Simone Biles On USA Gymnastics’ Vow To Change: ‘Talking Is Easy’ | TODAY

31 Replies to “Simone Biles On USA Gymnastics’ Vow To Change: ‘Talking Is Easy’ | TODAY”

  1. Simone, if you ever retire… just do gymnastics as a recreational sport… as your daily workout. Even with even 2 hours of training a day.. you could even be a event specialist after you retire.. and still win gold medals.

  2. Simone is a total sell out. She refuses to stand up against the very organization that molested her. What signal is she actually sending. Oh, I was sexually molested by the USAG but that is okay because the USAG is going to make me a millionaire. So, it is okay I was molested by the USAG. The USAG are really nice people just wanting to make me rich and famous. So it's okay I was molested by them. And it's okay my fame is not for my gymnastics skills, but rather for being molested.

  3. American Hero. 👏👏👏 She is a role model who has broken records despite a corrupt and abusive USAG organization!

  4. absolutely nothing will change. USA Gymnastics is a power apparatus that exists by exploiting naive young girls , and will continue to do so. Because for every gymnast that decides to quit , there's another one eager to take her place.

  5. She’s not actually the most decorated Olympian for Olympic medals for the USA. I believe that is Shannon Miller at 7. Now after Tokyo she may claim that one too. She has more gold than Shannon. 😉

  6. You’re wrong #simonebiles I watch gymnastics all year long!! I watch @ncaa women’s gymnastics and elite. You and all you women athletes are amazing and well worth watching all year long!

  7. i love simone so much, the way that’s she’s just so humble when they talk about what she’s accomplished and that’s smile she has, goat fr!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. God is blessing you, Simone. You are doing something beautiful that no human being has ever done. God gave you the ability and the grace to accomplish this. God is so good!

  9. I love Simone!! But I still dislike Savannah Guthrie. Ughhhhh!! But, it's always worth it to watch Simone. ♥️♥️♥️

  10. "It would almost be better if you just prove yourself because talking is easy". BOOM!!!
    Simone Biles is wise beyond her years. I adore Simone Biles. She is so mature, graceful, humble, and wise. Young girls today are soooo lucky to have this new generation for them to witness. This new generation of women is powerful and Simone is among the leaders of this new era.

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