Shane Dawson SCARES Fans After Frightening New Conspiracy Theory

Shane Dawson is back on the Internet and back to conspiracy theories. And this one has a lot of stands freaked out Hey guys, you’re watching what’s trending and i’m viviane today. We’re talking all things change, Austin So make sure you like this video hit the subscribe button so you can get more what’s trending every day James Austin uploaded his third video of the year and it’s up on his new second channel if you recall Dawson wanted to make a channel where he could upload whatever he wanted with a little less pressure Now we knew that this channel was going to have some more fun content But we weren’t expecting this one the new channel title change Lawson actually now has three videos live on the channel the previous being the end of his beauty series with Cheffy star in the slating video he uploaded from a recent trip guys It really looks like shane has been doing his best to keep us on our toes The latest titled conspiracy theories warning signs with Shane Dawson now has nearly 4 million views and takes fans inside What seems to be a murder mystery in the motel room just to give you guys a heads up There may be some spoilers So look away if you haven’t seen anything yet in the beginning Shane gathers his crew consisting of Garrett Watts fiancee Rylan Adams and sister Morgan Adams The gang are then instructed to start searching for what seems to be a murder that happened in the room according to Shane But after some digging Shane lets them in on the true reason they’re in the hotel room and guys, you won’t believe this That’s right Shane actually hid nearly 20 cameras in a tiny hotel room to prove a quite shocking point within the video Shane actually purchased a series of cameras Disguised as household objects to show the crew how people don’t even know they are being watched From hotel rooms to Airbnb s or even the privacy of your own home Many people were shocked to see what cameras could actually be disguised as now this has actually started a huge conversation online it’s all over my timeline because People are wondering have they been watching places that they’ve been lately some fans have tweeted things like watching kings Austin’s video has with me and off to search my room for hidden cameras and Even mean watching Jane’s video knowing my laptop camera is covered. So I’m good and then convincing myself There’s nothing else to look for now This has brought up a lot of great talking points about what is considered an invasion of privacy if this was plugged in here The toilet is right there Shane did make a point to bring up countless news cases of how sites like Airbnb Or even local hotel chains weren’t disclosing the use of hidden cameras outside of common areas and many of these property owners were actually spying On guess Shane even shared that he was what spied on while staying on Airbnb and guys This is so creepy on so many levels. I mean people were shocked to find out you could even be watched on the toilet I’m not sure why you’d want to do that in the first place, but it’s wrong all of its wrong overall well You’re pretty interested to see if any hotel groups or even Property sharing sites are going to make any changes in their policies Or at least be more visible about them others are wondering now if they two are truly being watched So are you like me and have completely investigated your whole home to make sure there are no hidden cameras Let us know in the comments below and make sure you go to what’s trending com for more You

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