100 Replies to “Secret video of ISIS smuggled out of Iraq”

  1. No se van a salir con la suya.matar a cristianos, no es la ley de dios.yo como cristiano les.declaro la guerra santa.

  2. I am glad Saddam Hussein was removed because he used chemical weaporn against his own people,, iam also glad gadafi was removed because he treathen to kill all the people who disagreed with him, and immidiately started killing them after his annousment, before the Europeans and America went and intervened, America and British did the right thing to remove all those wicked dictators, who does nothing but to kill and oppress their own people, the reasons why all arab countries are always in violence is because of the Islamic religion nothing more, they want to accomplish what their prophet instructed them to accomplish which is to capture the whole world for Islam, and kill everyone who refuse to be a muslem, I am an africa, but i have to say this, America, And  the Europeans, are the most Civiliezd people on earth, because of the way they treat people in their countries, when you are in their cnountries no man, can oppress you, no man can torture you, and they will never let you sterve of hunger, when you are in their cnountry, you start feeling like a human beings, compare to when you under a dictatorsihp gorvernment, and a hustile enviroment with people like the taliban and ISIS,,  British people have human great feeling for  sufferings  people, while in muslim world, they kill each other everyday for honoure killing,  white people understand the value of human life, and take care of everyone in their country without  discriminations, that's why God is blessing them more and more, Africa leaders, are like a new born babies of the world, who are not intelligent enough to know what to do when big matter arises, while the Arab leaders are like the crying babie of the world who always  call for help.

  3. Give the black guy a break.his daddy was a vacuum cleaner sales guy who was white fucked his moma and left him as a little black bastard.

  4. US.admin-Zionists, made Alqaeda-Isis-Daesh-turmoil-chaos-bloodshed-illegal migration to Europe for apartheid Israel's evil project in Middle East-(greater Israel),  Islam calls for Justice and Peace, while apartheid Israel calls for genocide of Palestinians and mass Arab-Muslim's immigration to Europe, for Justice-Peace in Palestine, boycott apartheid Israel, support Palestinian children, they deserve your support.

  5. isis is a creation of muhammad,
    had he not written a fake bible, the koran, then the world wouldbe peaceful.
    God warned about false religious books, will bring a curse for ever..

  6. What a load of Western Media propaganda shit!! This video shows and proves nothing in relation to the claims in the narrative! People of the world you are being hoodwinked by the elitist propaganda machine! Carrying guns around in some countries has been a stock standard part of life for the last century! Wake up to the lying western media. Do some research for yourself on alternative news sites and start to get the big picture!


  8. They say they belive in god…and if god..don't want somebody, they belive they need to help there weak old god…I SAY go buy a new god  (ec. toy'sR (us or anywhere else))

  9. When WEENIES get big boy toys they want to ride around looking for people to kill…EVERY ONE of those cars comes from the industrialized west….. How pathetic is the Middle East relying on the dead plant life that decayed millions of years ago..

  10. Mission Accomplished.  "I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office."—GW Bush, Washington, D.C., May 12, 2008.

  11. النبي محمد هو كاذب والقرآن هو complety كاذبة ، في الكتاب المقدس لا شيء ، لا شيء talkls عن هذا propet انه يريد فقط أن تصبح مشهورا من خلال غسل دماغ الناس و العراق غبية الناس يعتقدون ذلك. كان محمد رجل خاطئ التي كان كانت كثيرة woen في حالة سكر ، و الشعوب الإسلامية ليس لديهم أي ليس لها الحق في قتل أي إنسان أو إساءة معاملة النساء leanr الدين الحق دين jeohava أن لا تقتل الناس الذين أنت الشعبية الإسلامية لقتل أنك لا الجسم

  12. Poor Women.. they are so powerful in America… but here it is perfectly clear Women are who they are ONLY because Men allow them to be. It is OUR choice to give them that respect… I hope they see this reality and appreciate it … instead, American Women and others are abusing it… I hope they don't wake up one day and realize they are all now officially slaves.. It is already happening all around the Middle East.

  13. the because Oppression of the Shiites make suna support ISIS , AL-maliky are the main reason of all these Crimes

  14. eccoli i bastardi con i loro figli già piccoli killer alcuni,ed è il padre a insegnar al figlio ad uccidere. una cosa assurda per noi europei.

  15. osama bin laden death will kill any america dont know how much love bin laden did for army war you american did give weapon but you also looking at weapon with best weapon you didnt give russia soilder top stars dispered who know america kill them or space america might 2 becuse Russian not want war they tried be best friends but weapons america gived to afghanistan nope afghani groups they killed king and disterack the poor russian army and afghani muslims bigger just usa want see bigger war and less puplation

  16. The Middle east is the most pathetic region of the world.. It is unfortunate that the USA has a spineless jelly fish as a Commander-an-Chief!!!

  17. It has been explained to me recently why Muslim women wear the head covering and are fully clothed in public and I paraphrase the explanation: " Have you ever wondered why they all appear to be  too fat or too skinny, or have ugly faces (the part you can see)? If I had those problems, I'd hide as much of myself as I could as well.. "

  18. iraqi soldier bad. isis worse. any other choice ??
    40-50,000 iraq army vs 200-300 isis..
    iraqi army better wash the dishes in the kicthen..

  19. ISIS will burn when the world giving the green light to clean this motherfucking lands up. ONLY THE GREEN LIGHT AND THE APPROVAL.

  20. Amazing how they are driving newer ford trucks … could this mean this truck could be the truck for choice by terrorists?

    Saddam was far better than anything the west brought to IRAQ!

  21. Yes, Isis was created and funded by the USA, the USA is the most evil government in the world. the USA has Innocent Blood in their hands.They think that when they die they will go to Hell to an eternal party…. WRONG !!!!! they will burn there FOREVER. Satan will be burned there too, is not its kingdom, it is its punishment along with all the Criminal Morons that did its bidding on earth.

  22. Some comments are retarded… Well, ISIS should disappear but right after it disappears, the best solution for Iraq will certainly be a federal state for Kurds and Sunnis. Only then, there won't be any persecution

  23. this cnn fucked the europe so badly through refugee crisis that europe will count the pain its ass till end. this female journalist from cnn one of the pro islamic bias crap ever.anyway this female propagandist has muslim blood from her father side.

  24. Obama's solution to ISIS: gun control. ISIS vows to impose their psycho religion on the world; the U.S.A. will annihilate ISIS when the clown is out of the White house.

  25. matter of fact, the Iraqi army did harm them, the story is: Saddam Hussein was Sunni, and most of those people are Sunni, and they want to revenge for Saddam , losers

  26. "Look at his Gucci pants, he's not Mexican!"  What do you think we're idiots? Since when do you identify someone by the brand of close they wear……   Maybe for groups like the KKK with white gowns and all but otherwise its seems pretty dumb to use clothing.  Maybe he got his clothes from Sears when his aunt was in the US….

  27. What if CNN showed how the US is funding and supporting ISIS and almost every side of this conflict? Im not a Russia lover but thank God they came in and put a stop to most of this. Specially the outrageous ISIS oil business that was happening with colaboration of Turkey. And all the ISIS weapons (a very significant part of USA origin) that Russian air force has already destroyed. You now know that Turkey/Syria border is being kept tightly by Russian Airforce and Russian anti-air systems. Even Turks now know better than to trespass their border with their planes to Syria.

  28. LOL "Women cannot go out without male guardian" .. " women cannot go out withou Hijab" … yeah thats why USA should bomb Iraq again 🙂 come on be realistic USA is playing the Police of the world , telling people how they should live in her own way to be good slave .. "oh wait a second.. isn't Saudi arabia doing the same thing ? sharia law ? ..oh no they are already our slaves" xDDDD you fucking piece of shit ! keep ur army inside ur borders , keep ur tax dollars for ur health care better than fighting a "ghost" that will never end .. what if people in those places want to be rolled by ISIS ? who the fuck are you to decide how people should live !

  29. I'm an Iraqi swear by God, I swear to God that these terrorist organization goal for the benefit of Israel and America, and aim the destruction of the euro and there is a videotape threatening one Daash fighters brandishing a knife and threatening to reach Italy and then to neighboring Italy Western countries that this Altndeim terrorist support his ideas Arabia ideology of extremist penitential I swear to God Iran, Syria, Iraq and Russia only fighting against that of cleaning

  30. Damn them a heck of religion heck of faith Hola dogs are not a Muslim I Hoho reputation before the world a heck of America is my father founded this topic group the ability swear that the Qur'an has forbidden killing the tank I am a Muslim Iraqi Sunni from Fallujah province visions than these dogs, I am a Muslim and proud pray five times they reach their intended am I fast Ramadan and they Aasmon I can not kill a cat they kill humans Assis Shiites are not Muslims

  31. Hear in america will eventually be fighting together with ISSI there is danger in the wind I sense it r freedom will be lost forever soon ..we r the warparty

  32. oh look there killing their own people scaring us (twenty years later) OK NOW ISH TIME TO KILL ISIS) goes to iran… where is everyone?

  33. better work CNN the Greenscreen so much better then in the past …. ISIS =$ they sure do love their Toyotas …..

  34. Not to be rude but that lady's voice is so fucking annoying.sounds like she's mad or something,it's just not a voice I don't wanna hear

  35. Bible, Numbers 31:17-18 King James Version (KJV)

    17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

    18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

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