write this down if you are taking notes
the first point is that you are ready to date when you don’t need to when you
don’t need to as long as there is that need I need why because I don’t know man
is just life is not it’s not everybody is dating around me and my biological
clock has ticked and I need to why because I don’t feel like I’m successful
done no no no no my friend find yourself in God like Adam did that God comes
there I’m sayin come on bro it’s your time I believe that many people wrote
this book and I titled it single ready to mingle the word single in original
language means whole unique one the problem with many people is they’re not
single see you’re not single because you’re not dating you’re single because
you’re whole you’re not single because you’re not married you’re single because
you’re whole. The more single you become the more ready you are to mingle in fact
even when you get married the more single you stay the better chances your
relationships will get better singleness is the hope to this generation being
single means being whole being single means complete being single be meaning
be unique being single means you know who you are
being single means you’re not broken being single means you’re not shattered being
single means you are restored being single means you are free
the problem with many people is they’re mingling and they’re not single there’s
not whole of them what’s what’s given what they give of themselves is only 80%
because 10% the guy who abused them before he’s taken that the other 10% was
taken by by the fact that there was no father in a home or broken family
environment the other 10% was taken by the fact that they looked at themselves
in the mirror and they said I don’t like the way I look and so when they actually
come into a relationship they’re mingling but in reality they’re not truly single
they’re not truly whole and that’s exactly why those relationships don’t
work why because when you’re not whole you’re like a bleeding person that is going
into the sea full of sharks hoping to have fun you always end up somebody’s
lunch you can say why are these bad people always attracted to me sharks smell
blood there are evil people in this world and they smell a lot of times you
could see even even people among us and I’m not gonna point fingers or anybody
will call anybody out that was Paola’s job last week amazing job
we were watching live streaming we were like I hope she’s not gonna call anybody
I’m gonna live shoot you there but sometimes I watch young guys or young
girls the way they dress the kind of attention that they seek and you know
it’s not because they want to it’s because they’re hurting and next thing
that happens is the kind of guys they get that kind of things they get
eventually they’re like man I always get heartbroken I always thought I always
get you know these people who leave me wounded I said well you know if you stop
putting out the bait you will stop attracting those things but the reason
why we put out that bait is because we are hurting it’s not because we want to
act this way it’s because we grew up without a father or maybe we’ve been
abused before or maybe we feel better insecure and so I want to tell you
something that God first wants us to find wholeness in him if you take your
notes write this down a relationship with God will make you whole all
relationships will reveal your holes every relationship in your life will
actually expose the holes that you got only one relationship will make you
whole if I hear another young person says he makes me whole to me it’s a
first sign they’re broken if she makes you whole
that means you messed up you got a walk-in already I am hole he God makes
me whole and the other person walks in and guess what happens when you’re whole you
don’t have to settle for anything or anybody who has a lust problem who has
control the problem with manipulating problem you don’t have to send your
nudes you don’t have to sex you don’t have to give yourself away too cheaply
what because you know that you don’t need
to be you you are you by yourself you found yourself in God
I know it’s sexy I know it’s romantic I know it sounds
cute on Instagram he makes me who he completes me all of
that stuff is junk it is simple it means you infatuated you’re drunk with
infatuation and the same God who makes you whole then begins to stalk all of
your friends and send all kinds of bad stuff about you and destroy your
reputation why because if you give somebody a power to make you hope
they’ll break you down I walk into a relationship knowing one thing there’s
only one person in this world who has no relationship to make me whole and to
break me to pieces and that person is one who died on the cross for me and so
when I come into marriage when I come into dating I don’t come to get hold I
come to be blessed I come to bless I come to love I come to bless why they
don’t have the power to heal me and they don’t have the power to hurt me why
because I am told by God come on somebody but you must understand no
matter how whole you get every person in this room has gotten some holes the
holes are the things your attitude when you wonder your siblings is getting
ready the holes is is when somebody cuts you off maybe you’re driving the holes
maybe when the manager you know pulls you on that shift on the 4th of July and
ask you to work and you have a barbecue to go to
that’s a hole for some of you the hole is is maybe the fact that you know
you’re addicted to something that’s a hole and a lot of times when you get
into a relationship you recognize you’re perfect but then they begin to reveal
your holes and so many people of course they’re like oh my god I made a wrong
decision you know you didn’t make a wrong decision you’ve had these holes
all of your life your mama told you you had these holes your brother told you
you had these holes your pastor told you you got these holes your youth group
leader told you you got these holes but you always said it’s not your fault and
now you got somebody in your nose saying you know what you got to deal with that
or we’re gonna help problems and Gazza finally I got there
marriage is not meant to make you happy it’s first meant to make you holy and if
it doesn’t make you holy it’ll make you miserable but if it makes you holy it
will make you happy every other relationship is not gonna make you whole
temporarily it will make you the feeling he’s so perfect and then three months
later you find out he’s so perverted oh wow from perfect to perverted man he
makes me feel so beautiful and just three weeks later I’m sick of him why
any time you give somebody power to make you whole
they’ll to show your world only relate records down relationship
with God satisfies all other relationships magnify every relationship
in your life including the relationship that you will have with other people
will magnify who you are only relationship with God will satisfy
somebody say satisfy somebody say magnify God satisfies relationships
magnified if you are satisfied in God when other person walks into your life
they’ll magnify that satisfaction for example if you are a young lady and you
know that you’re beautiful because your dad told you you’re beautiful because
God told you you’re beautiful next thing that happens another person another man
will walk into your life at the right time and this is what’s gonna happen
they will magnify what you already know about yourself but if you walk around
knowing that you’re ugly if you walk around you feel that you’re worthless
nobody will love you and this is what typically happens somehow someway in
this crazy universe you tend to attract people exactly the same who often about
two three months begin to tell you exactly the same thing you’ve been
telling yourself for twenty years and people say why am i attracting that kind
of a thing because see what you believe about yourself is a magnet that attracts
exactly the same thing if you are lonely you begin to attract more loneliness if
you are sad you begin to attract more sadness and so I wanna challenge you
today to get in the face with God begin to find a relationship with Jesus where
he can satisfy you and then God will bring other people who are magnified who
will magnify what you got inside it will make it more like that if you if you are
broke as a single person can I give you know men will never fix your financial
problems its life that woman who who married a man and she was bragging about
that he was a millionaire they asked him who was he before you met
him she was like he was a billionaire he was a billionaire before I met him
because when you broke you get married you become more broke but if you know
how to manage finances if you know how to manage your emotions if you know how
to manage your time you get married that begins to grow you have an intimacy with
God you have a devotional life even though you’re in school even though
you’re in work you still find time to read the Word of God this is crazy how
it happens you get married and you find out your relationship with God actually
grows somebody else gets married you find out they don’t have any
relationship with God at all why because they’ve never had a relationship with
God to start with marriage doesn’t change you it only reveals and magnifies
what you already got inside you got anger it’s gonna be more of anger
you got sadness it’s gonna be more of sadness you got depression marriage
won’t fix it if marriage would fix depression if marriage was fixed lust
some people some guys like when I struggle with porn to see to get married
so I can have free sex you crazy marriage is not gonna deliver you if
marriage will be a deliverer God wouldn’t send Jesus Christ to die on the
cross for you he will send marriage to die on the cross for you marriage
doesn’t deliver guys God delivers people who repent this delivers people for
announcing things delivers people free the wicked universe people come on
somebody are you with me without devotional life we will seek out
of dating with only can be found in deliverance without devotional life we
will seek out of dating what only can be found in deliverance I believe if you
don’t have a walk with God your romantic relationship mark my words I know some
of you I’m looking over you it’s going through your thick skull right now it’s
comfortable fine I will still be here when you will be broken and heartbroken
and you will cry but I’m gonna tell you this you seen this sixteen years being
in youth ministry seen this all over the place
romance becomes a rehab when you don’t have an intimacy with God and you see a
poor girl helping a guy to get over his cheating problem because she’s so
insecure instead of dropping him like a hot potato she’s literally babysitting
that dude who literally needs rehab or you see a guy same thing Buddha putting
up with the girl who literally has the spirit of a Jezebel she is delivered
it’s not a date but the reason why he’s putting up with her because she’s so
good-looking the Bible says a good-looking woman
without her brains is a pig with the golden nose rim Homeslice
dating a pig the homegirl is is a witch she’s a
manipulative controlling freak the fact that she looks great it doesn’t mean
anything but why we do that because without the relationship with God we
don’t have the confidence to sing you know no no that is not right for me I
know you’re hot but hell is hot too and I don’t want to be with hell he’s so
fine you see the BMW that he drives you know he’s this he self find those biceps
and the triceps did you see that do you see his hair even he even does his
eyelashes and he goes waxing and everything I just I know here’s a porn
addiction I know he sleeps with anything that moves but we can change that if you
don’t have an intimacy with God you will turn you will make out of your
relationship at rehab I can’t tell you how many people to even this week I met
with for 13 years 12 years are not in a marriage they’re in a rehab program and
the other spouse keeps retaking the same classes every single year and can’t
graduate and they’re sucking their life out people literally who were telling me
I tried to end my life already why because this rehab sucks marriage was
supposed to be a place of love that’s what they were expecting instead it
became a prison sentence God doesn’t want it to be for you but it will happen
and you will never be able to see the fur nca ssin between love and lust if
you don’t have an intimacy with God intimacy with God who gives you
protection intimacy what God lets the weirdo stay away from you and you to
smell where the weirdos coming saying you know what hit the road Jack I’m not
I I protected my purity for 12 years not so I can live in there in the rehab in
my romance no no no no no that’s that’s not I prayed I fasted not so that I can
just have a good-looking guy I need a good man
with some good morals with the head screwed on his shoulder but his heart in
this right place as somebody who uses his hands to pick up groceries not to
slap me somebody who’s not a player but somebody who’s a priest in the house
somebody who knows how to pray somebody who knows how to read the Bible not just
somebody who’s always on this phone but somebody who’s always connected to God
and so you begin to know that why because you’re doing the relationship of
God can somebody say Amen you


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