Sen. Kennedy on impeachment inquiry: It’s not only dumb, it’s dangerous

16 Replies to “Sen. Kennedy on impeachment inquiry: It’s not only dumb, it’s dangerous”

  1. The only thing dumb is this Senator. His relatives would be ashamed of him. Like everyone else, he would have you believe that what this President is doing is ok. He is trashing our Constitution and breaking our Laws, every day. This guy makes no sense at all. Fool.

  2. Want to know what's wrong with the GOP and why they are the party of the walking dead? Just take a look at this guy Kennedy and the others like Gohmert of Texas!!! If Obama was involved in this same deal like Trump is, the right wing nut GOP would be going insane! Fox Fake News wanted to impeach Obama because he had his feet on the desk in the White House until pictures showed George W., and Ronald Reagan doing the same thing!

  3. I don't think there is a whistle blower. I think Shifty Shift made it all up just like the rest of his lies to get the ball rolling. This man if that's what you wish to call him is a known lyer. With his power he can have people come out of the wood work.

  4. First time ever I see Trump visibly upset. Fox news needs to stop ridiculing the process and up on their reporting. Dems are very well organised to close things off, also in senate.Wake up!

  5. These people act like the Russian hoax they help create was 100% true.

    They don't even remember it was fake and are falling for this and or creating it.

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