner and no owner around.
    Restrain your dog or else !

  4. All dogs can attack if they decide to, I’ve been rushed by dogs I’ve met before. I was attacked by two “friendly” as the owner put it after the fact, pit bulls who got shot at while they rushed me and didn’t stop until I actually put rounds into them. Anyone saying he was irresponsible should put themselves in front of a charging angry dog and see what they think then. Don’t blame him one bit it’s absolutely terrifying

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