Secret World:Legends Intro | Is this game really worth it ?

Packo: Good evening, Welcome to GameHauntings Packo: Welcome to Our Haunted Channel Packo: We were looking for a game with Hell-1 Packo: We wanted to find something we could play together … Packo: Why have I gifted a 6-core Pc to Hell-1 and started playing games … Packo: We were looking for a nice Co-Op Game to play … Packo: And because our friend Fra.Pa had mentioned to me …. Hello Friend … Packo: Fra.Pa, Frape (Greek Cold Coffee) which its channels name means … Packo: And as I was saying because Fra.Pa had mentioned to me a Horror mmo rpg game Packo: Dark, Supernatural, Horror Game … Packo: called “Secret World Legends” Packo: and there are some Dlcs you can buy Packo: He told me that this game is based on LoveCraft Packo: Stephen King, Clive Barker, Graham Masterton, and all things folk for all Packo: of all the Countries for all the supernatural stories and things out there … Packo: there are all included in this game Packo: He mentioned Stephen King Packo: Okay we’re not discussing it, and after LoveCraft, I started to shudder … Packo: He said Supernatural And Horror music to my ears, he didn’t need to say anything else …. Packo: I’m overwhelmed with happiness and I said I must try Packo: Then when I was invited to the Gaming Site where I am the author of “” Packo: We were talking about Horror Games, and a colleague mentioned it to be incredible Packo: Why did he mention a game that “The Park” played and that was inspired by a Secret Mission Packo: So since Fra.Pa said it’s nice, Stelios from Just Gamer said it’s nice Packo: And with Hell-1 we were looking for a game to play together as a mini-series for the channel Packo: I thought I should try it, Hell-1 has already started it and liked it very much …. Packo: Now it’s my turn to create my character and play with Hell-1 Packo: And i’ll upload them on the channel besides all the other horror games that i will as something Packo: Special between me and Hell-1, its a Horror game after all …. Packo: Ok we’re ready … Packo: Lets see … Packo: Ok i have to choose which fact i want to belong ok …. lets see … Packo: Ok so this was the illuminati’s presentation … lets watch templars now Packo: So there are three worlds to choose from …. Packo: im between Templars and Illuminati …. Packo: But because I dont like rockefeller I’m probably gonna choose Templars Packo: Let’s see .. Packo: So they have all the supernatural word in this game … Packo: All the folklore, mythology, king, barker, lovecraft, masteraton … i love it Packo: Oh Hell-1 is playing Secret World Legends … Packo: Ok, its a dark game … Packo: Take it easy … calm down … Packo: relax … Packo: Hell-1 thats how the game starts? Packo: What did you take? give it to me as well … Packo: so ok now im all over the place… im out of reality…. Packo: I’ve got the power but I don’t know how to use it yet … probably … Packo: Is that my room? Packo: What’s that universe? Packo: So far as I know this is something like a training intro …. or something … Hell-1: Hit left click on mouse
Packo: Yeah ok im just messing around … Packo: don’t you remember when i played Diablo, i used to do this … Packo: I’m trying to figure this out … Packo: how can we take something?
Hell-1: With “F” Packo: With ‘F’ you can collect anything?
Hell-1: Yeap Packo: Ok that’s new … what happened to him? Hell-1: Hit Him … Packo: I must find a weapon … Packo: Where can I find one? Packo: Oh ok…. Packo: Nice … Packo: so lets start shooting … Packo: im a gunslinger like Ronald. (Stephen King’s Main Character series of books The Dark Tower) Packo: oh ok i gotta reload the weapons … Packo: Can I take it? nope Packo: Oh whaT? Packo: aha, nice, did you pass through the same things? Hell-1? Packo: You’re a magician, Hell-1 so you cast a spell and stuff … So thank God I didn’t make a magician as well Packo: So all this is just to teach you about the game …. how to play it Hell-1: Yeap like a little tutorial … Packo: Yeap … Packo: It looks amazing … Packo: If I’m correct, we have to miss each of the tutorials completely, and then we can group up together Packo: How did he shoot the bullet like this, it was like the movie “Wanted” Packo: How? Packo: Can’t We Run? Packo: oh i was supposed to take the handle … Packo: Did you complete all this Hell-1? Packo: I like it so far … right Hell-1?
Hell-1: Yes it’s nice … Packo: Where are we on pyramid cheops? Packo: I took you right?
Hell-1: nope Packo So do I have to find my way out of here? Hell-1: Look around … Hell-1: Nice, you did the firs part, complete the pass … Hell-1: What did you do so fast? no way … Hell-1: Anyway move on … Packo I did it … Packo What? whats that? what did i do?
Hell-1: Its nothing … Packo: Lets move on Packo I though I saw something … Packo: Obviously I have to press them in the right order … Packo: That wasn’t right? Packo: So? Packo: I liked it, I’ve never played such an MMO Rpg Game before … Hell-1: Wait Packo: We need to complete the Tutorials before we can Co.Op after … Packo: i read about it … Packo: You must complete this one too Hell-1 Packo: Hey … Packo: I love it Packo: Fra.Pa told me i will be amazed by this one, with great story and all …. Packo: So you said 3-6-9 Package: 3-6-9-1 Packo: You’ve got a journal too Packo: 3-6-9-1 what am i supposed to do with these numbers Packo: oh theres a keypad … Pack: 3-6-9-1, ok Le Professionale !!! Packo: What does this do? Packo: + 3, + 17 and what does this do? Packs: + 4, + 25 attack and +12 protection Packo: That one is better … Packo: Was this supposed to happen? Oh ok it was meant to happen Packo: If you are out of Hard Disk space erase something Hell-1 Packo: I put a 200 g hd and a 100 ssd, some free space Packo: Erase the Pandemic game, we’re not gonna play it right now … Packo: Now I become an expert on handling my powers. Packo: Erase a game that you’re not playing right now Hell-1 to save some space … Packo: I become an expert … Packo: So it was supposed to happen … Packo: ok i love it so far … Packo: In which hd are you installing the Hell-1 game? Packo: So there’s supposed to be space left … Packo: How much free space do you have? Packo: How many?
Hell-1: 145 G. Packo: its ok … Packo: If you are gonna be there, i will definitely accept Packo: Ok it looks very promising … Packo: can i talk to anyone? Packo: So the blue icon is where you are supposed to go, your quest … Packo: You’re supposed to talk to her and take a Quest … Packo: Press Control=G, look right at your screen Hell-1 Packo: You have to collect all the stuff .. Packo: Why did a woman appear than me, I’m in a holograms or something Packo Are you in the Matrix or something? Packo Ok so probably this is another tutorial mission as before … Packo So !!! Packo I believe this is enough for one video guide thing. Packo Ok it looks awesome, very promising, i can’t wait for Hell-1 to complete all the tutorials Packo and be able to Croup together, play, and upload all the videos on our channel as a mini-series playlist

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  1. Supernatural, Horror game based On Stephen King, Clive Barker, Lovecraft and all the folklore and Mythology there is out there…What do you say, is it worth it ?

  2. I'm new to the channel Game Hauntings but enjoying this full view! Secret World Legends looks like a very interesting game and concept. I don't know of many other horror mmorpgs so I'm willing to give this one a try!

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    Liebe Grüsse & weiter so! ✌️

  4. επειδη επαιζα οταν πρωτοβγηκε το lvling exp αυτου του mmorpg ειναι οτι καλυτερο μπορεις να βρεις αλλα απο εκει και μετα δεν θυμαμαι να εχει κανα αξιολογο end game και τωρα δυστιχως το game εχει πολυ λιγο κοσμο που παιζει κοντα στα 150-300 ατομα την μερα

  5. hola, un gran saludo desde villa giardino argentina, muy contento de poder disfrutar siempre, de cada uno de sus videos y muy agradecido por el compañerismo, muchas gracias por estar siempre conectado, bendiciones.

    Hello, a big greeting from Villa Giardino Argentina, very happy to be able to always enjoy each of your videos and very grateful for the companionship, thank you very much for always being connected, blessings.

    Olá, uma grande saudação da Villa Giardino Argentina, muito feliz por poder sempre apreciar cada um de seus vídeos e muito grato pela companhia, muito obrigado por estar sempre conectado, bênçãos.

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