Shocking New Evidence Rocks Trump Impeachment Before Senate Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Putin promotes corruption in all Democratic countries, as a means to destroy them from within! Putin is the enemy of our Democracy and Capitalist economy! Greed based corruption has always been the Cancer on Capitalism! Putin banks on that! Who better to have as president than Trump with Putin's backing! Three years of a man helping to destroy our country with Putin, is three years to long!

  2. The " SAME" surveillance was more successful when Trump plan to intentionally without JUST CAUSE Assassinate the IRANIAN Commander in IRAN!

  3. Who cares what Dems say? Do Nothing Democrats impeach the BEST Economy ever? I wonder why the stock market is at a all time high again life is better than ever in America!!!!! I'm having a hard time buying what Dems are selling!!!Trump causes massive oncologist job loss……..Dems are such a joke..I can't believe how people have been voting these corrupt democratic politicians to office. I hope now it will change! America is laughing at you to your face. I have noticed the people who know the least talk the most! This impeachment will stain with you forever. America knows when they’re being lied to…Dems, you are truly an insult to our country! …Biden 2020 Make China Great Again………Dems, you done nothing but hurt America your whole life. So I guess we will not listen to any of your bs

  4. Trump has made welfare policy more strict. Americans keep dying from unregulated drugs because of prohibition. Gun policy hasn't changed. Mexicans immigrants are being exploited by the cartel and unscrupulous business's. And your devoting this much manpower on impeachment???? Very foolish. Start standing up for liberal values because while your wasting time on a futile gesture Trump is "Making America Great Again"

  5. Of course Hyde is running for public office (in this instance The Congress) so he can bring his immoral mindset to bear on the Democrats already in Congress who have done their job. Another goon who is as immoral as tRump!

  6. Treasonous….Trump I hope you get your wish, firing squad for treasonous acts…you’re first to test it. This is your president and political leaders doing this…wake up!

  7. So they were keeping track of where she was and if she had her security detail with her, and they said they were ready to take her out for the right money…this doesn't sound like spying on an ambassador even as bad as that is.

  8. You need to take a look at any and all people that support him. If Past patterns are correct, each of those people has been given a dirty little
    job of some kind. That is exactly what he has done all his life, that way it's always those people that go down and he slips away to the next con job.

  9. Another GOP obese glutton!! Dear God, do these guys want all the food? Does anyone want to bet me that this slob is against food stamps?

  10. You will be judged by the same standards that you judge others with. This is gonna end up hurting Biden way more than Trump.

  11. You will be judged by the same standards that you judge others with. This is gonna end up hurting Biden way more than Trump.

  12. Because of the seriousness of this, if the GOP are true Americans, true patriots, true to the constitution and democracy, the impeachment would be put on hold until this latest horror story is exposed. If the GOP still stand by trump and refuse to factor in that trump is not above getting someone assassinated, let that resonate in everyone mind. If trump and the GOP are fine with this, then there is no denying that anyone could be the next person on trump's hit list. We are at a very dangerous fork in the road. Do we go back to the safety we felt before trump or do we live like they do in Russia, N. Korea and China, where our words are measured against the possibility of death or death as a normal solution to everyday conflicts, real or imagined. That is how authoritarian regimes rule.

  13. not sure why Himes in downplaying this exchange. most people would have grave concerns if they were the subjects of this type of activity.

  14. Big gobbler Hyde, please leave a little food for us to eat! Do you realize how horrible you are and how pathetic you look?

  15. A United States of America 'Impeachment' trial is like a heart attack. The government is in cardiac arrest. All branches shall yield any requested information.

  16. MSNBC, the MADDOW Lesbian NEWS…she bought the US People the Russia Spying which turned out to be a LIE. She never ask any of the White House for their side of a STORY. WHY?

  17. Domestic spying is the same as foreign spying when it comes to governmental information. Just as a terrorist is a terrorist foreign or domestic.

  18. I used to think it was stupid and rash to be a Che Guvera-like revolutionary, out there on the front lines battling corrupt systems. I thought grown up people could handle things with laws and courts and police. With a full blown criminal enterprise in the White House, well, Che doesn't seem that juvenile after all these days.

  19. One right-winger online argued that the Constitution states absolutely that the Senate, like the House, has the right to make its own rules – failing to make the distinction between setting rules and suppressing witnesses (along with relevant documents) in behalf of the defendant. That's the definition of a kangaroo court, not a trial, and obviously not what the founders had in mind. If those running the trial obstruct justice at the behest of a Mob boss, they're complicit in perjury, treason, and sedition. Troubling how stupidly indifferent to these technicalities any crowd can be. No wonder democracy's in trouble.

  20. That's truly terrifying…..fascist state/Russian tactics against the US Ambassador by a group of paid thugs. Gives me shivers….can SOMEBODY take The Orange Buffon out of office PLEASE. So glad she got home safely! Jazzzzzuz!!!

  21. If this evidence doesn't make the republicans stand up and admit that there is something extremely wrong, nothing will.. So many crimes have been ignored. But this is shocking!!!

  22. Remember when Trump said, she (Amb. Yovanivich) is going to go through some things. Certainly he didn't mean an assassination attempt, did he? Sec'y of State Pompeo should make a statement about the safety of his ambassadors worldwide right about now. Wow!

  23. Rachel has the sides of her mouth one going up the other down. If ever she reported accurate news I or her sycophants have never seen it. One thing for sure you would need to check yourself in if you agree with her garbage

  24. Where do you people come from. This is a joke. The senate will never impeach Trump.
    This was just another hoax to try and hurt Trump.
    Didn’t work
    Hahahahaha hahahaha

  25. Hmmm 🤔 trump wasn’t involved in this either right? Nor any of his goons. Like Barr and Epstein, the list goes on Judy rudi?👀👁🧐

  26. I want you there when they storm into potus office and give him his pink slip and tell him he is fired! Handcuffs and walk of shame.

  27. So, Mr Trump, did you take out a contract on Marie Yovanovich's life?
    Moscow Mitch: I move to dismiss this case before the president can answer the question because he may not recall the fifth amendment, knowing so little about the US constitution.

  28. No matter one's party affiliation, if your an American citizen this should be alarming.. This is right out of Russia's/Putin's playbook.. Reminds me of an episode of Scandal

  29. Starting to really question all these ‘thumbs up’ photos from what appears to be an inside organization. Pa attention everyday US people

  30. Trump wanted her to be killed.Karma is not gonna be nice to TRAMP..They were plotting to take her out and TRAMP was the one putting a hit on her..Tramp will meet the Grim Reaper in the not so distant future..Fingers crossed..

  31. Whoa! This is the type of stuff you can't squirm out of Republicans. It was bad enough Trump was threatening her while she stood before Congress with her testimony. Bolton would be icing on the cake compared to the kitchen sink, dish washing machine, rolling pins, gas oven and marble counter tops Lev Parnas stands to offer.

  32. I think this is one of the most shocking reports that have come out of this corrupt regime! It couldn't be clearer what this monster hyde was plotting.

  33. If a normal citizen even just sent these messages without taking any action they would be in jail and their rights would be stripped…instead the guy who sent these messages is running for Republican office.

  34. Omg omg bombshell of more no evidence to anything.. impeach on presumptions now… oh wait .. that’s already been done lmao 😂

  35. Maria Yanakovitch’s determined opposition to corruption in Ukraine was obviously preventing Trump and his associates from brokering whatever deal they had planned and she had to be removed. However, these fears about her safety could just have been a ruse to get her out of the way. Whoever masterminded this plan, could reasonably assume that this excuse would get her returned to Washington without causing too much alarm. It would have been easy to create a none existent plot, but someone tried to get too clever by inventing a rumour that she wasn’t doing her job, and that her removal had been demanded by the Ukraine government.

  36. What a farce. They have already had their ‘trial’ and ‘convicted’!! — NOW they want to try construct the evidence! I don’t know how brainwashed and bigoted anyone needs to be in order to not see through this disgrace. History will not judge this travesty well……… nor the fools who supported it. [ Salem.ver 2 ]

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