See The Bombshell Letter: Giuliani Had Trump’s ‘Knowledge And Consent’ For Secret Ukraine Meeting

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  1. You must be living in a giant bubble if you don’t realize he was talking about this on cable television over the summer. Nothing secret about it unless all you do is watch fake news.

  2. This proves nothing… This just gives the Democrats more time to waste US taxpayers money on this fake investigation.

  3. Any man in which portrays himself as an equal to god or claimed to be god will be judged by the old mighty himself in a way which trump has never imagined. Trump you are not god

  4. So either Trump knew it (duh) or at best Giuliani lied about his client's knowledge and consent of his activities which could probably be some kind of violation of the rules that bind lawyer's conduct.


  6. Is it not illegal to carry out government tasks while not employed, Is it not interfering with government duties or something like that?

  7. Ha smoking gun pointed straight to the false fake prophet. Sold the country for self interest- treason. Hang em by the balls

  8. Joe Biden and his son need to provide all info about Ukraine. If they don't trump will always say something illegal happened.

  9. Trump thrives on chaos. In that, he reminds me of the ancient Greek ‘god’ Typhon, a monstrous, serpentine giant and one of the deadliest creatures in Greek mythology. Dump Typhon Trump, his GOP Administration and GOP Senate!

  10. Are the Dems rushing things? I would hold on to those articals till 11-1-20. Trump might be done breaking the law by then.

  11. Trump is gonna win 2020. He has staggeringly large crowds . See for yourself . You may not see alot of Trump supporters on MSNBC, but there are MANY. Obama Clinton Biden and that disgusting George Soros led Ukraine to civil war. I hope Trump and Rudy dig up ALL the dirt.

  12. I'd love to know who this letter came from, presumably it was given to the recipient so has had to make its way back from them!?!? Interesting…..or it could have been stolen l suppose, significantly though it wasn't destroyed or thrown in bin after it was read, it was considered important enough to keep for over a year!!?!

  13. Isn't Victoria Toensing(the attorney in question) the Wife of Joesph DiGenova…? Did Mr.and Mrs.DiGenova say that THEY COULDN'T BE TRUMP'S ATTORNEYS(after Michael Cohen's departure to Prison) The DiGenova's said there were " Conflicts of Interest".
    (Insert the " DRAGNET" theme here…)
    Maybe, the names of the DiGenovas need to be added to the " witnesses" list for the Senate Impeachment trial of Donald Trump.Get your Popcorn ready.

  14. Like Michael Gazzo's character in The Godfather testifying to Congress — "Vito Corleone? I don't know him. Oh yeahhh, wait, we was in the olive oil business together."

  15. Good job Trump, sounds like also u along with homies from former ambassador attorney, is gonna get an Investigation into it and high probability sued over this disturbing emails/texts/ect
    Conspiracy, stalking, smearing reputation ect
    1st coming Trump's way, not even a sexual related, congrads Trump aka Lady's man LMfAO

  16. Whatever letter or anything comes out now , it makes no difference since Trump is already impeached. Double Jeopardy unlikely. Please find something else to speak on….

  17. Pfffff They won’t give this a rest 🙂 lmao do you really think people even care anymore it’s done … there’s no convincing us. Trump 2020 … Trump Jr 2024 !!! Drain the swamp! Check the Biden’s

  18. America needs its own "arab spring". Dont expect the Reps, Trump & lackeys to play fair…they have proven time & again that they will subvert the rule of law to cover their nefarious deeds. Where is the checks & balances if the senate already pronounced its verdict. Your democratic institutions failed to held DT to account.

  19. Helloooooo!!!!????…is everyone STUPID or WHAT???…earthquakes in PR, Volcanoes erupting everywhere, Australia burning…the Antichrist as the president of the USA….this is it!!!…RAPTURE is NEXT!!!…

  20. Unfortunately, there's still no evidence that Trump knew Giuliani was using the frozen military aid to extort Ukraine to deliver the Bidens investigation.
    That's why the House and Senate Dems keep asking for more witnesses and documents… Trump's awareness of the "pro" part of the "quid pro quo" hasn't yet been proved. And it won't be because, like a mob boss, Trump wouldn't have foolishly discussed a crime with anyone whose loyalty he wasn't sure of. He might not even have discussed the extortion at all… recall Michael Cohen's testimony that Trump didn't have to direct his minions to commit crimes because Trump could rely on them to figure out for themselves how to deliver what he wanted. When Giuliani learned about the military aid freeze, Giuliani might have decided all on his own to try to illegally leverage the aid to obtain the Bidens investigation that he'd so far been unsuccessful at obtaining.
    During Giuliani's phone calls with Mulvaney, he probably learned that Mulvaney could withhold the aid for only a few weeks due to the Impoundment Control Act, so Giuliani needed to hope Zelensky didn't know that. The few weeks deadline explains why Giuliani asked only for the public announcement by Zelensky that Ukraine would investigate the Bidens; a few weeks wasn't enough time to actually do the investigation, so Giuliani had to settle for a public commitment to launch the investigation. When Sondland testified about getting Zelensky in a "public box" Sondland meant getting Zelensky to make a commitment that would be hard to break.
    The few weeks deadline also explains why the Administration eventually unfroze the aid. They knew from the beginning that they would legally have to unfreeze it when they did.
    The best evidence that Trump knew about the extortion scheme is indirect: that Pompeo didn't act to stop Volker & Sondland from participating in Giuliani's extortion scheme. Pompeo would have ordered Volker & Sondland to stop, unless Trump told Pompeo to let it continue. The way to obtain that evidence is for the House Foreign Relations Committee to begin an impeachment inquiry against Pompeo, to explore the questions "what did Pompeo know and when did he know it?"

  21. Qualities of a Leader

    Integrity / Empathy / Emotional Intelligence / Vision / Judgment / Courage / Passion / Clarity / Humility / Optimism / Adaptability / Holder of Values / Unselfishness / Dependability /

    Loyalty to her/his country!

  22. This is the proof that stongly show that Donald Trump abused of his Power. There is no excuse, he should be removed of office, The Senat has no choice if non partisant and impatial.

  23. trumpublican senators are right about now 💩 their pants – the price for acquittal has just took a steep hike uphill!

  24. It says absolutely nothing, doesn’t say hey I need a meeting with you So I can Shake you down. You’re adding all that with your Opinion, Nothing more

  25. With the advent of this new information about "Rudy Giuliani" representing himself as a "private citizen" and acting on behalf of Donald J. Trump as his personal legal counsel that encompasses the "Ukraine scandal" seems to be growing some serious roots that are appearing to expansively associate Rudy Giuliani to be deeply involved in what should be recognized as "Trump's political swan song!" As the more, we learn about the inner workings of the Ukraine Scandal, the wider the scope of the culpability seems to grow, and pulling in more and more Trump associates, that includes, Secretary of State Mike, Pompeo, Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, AG William Barr, Chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Trump's personal lawyer, Jay Sekulow, John Dowd, Rudy Giuliani, Pam Bondi, Les Parnas, Igor Fruman, and quite a few ReScrublican Senators and Representatives, that we need a "scorecard" to keep up with all the different characters involved in this corruption scheme of Donald J. Trump's!

  26. Ask. What? Victoria will blow the Democrats out of the water. The Obama administration crime in the Ukraine prior to the new Presidents both Trump and the Ukrainian fellow that is attempting to rid the country of crime is being covered up by the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. What phoney allegations are you so self-righteously all edging that Trump is guilty of now? Has he requested another golden shower or simply passing on secrets from Putin?

    Quite the illuminating read on tRUMPS 30 years of Money Laundering fer the Russian Mob.

  28. Mr. Trump, deceiver, if you were really on the side of the Iranian people and supporting the Iranian people, you would have acted in your word and would have attacked the 52 two-pointers you mentioned.

  29. Another bombshell and another "the beginning of the end". We had about 500 of them so far. All turned out to be nothing, this will be the same.

    Trump will be re-elected.

  30. #FakeNews once again. The Democrats aim to impeach the President since the 2016 election has become a joke with each new "bombshell" that will too fizzle after wasting time and money to prove.
    Enough already.

  31. This is crazy if they think that Americans don't see the dirt coming out of this White House! Is it November 2020 yet???? Vote these criminals OUT of OUR government!!!

  32. The letter seems dated 10th or 20 May 2019? but asks to meet on 13 or 14 May 2019????? That doesnt make sense! the 10th would make sense.

  33. The insanity of the Trump administration has got to be stopped. The crimes, cover ups, violations of the Constitution, violations to the oath of office, and the thousands of lies by Trump should only result in a prison sentence for him and all the people that enabled him.

  34. It is kinda funny to see all this happening. The Truth is just like Trump said in the beginning. His supporters wouldn't care if you had a video of him walking up and shooting someone on 5th avenue, they would still support him. These people are beyond lost and delusional. They are cursed with hypocritical self righteousness and their hearts are seared with pure unjustifiable hatreds, the worst of all mental illnesses. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the future, but I'm pretty sure that they will win, and they will bring the world into a time of perilousness like we've never seen before. It's all been written and predicted, and it's pretty obvious that the narcasistic mentalities that bring us into this time described, are the good ol boy conservative republican crusade mentalities that you are witnessing today. Sinister, Wicked and Iniquitous are understatements for the way these people think, and nobody can change that now.

  35. This is not just a news snippet about Rudy "Rasputin" Giuliani. Keep your eyes on the prize. The Chief architect is Donald J. Trump. Furthermore: "Everyone was in the loop!" Time for some serious spring-cleaning in the White House USA!


  37. "Mr. President, this letter from Rudy Guiliani to Zelensky wanting a meeting with your consent" "Rudy who"? "You mean the guy who was a walk on for the Philadelphia eagles". "Saw the movie but never met the guy".

  38. How sad that the American worker has to fight Democrats to keep a president that is bringing them so much prosperity.
    Its tells us all we need to know about the agenda of the Democrat party

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