Sen. Johnson: All whistleblowers are not created equal

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  1. First you should have the DEM done under Pelosi, Schiff and the Obama-Biden-Clinton-Clan and see what's coming. After that, all those affected should be held accountable. I am thinking here of the accusation of a conspiratorial conspiracy, manipulation of witnesses and lying to the media with selected information. – After that, a few years in prison would be the order of the day for all these people. – The mainstream media are expected to apologize for their misconduct and would have to pay a few million (CNN at least 1 billion) in compensation.

  2. Liberals depend on their lies getting traction before the truth comes out. A lie can run a mile before truth pits its shoes on. And the dems base EVERYTHING on that "fact".

  3. The amount of idiocy in these comments from morons supporting the orange buffoon is astounding! What a country of idiots!

  4. The information given to the Inspector General was just a detailed collection of information complied from other sources. I have only heard that the information was considered credible by the intelligence agency before it was made public. The only accusers would be the House of Representatives, who are bring the Impeachment Inquiry before any Articles of Impeachment are decided and voted on. The House will be the accuser and nobody else. Senators seem as stupid as the President. The information is indisputable and the violations are all admitted to by Trump. How soon after the "dog and pony" show will the President have his trial in the Senate and removed from office? Trump is the only idiot that believes he will be lynched, but he will not listen to anyone at all.

  5. Why isn't Attorney General William Barr bringing charges against the Bidens, Clintons, or the deep state, RINO's, Liberals ?

  6. NO,, If a tattle tale is going to tattle,, Do it openly,, otherwise it wont be believable,If you toot your horn you better blow it or your not heard.. LIES LIES LIES,, You sad people need to stop all this drama,, This is not a soap opera, It is real life,, GET OVER IT,,, You will have President Trump for 5 more years. GET USED TO IT,,,

  7. No discussion on fox about Sondland’s testimony. The guy donated a million dollars to trump and even he believes trump committed a crime!

  8. Schiff belongs in a Prison cell along with his Seditionist comrades….all of them. Dems and their Media are attempting to overthrow the Government with their attacks of intimidation, relentless slanderous allegations, heresay false evidence of false crimes….and nonstop propaganda. ….all of which makes ISIS….a jealous Dem ally.

  9. Maybe the people should have the right to decide what consequence is do to this already named whistle blower,, It could be fun for us,,lol

  10. The fake whistle-blower is just more political potty disseminated by the Far-Left.
    We need for Nancy Pelosi and Schumer to both be Impeached and maybe a few others. Schiff desperately needs a conviction and serve time in prison. That should stop all of this whining and howling like wild Wolves & Dogs! Then our President would even get more good work done for us Americans.
    May God let us have Justice!

  11. VOT VOTE VOTE … electronic machines PUSH PAPER RECORD BUTTON … BTW take family, friends to vote with you … YOUR VOTE MATTERS … time to bury the Dems across the board

  12. The whistleblower is irrelevant. His 2nd hand information has been verified by those on the inside. Trump has been called out in exactly the same way Nixon was, except that whistleblower was not identified for many years. Trump and his defenders don't like the facts, deny the facts, make up their own facts, or say facts don't matter. You can only do that for so long.

  13. Bill heard something completely different than what the Sen. said. Pay attention Bill, he's not a whistle blower hes an "anonymous informant" Stick with the facts Bill. Huge Difference

  14. NONSENSE! The "whistleblower" and ICIG Atkinson broke the law, by altering requirements for evidence being other than hearsay, and by submitting a fraudulent complaint to the Justice Department about matters other than Intelligence Community business. They should have been detained as soon as this was clear at Justice. They need no civil protections, because THEY SHOULD BE IN JAIL.

  15. Hearing about who the whistleblower is at this point is like hearing about who called the fire department when you already arrived at the building and it’s burning. First of all, never mind that the whistleblower laws are meant to protect whistleblowers and add accountability in our government but also everything that was In the whistleblower account has been corroborated many times over my sworn testimony. The whistleblower report is a relevant. Who the whistleblower is, is a relevant. This is just a distraction because there’s nothing else to say there’s no other defense. But you idiots don’t care about the truth you’re just Rank, dogmatic, tribalistic, cultish imbeciles.

  16. There is dam whistleblower Adam shiffty shify is a demon from hell, and he will burn if he doesn't repent confess and ask the almighty God for forgiveness, Adam, what happened at the Standard Hotel? Americans want to know!?

  17. Finally its sounds like Adam Schiff and anyone that helped him will face Justice. Yes sir when you bring up false charges it is a crime and when you do it to the government it's a conspiracy. [ you have been conspiring for a while, I'm not sure what justifies Treason but I sure hope your crimes reach that lvl Adam Schiff the treasonous]
    If their is Justice he will get the same amount of time as other conspirators.
    I know he is a congressman but he states no one is above the law.
    Remember every Democrat but 2 voted for this Shame (please spare me the They didn't know when the rest comes into light, they knew or didn't care.
    God help the State of Virginia and their choices, they must not be looking at Newyork, California, Seattle. Dont say you weren't warned CNN, CNBC the Washington post warn you every time they speak, write tweet or publish.

  18. Lou Dobbs question can the American taxpayer sue the Democratic party and get the money back they spend on this raid or this hoax can a taxpayer Sue senators for lying to the public. 🤗

  19. The [DS] is now caught up in the fake impeachment plans, they are digging their hole deeper and deeper. The [DS] is panicking like never before over the identity of the WB. The MSM is pushing fake news and Trump counters the news. The [DS] is holding back a report that would exonerate Trump advisers. The coup is real, it has been confirmed, the entire plan of the [DS] has just been exposed to the American people, enjoy the show. MAGA

  20. Satan hides in anonymity. So do his servants. Any Senator who agrees w this secrecy is a TRAITOR. As are ALL the Demanazies & the RINOs.

  21. The republican is the only form of government, which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind. Thomas Jefferson

  22. The buck stops with Trump! If he would simply OBEY the law to which he is subject (just like homeless people) then we wouldn't be in this mess. Why doesn't Trump just OBEY the law? Why must he insist on shady actions, lies, and alternative facts? Why can't he just be a regular law-abiding citizen???

  23. Well I guess it's time that they free all whistleblowers and that would include Edward Snowden that would include asajj and that would include my children don't know all the others let's be fair

  24. How does the MSM find interviewers that lob softball questions, while Fox interviewers attempt to skewer the interviewees.
    "So your position is that he or she should not be identified?"

  25. We are tired of democrats and their attempted coup against the president..everyone I know wants to vote the democrats out of govt..

  26. Adam Schiff is the Jessie Smolett of The Democrat Party. Plus everyone knows how Go Fund Me Campaigns have benefited All of the people who have gone against Trump. The Dems look after their Second string players. They get money,fame and book deals. They are hailed as hero's by the Democrat Party.The only thing the whistleblower has to worry about is where to deposits his money.Then he will hit all the MSM outlets, so spare US the fake illusions that he would get hurt. The Democrat Party are the ones he has to worry about. Seth Rich ring a bell ? He would more valuable dead than alive to Dems. They would blame Trump then. He would be Epsteined PDQ.

  27. Your slimeball toddler did nothing wrong just like he didn`t steal money from his New York charity for which he was fined 2,000000.00 today lol.

  28. Trump and his supporters are in a corner now. Trying to use all defenses possible at once😂😂
    1. No there was no quid pro quo,
    2. Yes there was Quid pro quo, but not an illegal one,
    3. President and their team is too incohorent (stupid) to do a quid pro quo – Lindsey Graham
    4 we want to know what's going on and what witnesses are saying
    5. (Now transcripts of testimonies are being published) I'm not going to read it. Process is tainted
    6. And many more to fit in 1 comment
    Time to impeach Trump.
    Impeach! Remove!! Indict!!!

  29. Is there any democrats here with a brain?
    If so, simply google:
    “obama whistleblowers” and read.
    Obama didn’t have “whistleblowers” because he literally attacked them and charged them (7) as leakers using the WW1 espionage act. The rest were threatened and their paperwork was trashed. Regardless of weather or not what they tried to speak out on was true or not, they faced the full force of the government against them. This whole charade is bull**

  30. Every federal employee knows full well that this clown Ciaramella is abusing the Whistle-blower statutes. He's just another deep state wannabe employed by the CIA Intelligence apparatus… apparatus having for some seriously Freudian reason(s) a number of men AND women……who can't keep their dicks out of Domestic politics.

  31. "So, your position is that he or she should not be identified? Is that what I hear? Is that what I think I hear you say?", said the dumbass news anchor. This is a huge problem with all media, not a single journalist can comprehend a statement, oral or written.

  32. The only whistleblower is Donald Trump who promised to drain the swamp of corrupt politicians and chase the lobby money makers out of Washington. By clear definition he is the whistleblower who has been hated and attacked by those he accused of being corrupt.

    For over 3 years now the left and others have illegally used countless millions of tax payer money in oppositional research against our beloved president.

    It is now time to impeach congress for acceptance of bribes from lobbyist and for illegal oppositional research against a duly elected president and presidential candidate. Cheers

  33. trump is only after with biden and Clinton not corruption. trump is so desperate and dirty to win. impeach trump. clean the govt.

  34. Here the fraud and scam played by Adam Schiff with a whistleblower and brought in second whistleblower whose script is non-compliance with President call transcript and Nancy Pelosi without verification of the transcript calls for impeachment procedure for Adams mistakes.

    And these whistleblowers used by Democrat's mist be known and they must be brought before congress for open hearings and verify/review their transcript's/tapes.

  35. George Washingtons farewell address warned us about these silver spoon trustfund babies ruining everything with the help of foreign powers. 🇺🇸

  36. These cowardly Republicans should expose the "Whistleblower" name. We already know it. The Democrats are impeaching the President for their wrong doings. This is Bizarro World.

  37. Grahams argument is very weak. The republicans keep trying to put court rules on investigations and it doesn't work like that anywhere. where were these arguments when Clinton was impeached

  38. Funny, that the "Whistleblower" is protected, but real whistleblowers , like Manning, Assange, etc. are hold in prison without ANY protection. The Dems' whistleblower is fake and hoax. This guy should do jail time with Shifty Schiff and drunken Nancy.

  39. No one is being prosecuted based on an anonymous accusation and Graham knows that. If DT is impeached, it will be based on the subsequent evidence.

  40. Whistelblowers by definition are anonymous and need to stay that way or corruption is unlikely to be identified in future. Senator Ron Johnson is saying Americans should beat up on a patriotic American to protect a corrupt POTUS. The whistleblower is not the accuser. S/he is the whistleblower, the person that alerted Congress to a possible serious breach of the oath of president and triggered an investigation, not a trial. If there was insufficient evidence, the matter would never go to trial. Republican senators are scared shitless. They now have to hold a trial in full public view where the evidence will be laid out for American voters as well as them. Ultimately Americans will hold them accountable for their behavior, rhetoric and decision-making. It will be interesting to see if the current POTUS really is above the law. It will certainly make the next election more interesting, because if he escapes punishment it will mean whoever the next POTUS is has the precedence set to be a dictator. ROFL if that turns out to be a Democrat. Mitch McConnell could be the grim reaper of the GOP in ways he never imagined.

  41. This lawyer for so called whistle blower was ex CIA and he was part of CIA involvement to go after Trup when the after Trumps became president he was pushing Chou of Trump FBI, CIA, NAS , and the Obama Administration under orders of Trump

  42. Now we know why the whistleblower met with Schiff's staff before "blowing the whistle." He was obviously trying to get protection concerning his identity being revealed.

  43. Like really? A cia agent attached to the Obama/Biden administration with ties to Brennan? As a Democrat I am absolutely appalled

  44. At the end of the day Rudy gone crack… Trump made a grave mistake by letting Rudy do the bidding… You can say Trump is innocent but once the question is raised why is Rudy a non government official doing foreign affairs for this country.. and who he doing it for.. Rudy won't play Patsy so he will crack.. and why do republicans reply with Hunter Biden when asked about trump.. Trumps and the bidens have crossed the line and need to be dealt with.. this not about Dems and republicans.. us the people are being played

  45. the corruption in our government is so deep they're all in on it. they can't stop the swamp is bigger and deeper than we ever imagined and this is the swamp protecting itself from the man come to drain it. he can't drain the swamp because there are too many participants in the grand deception that benefit personally from political office. the allure and benefit is too great they're all addicted to power and money and can't stop manipulating and using the american people for their political and financial ends. we need to nuke the swamp from orbit its the only solution. game over man, game over.

  46. Disgruntled employees giving up their own futures for 3 minutes of Fame against their old employer, the President … BOLI laws not impeachment evidence.

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