Shocking News On WWE Backstage! Big Matches And Appearances Announced For Smackdown! Wrestling News!

Here’s your news for
November 8, 2019
We’re kicking off with some big
news from the premiere edition
of WWE Backstage, and the
news isn’t good at all for the
After much advertising for the
new show which features
Renee Young
and Booker T discuss the
latest inner workings of
WWE, the November 5th
show brought in just 49,000
viewers according to the
PW Insider.
Before the show aired, WWE
had two preview episodes of
Backstage, with the
first bringing in 597,000 viewers,
whilst the second brought in a
respectable 426,000.
To be fair, the two preview
shows has some pretty
strong leads, with the first
preview airing on FS1 after the
American League
Championship Series,
and the second after a special
FS1 edition of SmackDown.
The drop to 49,000 will no doubt
cause panic with WWE officials,
and will presumably
leave the executives at FOX
scrambling to find out what
exactly went wrong.
After so much advertising
spent for the show, the
last thing WWE wants
to do is cancel Backstage so
soon after its debut, but
unless this number increases
dramatically very soon, they
may not have any other
Though it was bad news for
WWE Backstage, one
Superstar who has had
some good news recently is
Sasha Banks, who is set to
make her in-ring
return on this Friday’s Smack
Down against Nikki Cross.
The last time fans saw the
Boss in the ring, came at the
start of last month, when
she came up short against RAW
Women’s Champion Becky
Lynch inside Hell in a Cell.
Since then, the former Women’s
Tag Team Champion has been
drafted to the blue brand
and realigned herself with
Bayley, helping the reigning
Women’s Champion retain her
title last week against the
Scottish Superstar.
On Twitter, Banks implied that
she was only returning to the
ring because of
a large payment made to her
by Triple H, saying the check
had finally cleared.
Tonight’s edition of SmackDown
in Manchester, England will
also see multiple
matches that were supposed
to happen last week, but were
thanks to the issues that caused
many Superstars to be stranded
in Saudi Arabia.
On the show, Roman Reigns
will hope his empire can
crush the kingdom
of Baron Corbin, whilst Kofi
Kingston and Big E will take
on the SmackDown
Tag Team Champions The
Revival with the gold on
the line.
Unfortunately for the New Day,
their brother Xavier Woods
won’t be with them, as
he is continuing to recover from
surffering an ankle injury during
a recent tour of Australia.
In Manchester, lineal Boxing
Champion Tyson Fury will
make an appearance
after defeating Braun Strowman
at Crown Jewel, and given that
the Gypsy King
is undefeated in both boxing
and Pro Wrestling, expect Fury
to have plenty to say in his
home country.
Speaking of SmackDown,
we’ve got some huge news
regarding the new
Universal Champion Bray Wyatt,
as it seems the Fiend has found
a new challenger.
After defeating Seth Rollins to
win the title at Crown Jewel,
the two Superstars
are now on different brands,
and there is now speculation
that the Fiend
will turn its attention to fellow
SmackDown star The Miz.
On last week’s SmackDown,
Wyatt was supposed to be
a guest on Miz TV
but the segment never
happened because of the
Saudi travel issues.
The company is also
advertising a Steel Cage
match Universal title match
between the two for an
upcoming Live event in
Mexico City, which has only
added fuel to the rumors that
the pair will begin feuding
soon both on and off TV.
For what it’s worth, there were
rumors that The Miz was the
original plan
for Wyatt after SummerSlam 2019,
and though the company obviously
went for Rollins
instead, it seems the A-Lister
may soon have a shot at
becoming Universal Champion.
Two men who are no strangers
to championship gold is Randy
and John Cena, and though the
pair aren’t competing full time
a match between them could
still take place next year.
On Instagram, the WWE’s Apex
Predator shared a photo of an
inflight magazine
with Cena on the cover, and
challenged his old foe to a
match at WrestleMania 36.
Fans will know that this isn’t
the first two have crossed
paths, with Cena
and Orton having major feuds
in 2007 and 2009, as well as
unifying the WWE
and World Heavyweight
Championships at TLC 2013.
The last time fans saw Cena in
action, the 16-time World
Champion locked horns with
Finn Balor in January this
year, and John has spent
the rest of 2019 focussing
on his growing acting
Cena isn’t even the first person
Orton has tried to call out for a
match at
WrestleMania 36 next year, and
though it seems his proposed
match against The Rock
seems unlikely, one final show
down with Cena would make
for a great substitute.
One thing Cena and Orton have
in common is that they’ve both
come up short
against The Undertaker at
WrestleMania, and the Demon
of Death Valley
has continued to let fans know
about the man behind the
Whilst he was once known for
maintaining character at all
times, the Deadman
has spent the past couple of
years appearing more and
more out of character,
and has recently announced a
rare Meet and Greet
appearance for later this month.
During Survivor Series weekend,
the Deadman will take part of a
special event
at the Donald S Stephens
Convention Center in Chicago,
Illinois, in what may be
a once in a lifetime chance for
fans to meet the former World
Anyone in the Chicago area
who does want the meet the
Deadman should start
saving up fast though, as early
details indicate that a photo
with the Undertaker
will cost $150, and getting an
item autographed will be an
additional 150 bucks.
We’ve got some big AEW
news next, as the relatively
new promotion
continues to build towards this
Saturday’s Full Gear Pay Per
Not onyl will the show feature
some huge matches, with the
main event pitting
AEW World Champion Chris
Jericho against Cody Rhodes,
but the show
will also feature a unique
stage, never before seen
by the viewers.
After A fan said they missed the
days of each Pay Per View
having different stages
AEW VP Nick Jackson
confirmed that Full Gear,
and all big events from the
company will have unique sets
in what will be great news to
countless fans.
With WWE often using the
same stage for Pay Per Views,
having different sets in
AEW is just another way the
new company has set itself
apart from its top competition.
Speaking of AEW, this week’s
edition of Dynamite saw
plenty of action both in and out
of the ring, but its a simple
promo by Cody Rhodes that
has resonated with the fans.
In the ring, the AEW Executive
Vice President said that he
had heard complaints from
fans after Rhodes booked
himself into the World title
match against Jericho
this Saturday, and in a
passionate speech, vowed
to never again challenge
for the title if he doesn’t win
the gold this time.
One fan of the show who took
note of Cody’s promo was the
who responded on Twitter to a
video by AEW’s official account,
praising Cody’s rhythmn
cadence, tone, intent,
passion and execution.
Given that the Rock is
considered by many to be
the greatest talker
in all of wrestling history, this
compliment means a lot for
Cody, as the stipulation
has added another layer of
intrigue to this Saturday’s
main event.
It’s funny that in WWE, many
backstage argued that Cody
didn’t quite
have the mic skills to be a top
guy, as the former Inter
continental Champion
has proven everyone wrong
since his departure in 2016.
Back to WWE now and whilst
fans haven’t seen Jeff Hardy
in quite some time
due to a leg injury, things
haven’t been much better
away from the company.
Last month, the former World
Heavyweight Champion was
arrested for the
the second time this year for
driving under the influence,
and is set to
appear in court on December
5th, according to the PW
At the time of his arrest, Hardy
was seen parked at a North
Carolina liquor
store after citizens complained
of someone driving dangerously,
and the Charismatic
Enigma had a Blood Alcohol
Concentration of 0.25, three
times the legal limit.
This isn’t the first time Hardy
has had a brush in with the
law, as he was
arrested in July this year for
public intoxication, and has
had similar
offenses over the years both
in and out of WWE.
After having surgery to repair
his injured right knee in May,
Hardy is expected
to be out for six to nine months,
but if he doesn’t change his
ways and continues to
endanger himself and others
with his drinking, may soon
find himself out of a job.
We mentioned that Hardy is
out with an injury, and in an
ironic Twist of
Fate, pardon the pun, so is
the man who injured him,
Lars Sullivan.
According to Fightful Select,
Sullivan’s recovery isn’t going as
expected, as their report says:
“We’re told that his knee injury
recovery is progressing slowly,
even slower
than some he’s experienced
in the past.”
Many had considered Sullivan
to be WWE’s next big monster
and was allegedly a personal
project of Vince McMahon,
before an anxiety attack halted
his debut earlier this year.
When Sullivan did debut though,
the Freak’s past came back to
haunt him, as a series
of racist, sexist and homophobic
comments by Sullivan came to
many if which were made after
he’d signed with WWE.
With this delay in his recovery,
Sullivan isn’t expected to return
Summer 2020 unless something
significantly improves
which allows the former NXT
Superstar to come back sooner.
We’re heading back to SmackDown
now, as though we’ve already
reported that Tyson Fury will be in
attendance when the Blue brand
reaches Manchester, he won’t be
the only boxer in town.
According to reports by the British
tabloid The Sun, fellow British
fighter Josh Warrington will be
in attendance at the show, though
it’s not known whether he will
have a role like Fury.
Like Fury, Warrington is also
undefeated in professional
fights, and the reigning
IBF Featherweight World
Champion is a known long
time fan of WWE.
Speaking to the Tabloid about
his fandom, Warrington said:
“I remember growing up
watching WWE and I’ll be
coming along with my
nephew, who is two generations
down the line and a huge fan now.”
Warrington also said that though
he is only 5 foot 7 inches, he’s
ready to knock out
out anyone who tries to provoke
him, and given that the brawler
from Leeds
is 30 and 0, we definitely
wouldn’t want to mess with him.
It’ll be interesting to see what
happens over the next few
days when WWE
invades the UK, as thanks to
the time difference, fans in
the States will be able to
find spoilers for the shows
hours before RAW and
are aired on the USA Network
and FOX respectively.
And finally, we’re closing with
news from the Wednesday
Night Wars,
as this week saw a definite shift
in power between AEW
Dynamite and WWE NXT.
Though AEW once again beat
NXT for the sixth consecutive
the gap between the two
programs was narrowed,
as Dynamite drew 822,000
viewers to TNT, whilst NXT
rose to 813,000
Both shows saw an increase
from last week, when they
went up
against Game 7 of the MLB
World Series, and it seems
like it may be
a matter of time before NXT
ends AEW’s winning streak.
This week’s shows saw AEW
build towards this Saturday’s
Full Gear
with special praise going to
Cody Rhodes’ promo, whilst
NXT built towards
towards their TakeOver War
Games show and Survivor
Series, with RAW’s
The OC invading and competing
in the main event.
Since WWE announced that
NXT would be a part of
Survivor Series
for the first time ever, there’s
been a lot of attention put
on the Gold brand,
and if this continues, fans
should expect WWE to
beat Dynamite
soon, and then the real test
to gain viewers will begin.

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